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What do you do with your phone when it’s old? Do you Trash it and buy a new one or just keep using it until it stops working? Carlcare provides the best phone swap solution for you, one that helps you spend less and reduces environmental pollution in our communities.

We are introducing to you the “Swap Phone” activity- a plan that enables our Infinix, TECNO, itel users to upgrade their phones to the latest models by exchanging their old phone and a token amount of money. We developed this plan with your best interests at heart; to make sure you can get the phone you want when you want it.

How can I swap my tecno/Infinix/itel phone?

It’s pretty simple; to begin and complete every swap phone process you need to come to our service center or the authorized phone stores with your old phone(See the detailed list of stores below). Please also take the receipt of purchase, a valid means of identification (mandatory).

In case your phone’s receipt of purchase is lost, the valid means of identification will suffice. When you visit the service center or other authorized stores, the necessary documents will be checked then your phone will be inspected & valued. After a value is agreed on with our representative, you choose the phone you want and pay the balance to get your brand-new phone.

How to find the phone swap shop for Infinix, TECNO, itel in Nigeria

Please check the following phone swap shop spots along with the contact numbers where you can swap TECNO, Infinix, itel phone. Due to the Covid-19, some stores are perhaps closed at the moment so please consult with us firstly before you visit the store

Note: Currently, there are more than one hundred stores in Nigeria where you can swap your old Infinix, TECNO or itel phone to a new one. To know more details, you can make an online reservation below and we will call you to get the nearest store near you

Some frequently asked questions for phone swap.

Q.What mobile phone can I swap to?

A.You can swap to any of TECNO, Infinix or itel mobile phone models.

Q.Where can I swap my phone?

A.You can go to the recycling appointment link, log in with your account, and during you make an appointment, you can check shops with recycling support.

Q.Can I swap two phones for one phone?

A.Yes if the value of the two phones is lower than the cost of the phone you want to swap to.

Q.Can I swap my phone for money?

A.Sorry, you can not exchange your phone for the money. Only phones will be given in exchange.

Q.Can I swap a Broken phone?

A.Yes you can, broken phones are accepted. All phones to be swapped must be in working condition (usable). We will not Swap phones that are Dead or Not Powering.


* Your phone needs to be inspected at our service center to get a valuation i.e You can not get a value for your phone without visiting our service center.
* All security locks and passwords must be removed from all phones to be swapped.
* Remember to back up your data on the cloud or a SD card before bringing it for swap

We are devoted to providing the best solutions for mobile phone repair, use & management. The swap plan does not only help our customers save money by spending less when swapping to a brand new phone, but it also helps reduce environmental pollution caused by trashing old mobile phones.

Carlcare is the only authorized after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel device users, you can trust us with your device.