Fluffy Slot Machine Free To Play Online Casino Game

It seems that as each week passes, another name enters the hyper-competitive realm of online casino software development. The problem is that a lot of these names are entering the market blind, with no clue about what makes for a hit online slots title. One name that doesn’t appear to suffer from such an issue is Spinomenal, who have made a habit of creating games that grab the attention of players throughout Europe.

The problem is that some do believe that the brand’s hot streak it cooling, as creativity has hardly been at the heart of what the company has been putting out lately. Heading in a cute and cuddly direction, Spinomenal has obviously thrown plenty weight behind brand new game Fluffy Slot. It seemed like the good times for Spinomenal would never end, but in recent times they’ve hit something of a stumbling block. Recent efforts simply haven’t been good enough in the eyes of critics, so with Fluffy Slot video slot can Spinomenal steer things back on the right path? As always, the following review reveals all!

Fluff, Fluff, and More Fluff
To say that this game goes big on colour could very well be the understatement of the century, as this game blasts bright hues left, right, and centre. If you haven’t guessed already, free Fluffy Slot is a game that is built around an array of fluffy animals. We don’t actually have any issue with this as a theme per se, but we do have a slight issue with just how overboard matters go here.

There is just too much colour on screen here for our liking, as it really does put a strain on your eyes during extended play, especially when the reels are spinning. Adding to that, the symbols used appear to be largely oversized, to the point where it is certainly noticeable. As always, we have to praise Spinomenal for the production values in effect, but it’s just that the rest of the UI for Fluffy Slot misses the mark in our estimation.

Hitting the Snooze Button
There is a certain argument to the fact that the look of Fluffy Slot will grab your eye, but from that point on the game loses its flair. The base game – if we’re being truly honest – is almost snooze inducing, as there is actually nothing to keep you on tenterhooks as you play. In typical Spinomenal fashion, the payline structure is pretty “loose”, while the wager levels range from an affordable 0.20 up to a high roller friendly 200 coins. With the latter of these wagers having the potential to link a player to a 200,000 coins jackpot, which isn’t exactly a small jackpot by today’s standards, so at least that’s something. Is the base game of Fluffy Slot passable? We’d say so, but it’s hardly anything that comes flying out of the box.

Unlimited Action, Technically Speaking
When it rains it pours, as Fluffy Slot is pretty sub-par when it comes to bonus features. If you loaded up this Spinomenal title expecting to get your hands on wilds, mini games, and gamble features, you best turn your head elsewhere, as this online casino game has none of the sort. After plenty of expiration all we were able to encounter was a scatter symbol, which led us to a selection of free spins. In defence of Spinomenal and Fluffy Slot, there are technically “unlimited” free spins available should you land the right combinations consecutively. However, this doesn’t do enough to ensure that this game has consistent replayability. Putting it simply, the bonus features side of Fluffy Slot is pretty half-baked at best.

More Cute and Cuddly Offerings
The features and general gameplay of Fluffy Slot is bitterly disappointing, so we certainly wouldn’t recommend that you start looking for real cash games that play the same way. That being said, if the all out colour and “fun” that this game brings forward has caught your eye, there are a few titles that we would happily push you in the direction of. Releases like Cute and Fluffy from Playtech and Fluffy Favourites from GlobalCom both carry the same fun loving vibe as Fluffy Slot, but are fortunately able to kick things up a notch as far as gameplay is concerned.

Fluffy Slot is All Fluff and No Substance!
Spinomenal may be an online casino software developer with a fairly stellar back catalogue of games, but like much some of the brand’s recent efforts, Fluffy Slot will not be joining such ranks. This game really is a surprise package in just how flat it feels, as once you move past the UI, there is very to enjoy here. Yes, there is a pumped up scatter symbol in effect, but even that isn’t enough to save this game from a critical bashing. Overall, we find this game near enough impossible to recommend to even the most “hard up” of online slots fan.