Double Triple Chance Slots Play For Free With No Download

Brace yourselves slot lovers and fortune hunters, for the good ole’ infamous Triple Chance is back with a bang, with all new features that improve the odds in your favour by a huge margin, meaning that every reason in the book is practically screaming out loud for you to grab your chances while they last.

A Twist in the Old Tale
If you are a slot lover by any stretch of imagination, you would have played Triple Chance – a widely popular slot game by Merkur that was ripped off countless number of times by their competitors. Double Triple Chance is a refurbished version of the very same slot game, featuring improved gameplay experience for users, easier controls and more importantly, a better shot at winning.

Gone are the days when simple 3-reel games took players for simplistic fools. Also past us are the times when players would put wagers on lines that simply don’t light up in the oddest of situations. That’s probably why Merkur was forced to do something about one of their most popular slot games that used to attract gamers like a flame attracts a moth.

A One Arm Bandit That’s Mellowed
Triple Chance used to be a proper run-of-the-mill one armed bandit. Thousands upon thousands of gamers have lost precious pennies and quid in the depths of its metal innards – pennies that they hoped would lead a way to millions.

But Double Triple Chance is a mellowed sibling of Triple Chance, a pale shadow of it, really. At any rate, this is good news from the players’ perspective as it allows them to hope harder and win bigger.

It’s a classic 3-reel game that has 5 fixed paylines. Three reel games are usually considered to be easier for payouts, especially if they allow you to take more than one spins in succession. But the catch here is that the paylines are all fixed, without any semblance or prospect of flexibility. Even though this does indeed bring your chances of cashing out a touch lower than what you would ideally like, don’t let that bother you too much, simply because the ‘Double Up’ feature in this buffed up slot means that you stand a great chance of hitting a fertile combination.

Here’s What You Will Be Playing With
When looking at any slot game, we put a great deal of emphasis on the maximum amount per line that the game in question allows players to wager. This is justifiable too, because when everything is said and done, it’s the cash you put in that matters – not the graphics, not the appearances and certainly not the squeaks that reels make when they stop.

There are 8 incremental steps of wagers you can make per line, from 5 cents to $10. The maximum payout multiplier here is x150 (quite a disappointment, we totally agree – but hey, it’s cool… it’s still cash flow positive). So, if you hit a winning combination on the payline that you have wagered $10 on, your bank account is all set to receive a princely sum of $1,500.

Not Too Much to Read into Symbols, Though!
Double Triple Chance, to careful observers, may look like a listlessly designed game, at times. But it’s fine by us really, as long as the behemoth keeps dishing out freebies and generous rewards. The symbols used here don’t really make for an insightful or interesting reading. They are the regular fruit-slot suspects – oranges, plums, cherries, grapes and cue balls. Wild symbols that are usually used are a 7 card and the Merkur logo.

There is no scatter symbol in place in Double Triple Chance, and that could be the only genuine source of disappointment for gamers here. But all these frowns on your face will melt away if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

We Love Talking About Jackpots!
Talking about jackpots in itself is a thrilling experience. The jackpot in the microcosm of Double Triple Chance is the occurrence of all three reels combining Merkur logos along any active payline. Once that happens – irrespective of your wagers and the number of active paylines – you will instantly receive the maximum payout possible. That’s right, you are already smelling the green of $7,500, aren’t you?

The ReWin feature will then allow you a go at a wheel of fortune where you have an open sky and an empty road to drive your Fortune Express with no heeds for red lights.

Double Triple the Fun
Double Triple Chance scores a number of points over the now-defunct Triple Chance. It’s not only better to look at, but it’s quite more rewarding, as well. Even though the payouts are not quite what they should have been, they appear to be okay for a 3-reel game. Now then – fancy a spin?