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The online technology has enabled us able to “virtually transporting” our service across many continents and reaching out to you at your convenient and as close as your fingertip reach.

We offer service via to our heavily invested technologies to ensure you have the best online game with a secure, confident and hassle-free experience.

Our company were base in Asia with an operating license. We are at the heart of the city that famous for nice beer, music, beaches and fashion up with famous white “Barong”. The Philippines is no stranger to Avenger movie lover as some part of the “infinity war” was filmed from Batad. If you were familiar with the movie scene of showing Thanos sitting in the small hut and glazing to the paddy field, that shot was from Batad scenery, Philippines.

Batad was chosen to be part of the movie scene because it has the most untouched & well preserves paddy terrace located in the region of Cordillera. With the significant portion of immaculate and traditional farming, this is also a country with great openness in allowing online license gaming industry. Just like some other western country government practices, Philippine authority will make sure all licensed online operators need to conform with the authority rules and guidelines.

Living up to business ethical practice set by the authority, Weclub as an experienced and responsible online gaming operator, we give our very best of option and choice in term of games available. For those who are already veterans in online, we bet your demand for excellent service will be your priority as some of you may have a negative experience from the harmful online scammer.

Being the most trusted online gaming operators, we have to live up to our code of gaming industry where we do not manipulate our given trust and maintain fairness to all our customers. As the old saying goes “you can’t expect trust from a cheap person” so make your right choice in playing with the trusted online gaming operator only.

You may surprise if we were to tell you that we have plenty of newbies walking away with an excellent winning reward with zero investment from their pocket just by playing with our free tokens. As for us, our philosophy of “Gentleman deal” rooted deep in most of our founder code, we hold firmly on the motto of “you either win or lost” in life. Online casino user should only be betting with a legit online operator; the consumer is assured with good business practices and shielded from any scamming possibility. That is why the consumer should, by all mean only visit and play with trusted online gambling provider like Weclub Online Casino Platform.

Not to bring to far the metaphor of our motto, but we yet still remind all our players to practice mindful and Responsible Gaming, do not risk yourself financially with uncontrol gaming addiction but instead taking the online gaming as pass time entertainment.

How to choose a Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia in 2020?

* With more than few thousands online casino operators throughout the worlds, end users are not only spoiled with choices but at the same time exposed to high risk of potential scammers which is in return just wanted to scam you as much as possible without mercy.
* You can identify an excellent online casino provider by based on the few factors;
* They have a good write up on their company profile, direction, philosophy or company vision.
* They encourage responsible gambling as this is also part of the legit operator requirement by authority body.
* Lengthy content writes up on their website; usually, the scammer provides very little, or even no write up on the website.
* Legit online gaming provides excellent human service; most scammers will avoid these costly manual customer service.
* Legit operator honours their paying, and mostly scammer close your account once you hit the jackpot.
* Come with proper account sign up procedure with security tag for verification.

With all that said, we encourage the customer to be more diligent when choosing a trusted online casino and always try up their service before plunging into with your real money.

What do we offer to address your concern?
Weclub has cherry-picked your benefits, they offer perfect interface, new details, up to date gaming applications, website modernisations and entertaining content that aims to make the entire gaming process a bliss.

To show you that we are concerned for and about your needs, we have created the means for players of other languages to find joy in our site. Just at the top left of our web page is an option to change your visual gaming language.

Weclub offers the most diverse choices of online games. We provide the best online slots, blackjacks, baccarat, roulette, casino hold ‘em, video poker, arcade games, sportsbook betting, live casino and other exciting games. Weclub game comes with different suites; each suite comes with its uniqueness and excellent features to ensure you can fully enjoy the game at the best gaming experience.

As long as civilisation has existed, so too have games of chance. However, throughout the years, we have updated their format to suit our needs and changing world better. While Vegas-style casinos still have their place around the world, we here are Weclub88 offer a new, fresh, and secure experience – online live casinos brought to you by Asia’s Best Gaming Betting Platform!

Getting started is simple – create a Weclub login, read up on our variety of over 1000 games (ranging from slots to live dealer to arcade games), and get right into one of our virtual suites. We also have a mobile version download available on both IOS and android, so feel free to take Weclub88 on-the-go. All of our games sport, sleek design and incredible audio-visual performance. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional or more modern casino experiences, WeClub88 brings the biggest library of games for the highest quality of gameplay.

We primarily see ourselves as a company that pushes the boundaries of computer and mobile games. Players spend billions of dollars on mobile games. Why not give you an option to play games where you have a chance to hit the jackpot? Unlike a new skin in Call of Duty or a new weapon upgrade in Counterstrike, the money you wager here at WeClub88 gives you a chance to win that money back exponentially. Imagine earning $2500 in Fishing Game while waiting in line at a teahouse. Sounds better than a high-score in Bejewelled, right? Sign up today!

