Triple Triple Chance Slot Try The Free Demo Version

Remakes are always hit-or-miss, be in on television or on the big screen. Some popular slot games do end up getting a sequel, but these can only be successful if they end up bringing something really new to the table while sticking to a familiar look.

Now developers can either continue an existing story line just as in Enchanted Garden 2 from RTG, or simply take the same basic elements of a successful game and give them a big boost, just like in Triple Triple Chance by Merkur.

This video slot game was built on the same idea as Triple Chance, only bigger and bolder. The small set of 3 reels looks just the same, but your chance of winning are higher than ever before – not to mention a much larger range of bets. Now, does Triple Triple Chance manages to truly improve on the original or not? Let’s find out in our complete review of the game.

As If You Had Never Left the Casino
A single glance at the game screen is enough to realise that Triple Triple Chance was clearly inspired by its big brother. The apple never falls far from the tree, and as such Triple Triple Chance has a similar monochromatic background, only dark blue instead of red this time.

The 3 reels are classic white rectangles floating in the centre of the game screen, with the traditional Merkur command bar at the bottom.

Overall, Triple Triple Chance is a great example of classic casino design, not very far from what you could find on an actual, old-school slot machine. The reel symbols stand out nicely against the clear background, while sticking to a simple 2D style. If you are a fan of low-key games, Triple Triple Chance is another great choice in that regard. We will dig a little deeper into the gameplay in the next section.

Reuse and Recycle
Triple Triple Chance takes the same basic rules of Triple Chance and replies them faithfully. The usual Merkur interface allows players to bet from 0.05 to 20 credits per payline.

You can adjust your wager with the usual plus and minus buttons, go all-in with bet max and activate the autoplay game mode as you see fit.

The game’s RTP has slightly gone down and landed at 95.87%, which is compensated by a higher variance. As a result, players are more likely to score decent wins in Triple Triple Chance than in Triple chance, statistically speaking.

The basic paytable, however, has not changed one bit. You will find the same classic casino icons on the reels, from lemons to cherries and bells, with the exact same cash value.

The maximum win, linked to a combination of three 7s across the reels, is therefore worth 150 times your current bet in Triple Triple Chance as well. Each win gives you the possibility to collect your prize immediately or try to gamble it further with the card gamble or ladder gamble challengers, 2 classic Merkur features.

Boosted Bonus Wheel
Never try to fix something that is not broken, this could be Merkur’s motto here. As a result, the only special feature available in Triple Triple Chance is also very similar to that of the original game – only bigger and more powerful.

This rewin feature is triggered when you score a full house on the screen, with the same symbol filling up all reels at once. The bonus wheel will then appear and spin, awarding the same payout again and again as long as it stops on a green tile. This time around, the wheel is made up of 9 green and only 1 red tile, which puts the rewin feature to an end.

A Bright Future for Old-School Slots
Triple Triple Chance is a powerful successor to Triple Triple Chance. You can play both games individually, or try them both to see which one is your favourite. Given its higher volatility and larger range of wagers, Triple Triple Chance is more beginner-friendly than its big brother.

If you simply cannot get enough of this old-school style of slot games, Merkur has developed yet another addition to the series: Double Triple Chance, which blends together elements of both previous slots.