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Very few people can claim to have been blessed with a more imaginative, more fertile and more leapfrogging mind than the late and great creator of Middle Earth and the Hobbit Universe, J. R. R. Tolkien. The quote present above was his answer to a man who asked him if it’s really okay to imagine, even during waking hours.

Throughout the history of human evolution, imagination has played a key part in a number of ways. From Kekule to Einstein, scientists of ultra-high calibres have often resorted to their imagination to find answers to persistently irritating questions.

So, there’s really no need for you to curb you imagination, because that’s what separates a man from a beast. And while you are at it, make it a point to check out this awe-inspiringly fabulous gem of a slot game, Wonder World, by Novomatic.

In a world where fairies rule, goblins deal, unicorns gallop and wizards entertain – nothing can be taken for granted. Our advice – be alert! Be very, very alert!

Just Another Fantasy Themed Slot Game – NOT
As you probably already know, there is no dearth of fantasy slot games out there. Novomatic itself is a major developer of slot games that are based on various mythical, mythological and fantasy based characters.

So, what exactly sets Wonder World apart from the others of its kind?

Well, the answer to this is spread across two different levels.

1. Wonder World is the only slot game by Novomatic that you can actually play for FREE.
2. Wonder World is among a handful of fantasy slots that feature ALL possible bonuses.

In short, Wonder World seems to have been created by fusing various positives of handpicked fantasy slots. Talk about being special!

Getting To Understand The Novomatic Way Of Doing Things
Unlike other major slot developers, Novomatic has always relied on the instincts of players themselves to get an insight into better features. You would certainly sense this level of commitment from the part of developers while playing Wonder World, because this is as close you can come to a perfect fantasy slot experience.

Featuring a monotonous combination of 5 reels and 5 paylines, Wonder World prefers to kick things in a rather understated fashion. But as the game picks up some pace, a sort of runaway reaction is triggered, making it impossible for you to stop it of your own volition.

A notable feature here is also the one that we expect every other developer to integrate into their systems – abandoning misplaced wagers. As a player, many commit the mistake of wagering right amounts on wrong lines or wrong amounts or right lines. Once that happens, there’s no turning back, as the reels go off anyway. In Wonder World, however, players have one narrow chance of abandoning wagers placed mistakenly.

Decide Your Wagers Smartly
In a game like Wonder World where there’s not much you can do to influence the outcome of a spin, the only thing that you can manipulate is how much you wager.

Depending upon your experience and disposition, not to mention instincts, make informed and reasonable wager decisions as part of your casino strategy. As far as Wonder World is concerned, you can make a maximum bet of $10 per payline, starting out from 20 cents at the bottom.

When Symbols Come Alive
Wonder World, keeping in sync with other Novomatic offerings, has a vivid and compelling set of symbols that adorn every slot with an unmatched perfection. Regular symbols include magic potion pots, a beautiful but poignant blonde faery, sets of seemingly random alphanumerals, a crystal ball of fortune and a book of secret spells. For you to receive some kind of a reward, at least 3 slots need to match along the paylines that have been turned on. Depending upon what combo you strike, your payout will be determined.

The Wild symbol in Wonder World is an impeccably uptight unicorn that holds the key to your happiness for the night being. The Scatter symbol is an octogenarian wizard who resembles the great Gandalf in spirit and garb. He can take any place he wants on the screen, in order to help you get the best payout combination available.

There’s a tiny added feature that most other slots seem to lack – a special symbol for free spins and local credits (Excalibur Sword). This allows you to save your scatter symbols for valuable payouts, rather than losing them automatically when no combinations are possible.

The Wonder Of You
Despite appearing a tad formulaic, Wonder World is a force to reckon with, due to its sheer popularity among European gamers particularly in UK online casinos. With satisfactory payouts and fairly stacked odds of 5/5 reel/payline structure, Wonder World comes very close to being a neatly perfect game that you can turn to for a quick spin and doses of the preternatural!