Zodiac Wheel Slot An Attractive Gaming Device With Lots Of Prizes

Famous provider of online casino software, EGT, is known for its first-class slots on a variety of themes. You will not find two identical games in its collection, and this is the main advantage of EGT production.

Zodiac Wheel online slot is another confirmation of the excellent quality of EGT gambling products. The virtual game has an unusual plot that attracts the attention of even the most experienced gamers.

Main features of gameplay
If you decide to download the Zodiac Wheel virtual game to your device, first, familiarize yourself with its mechanism. The game has 5 reels that you can spin for free if you catch the right symbols during the game. Also, there are 5 paylines that can’t be changed.

Many gamers choose this new product from EGT, because it has a very simple interface and an excellent adaptive platform that allows you to download the game to any device. In addition, providers have also created a compact mobile version in parallel with the main version of the slot. The game features with a variety of characters that make the process even more lively and dynamic. If all goes well, you can earn up to 60,000 demo credits in the free game. Experienced users immediately switch to the format of real bets, since this is the only way to earn money in the slot.

Pros and bonuses
If you are interested in the secrets of horoscopes and various mystical predictions, then you definitely need to play Zodiac Wheel slot. The exterior design of the new game fascinates with deep shades and rich colors that add even more magic and mystery to the game. Among the images that you will see during the competition will be icons such as a girl, an astronomer, a globe, stars, and so on. Musical motifs evoke a sense of universal depth and mystery. This mystical slot is not only good because of its high odds of winning, but also because of an amazing story that, like a good movie, attracts attention and keeps the viewer for a long time.

As for the special symbols that trigger bonus rounds in the game, there are only two of them. This is a Scatter and Wild. They can appear on the central reels and replace any other images. This way you can easily collect the best combination and even win good money. Also, in the Zodiac Wheel slot, you will have a unique opportunity to get a progressive jackpot. The size and priority of jackpots varies depending on the card suit that will appear on the screen. The smallest jackpot is clubs, the largest is spades.

Advantages of a virtual slot:

* Unpredictable and exciting story;
* Presence of demo mode;
* Optimal bid range;
* Mobile version is available.

Also, for especially brave users, a risk game is launched here. It is activated immediately after any winning combination over 3,500 credits appears.

Mobile game
For the convenience of gamers, today all leading providers launch mobile versions of their new games. The Zodiac Wheel slot is no exception to this general rule. You can easily download the game to any device, including your smartphone, in just a couple of minutes. In the mobile version, all the same options are available as in the full version. You will also be able to participate in bonus rounds and launch a series of free spins. For those users who prefer not to download gaming apps to their phone, they will be able to open the slot in the browser of the mobile device and start earning prizes and winnings.