Zodiac Wheel Slot Machine Review 2022 Winning Guide Free Spins

The main advantage of this slot machine has already been briefly saying – its theme is fundamentally different from colleagues and thus attracts. The developers failed to develop the trend and create a game in which not only the design but also the gameplay would be non-trivial, but let’s be objective – everyone is already playing the same game, they just sometimes change the background picture so that the eyes don’t get tired. Zodiac Wheel Slot does an excellent job with this task because it leaves players the opportunity to play without learning the rules from scratch.

If the fact that the game mechanics are too similar to many other games turns you off a little, you should read the opinions of other users. So you will understand whether it’s worth trying this slot at all, or it’s okay if you never get to know it. Especially for you, we have collected user comments on thematic forums and identified stable trends. If we talk about the positive, then it lies in the following:

* there are thousands of slots with approximately the same game mechanics, but there are few of those who are lucky enough to have a non-trivial design theme, and Zodiac Wheel Slot is one of the latter;
* game mechanics are both familiar and simple, allowing you not to delve into new incomprehensible rules, and at the same time, it involves additional elements of excitement in the form of a bonus game and four jackpots;
* the progressive jackpot is an opportunity to win a completely unpredictable amount of money.

If you wish, you can find fault with a lot of things. The main criticism is because the developers did not consider it necessary to add a bonus game or free spins packages – that is, it will not work out here. The maximum multiplier in the form of 3 thousand against the background of the bet amount seems to some users too modest – they are sure that there was no need to be limited to five pay lines. Again, the card symbols, albeit after undergoing some redesign, remained – that is, the element of novelty is absent, and the theme is lame from this. Finally, the soundtrack is an incomplete disaster – in an amicable way, it’s not there!