Weclub brings state-of-the-art encryption technology to all of its transactions, ensuring your wagers and winnings never end up anywhere but your wallet. Even more, Weclub has promotions always running – these bonuses are designed to help you “dip your toes” in whatever game you please. We encourage you to take advantage of all of the bonus offers to help you get started on building your wagers and collecting your winnings.

Big-data & Algorithm decision making is no longer a trend for the business world today. Data analytics have long become norm practices for most of our day to day management style. Many veteran online gamers have long adopted the pattern reading style to better winning the game. Analytical and matrix reading from the historical data provided by the games board is value to some veteran gamers. It is like a new challenge to the players, the more you know the trick, the better you are in the game. Besides luck, playing with a smart approach have proven to be a handsome good winning as well to many gamers. This pattern reading based gaming tactic is never late in online slot machine playing.

If you were to seek guidance from any veteran level gamer, most of them would share with you how they have long developed their unique way of slot game betting tactics. This slot game not only providing rewarding pass time earning to some people but also a game that allows gamers to activates brain just like “Soduko” game with a challenging calculation pattern.

Disregard whether you are a newbie or veteran gamers, sooner you will agree that to win slot game you got to have two keys elements which are “luck + experience”. Yes, you hear me correctly; in fact, all betting game needs luck as crucial features to win. As for building up your experience, you may not need to invest in your real money to kick-started the slot game as we have generously provided our new members with free slot game at our Weclub-Legends free spin & free bonus system.When coming to the real-life experience of real casino feel, it is essential to seek for exciting graphical slot games with new sound effect to go along with your game. Those who have indulged long enough with our slot games will know that Weclub slot game platform is second best to none with generous free games, to some lucky newbie they even walk away with handsome winning.

As we have observed, even the brick and mortar physical casino have also migrated to the same quality computer graphic as what you can find in our slot game. The only difference is you now can play the game at conducive environment and convenience at your own pace and choice instead of travelling physically with a time constraint and limited freedom.

To bring extravagance experiences to you, we now have nearly 70 types of slot games available, like the captain rabbit, gem forest, space neon, forest dragon, the fountain of fortune, sweet treat, Great Blue, Highway Kings, the monkey king, baseball pro and lots more. Gamers can easily choose and enjoy the game that best suited their style of playing, and for those who like to explore more than usual match, there is a demo version available for all types of slot games. You can familiarise with the games before you start playing with your real money; eventually, we want our customer to have fun and entertaining playing with our slot’s games.

No Casino is a genuine Casino without a slot game machine, to bring out the best of customer experience. For the next level of delighted, Weclub ensures our slot machine loaded with the latest choice of animated characters, bands, a wide selection of famous personalities. As you dive deeper into our slot machine, we ensure your journey thrill with a never-ending surprise of bonuses, free-spinning and not forgetting a fair opportunity to win at your lucky day.

We believe no online casino can sustain without winning customers and Weclub strike to be the one brand that can live up to the quote Best Online Casino Slot Machine love by Malaysian” gamers.

Are you sporty enough to take the challenge? With our deep understanding of what customer wants and our willingness to walk the extra miles, Weclub Sportsbook Betting Platform has you covered.We have designed an intelligent interface that even newbie can easily play like the Pro. How are we able to do that? Our dedicated team have updated continuously and gathered useful information and user experience for your easy access.What’s more? Yes, we believe in accumulating happy customers; for this, we offer you the best of the best perks and sweeteners.

4d Lotto Game is no longer new among the Asian community; this long history of betting has in facts benefited many people who seek “fortune strike” by leveraging on their luck. Since the early day of 4D inception, many people have managed to gain life-changing moment by striking handsome rewards from 4D games. However, as a responsible game provider, we would like to advise all players to practice moderate and accountable betting. Do not risk yourself financially and cause unnecessary addiction by over-relying on 4D games as your crucial source or life-changing method.

To share a few unknown practices to the westerner, some folk in Asian countries have even sought ‘Mythological help” from supernatural power in helping them to win the 4D game. Some players also travel to the dense forest to pay respect to the unknown entity for winning number. In some social forum, we even can read some disturbing story of asking help from the devil. Unfortunately, many have suffered the consequences for not able to fulfil what they supposed to pay back in return. Be it a myth or disturbing truth; no one benefits from it. We advise our player NOT to take the 4D games as “life betting” dice but rather as a form of online entertainment game instead.

