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Free bingo games
Whether playing with your friends at a bingo hall, or giving the online games a try, you’ve probably played bingo before. The game is so popular because it’s so easy to play – and many players love the suspense of waiting for the next ball and being the first to shout ‘Bingo!’

If you feel the urge to play online, then you can play a wide range of free bingo games on this page. Maybe you’ll be surprised at how many added features they have, and how entertaining it can be to just play for fun.

You can also read about the history of bingo here, how to play the game and which variants to look out for.

So, as the old-time Bingo callers used to say: ‘eyes down, look in!’

A quick overview of bingo
Bingo is a popular game of chance that involves players matching numbers on their individual card to numbers drawn at random by a person or machine. The first player to match a particular sequence gets a prize, normally in the form of cash.

While the two most popular variants of bingo, the British and US versions, have slightly different scorecards and winning sequences, they both come from the same root. In the 16th and 17th centuries, aristocrats in Italy and then France played an early form of bingo at social events. It spread to Germany, where it was used as a tool to teach kids numbers, before ending up in the UK and the USA in the 20th century where the modern version of the game started to form.

Perhaps the secret to Bingo’s success is that such a simple concept can generate so much excitement. It might explain why the game took off so rapidly in the 1960s, where people eager to spend their disposable income flocked to play Bingo on the weekend. It was also helped by shrewd businessmen Eric Morley and Edwin Lowe. Seeing the game’s potential, these entrepreneurs made it possible for players to buy cheap tickets and have a chance of winning big cash prizes. The game became a household name in many countries as a result.

The objective was simple. Cross off the numbers in your bingo book as the announcer, or ‘bingo caller’ calls them. The winner then shouts ‘Bingo’ or ‘House’ and a staff member checks their card. The winning sequences could be as follows, although which ones a venue uses often vary:

* Four corners – the extreme left and right numbers on the top and bottom lines
* Line – a horizontal row of numbers
* Two lines – two horizontal rows
* Full House – all squares

As technology in western society improved, so did bingo facilities. Bingo halls started to permit the use of electronic terminals that automatically marked off numbers for the player, allowing them to buy many more cards for each game. While these improved the chances of winning, it also meant higher losses for many players and raised concerns about problem gambling.

In the late 1990s, online bingo started to appear. A random number generator (RNG) drew the numbers in place of a human caller, and game developers started to add features such as ‘auto-daub’ which filled in the numbers for the players. Players could also adjust the speed of the game so that it produced the numbers quicker than the traditional rate.

The upgrade in technology has led to the online bingo games that you see on this page, which cover a range of themes and offer a variety of extra features to players. You can browse through them to find one that appeals to you and play it for free.

Types of bingo games
Modern bingo games vary hugely in their design or theme, especially online, but most of them follow the same two types of scorecards. The British version, with 9×3 squares with 15 of them marked with random numbers, and the US version, a 5×5 grid of numbers, often known as ’75-ball bingo’.

For internet bingo games, many developers have gone to great lengths to make their bingo game stand out and attract new players. You’ll see sports, adventure and cartoon themes, or maybe just a classic design with vivid colors and flashing lights that promise you some top entertainment.

Mobile bingo games
The emergence of mobile-friendly casinos means that you can enjoy many bingo games on a smartphone or tablet without a big difference in game quality. To find these, just go to the ‘Advanced’ filter and click the ‘Mobile Devices Supported’ box.

Note: None of these require the outdated Flash player, unlike some browser-based games. As times goes on, though, and developers update their software, Flash-based games will cease to be an issue.

Bingo strategies
Bingo numbers are drawn completely randomly, so we have no control over which one will appear next, making a strategy impossible.

However, there are some steps we can take when choosing a game. Some games offer more lucrative prizes for the same sequence than others, or they might pay out for just drawing two or three numbers instead of a full sequence.

Note: Following safe gambling principles is another type of strategy as they help us limit our losses. If we stay away from gambling with borrowed money and treat bingo as a form of entertainment instead of a way of making money, then we’re already playing smarter than many people.

Other free games you can play on Casino Guru
At Casino Guru, we believe that players should have the chance to play any online casino game as it offers a way to have fun without risking any money. It also means we can know what the game is about should we do decide to stake real cash.

Our database has thousands of free casino games that cover many genres of gambling games. You can find slots games, including modern progressive titles, video poker and table games like roulette and blackjack. Lesser-known games such as keno, craps and baccarat are also available.

Free bingo FAQ
How do I play bingo for free online?
Once you’ve found a game you like the look of, you can start playing straight way by clicking the play icon on the game’s screen. After a few seconds loading, you’ll have access to the game itself with the same rules as if you were playing for money.

You can use the page’s filters to help you sort through them, such as choosing between different game providers or selecting a mobile-friendly version.

Do I need to download extra software to play free bingo online?
No, you can play each game in your browser without the need for an extra program. The games should run smoothly providing you have a decent internet connection and browser.

Can I be sure of a random result in online bingo?
Yes. All games are governed by a random number generator (RNG) so the next number will always be completely random.

Does free bingo work the same as the real-money version?
100%. You’ll play by exactly the same rules except you won’t be risking, or winning, money.