Ainsworth Slots Play Online Slots With Bonuses And Free Spins

Overview and features
Ainsworth main office is located in Sydney, Australia, but the office branches of the company are located all around the world. Big offices are located in North and South America. The firm controls all stages of the slots manufacturing, from basic ideas and machine bonuses of Ainsworth to setting and improving the finished mechanism. More than 500 people are working in Ainsworth: designers, artists, programmers and engineers, all of them are working to develop the gambling industry.

Main advantages of Ainsworth
* Unique graphics and sound;
* High percentage of cash return;
* Availability of bonus games, free spins and additional symbols;
* Fun gameplay and high replay value

The history of the company
As it was mentioned before, company was founded in 1995 in Australia. At first the organization was doing bad, it was close to disbanding quite a few times. Everything has changed when the company started to produce slots with original and stylish design that later became a hallmark of this company.
Starting with 2000s, the company began to expand in terms of staff, several offices were opened in Europe and the United States. Later, the developer added virtual slots to the list of its creations, and the success came soon.

Ainsworth’s popular games
There is a list of most popular Ainsworth’s slots to play free:

* Double Royal spin. Slot with company’s graphic shell and decent sound. This slot has 5 wheels, free spins, classical Wild symbols and Scatters. This slot has both free and paid versions.
* Ice Wizard is a slot with 5 wheels, qualitative graphics and beautiful spinning animation. This slot has unique Wild and Scatter symbols, and also the progressive jackpot and prize free spins.

All Ainsworth gaming slots support both PCs and mobile devices. If you prefer playing on mobile devices, you can choose a certain device and a game for it at the Mobile Slots page.

Ainsworth’s slot games have a good reputation, they have quality from well-known organizations, that are checking the work integrity of casino developers.

Ainsworth is a large Australian company, operating in the market for over twenty years. Reputation of the company and its work speak for itself well enough. Dozens of Ainsworth slot machines online and offline please admirers of gambling entertainment worldwide for many years.