In a different context of looking at the 4D Lotto game, to modern players like most of you and us, life itself can be a treasure hunt game with predestined hidden surprises. Striking 4D is not merely luck betting, and the best way to enjoy the 4D is to be sensitive to your surroundings. According to some folk tales’ stories, it is not surprising that some gambler won their winning number from there the figure inspired by their unusual dream. Some winner even got the betting number inspiration from multiple counters of seeing the same four-digit number keep repeating & appearing in front of the winner. As for those who need some clue on translating your dream into 4D that enables you to do betting in 4D, you can log into this link “Magnum 4D Dictionary” from help.

If you were to imagine that our life is like a Dreambook and we get to write our story daily, then we should mindfully articulate our decision making and doing towards outcome focus. This self-navigated life destiny philosophy could be an exciting journey. There is even the best advice on “Begin with the End in Mind”. I always believe that the best thing in life is the unknown story until we call it and the end of our journey in this real world.

Weclub were committed to giving their customers’ a delightful journey and good playing experiences. To reach this superior satisfaction and to live up to this direction, Weclub has tremendously invested both in hardware, software and also human touch.

Our 4D game is supported by our strong team of local & international advisors in a 4D Lottery Betting System; we present to you the most trusted 4D lottery betting platform that allows you to place your lucky 4D number bet. Weclub also happens to be the best live 4D Results both for 4d Singapore & Malaysia like – Sports Toto, Magnum 4D, DaMaChai and more.

Weclub value anchored at good customers experience and satisfaction. To achieve that, we are always open for our customer feedback and ensure good customers relationship. We understand the spirit of appreciating our customer; for this, we have ongoing various online casino promotional offers, package, goodies offer both for new customers and existing loyal customer programme. Our promotional section will surprise you with current offers, don’t miss out!

If you have any questions while creating Weclub member login, downloading the app, or redeeming our promotions, please contact our 24/7 support staff. They are there to help with any frustrations while getting started here at Weclub online casino betting platform. Thank you so much for play – We wish you luck!

We only accept candidate above 18 years old to sign up for the player account. Weclub holds the right to reject the applicant and even bar or stop payment if we found the player has falsified this criterion. For those who have reached the requirement ages (Above 18 years old) kindly follow the step by step process below;

Click on the “Register” button at our top menu page or click on this link /register

Fill in your general personal information as required.

Without prejudice, Weclub imposes minimum deposit according to the country origin due to currency and taxation different set by the gaming guide protocol.

All deposited fund from customer will be banked into Weclub company account and in return customer will be notified for e-wallet procedure.

You can start register and deposit with your bank or card details by following our user-friendly guideline.

Once you completed the procedure, kindly notify us, and we will proceed to wired you with a game account or “main wallet.”Upon receiving your account wallet, your registration is considered completed, and you may start playing any of the game provided by the website.

For those who are still having a problem in signing up as a new “Register” account holder, you may contact our customer service at live chat. Our service will be at your service, 24/7.

How to start enjoying the game
If you are new to online games, do not be overwhelmed by our variety of games available. For a start, we strongly recommended all new gamer to start with our “free game” for new visitors at our Free Spin corner-Weclub Legend. Once you have a good grasp and confidence with the game flow and style, you may start using your wallet from your account.

How to play?
The best part of life is when we allow ourselves to dive into an unknown zone and discover more; this is like adding a dash of spice in life. With our diverse choices’ games, you will never get bored with the selection. So, feel free to explore all of them until you find that which works well for you and makes you at ease with yourself. By the universal gaming rule, we encourage you to be sure to play responsibly. Our games are available to play through our online site and on our mobile app.

Our mobile app:

918kiss, SCR888, XE88, Suncity2 Online Casino are a few options you find in our mobile apps download page, which is available for download through our online site. iPhone and Android users can access our mobile app where there is a catalogue of games available to you from the two possible game sections. Suitable for those who wish to pass their time earning extra or those who want to improve their gambling skills regularly, the mobile app is everything a digital modern age man needs. We assure an equal quality of the mobile app to our website with a bonus of portability. Kindly download it today to enjoy the benefits of playing on the go.

Weclub listen to you
The best way to improve our services and for Weclub to move forwards is no other than getting a constructive review, opinion and even complaint from our customer. We understand that no company is perfect so do us, in line with consumer-centric direction. Weclub takes customer opinion and complains seriously, for any consumer who wishes to contact us can do so via our provided service.

Contact us:

To reach out to us for any form of inquiry, suggestions, opinions or complaints; we offer you some practical and prompt ways.

Online live chat:

Our online webpage live chat option leads you to a skilled customer service agent ready to settle all your inquiries and worries.

Email us:

You can also get in touch with us through our email address

Wechat us:

Finally, you can reach us through our WeChat ID: weclub99

Terms and conditions:

To ensure that you keep to all our rules and remain on a favorable term with us, kindly read through our terms and conditions available here /tnc.

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