Triple Chance Slot Review

Rewin Feature
There is just one special feature at Triple Chance, and this is one more than you’ll find at most other classic slot machines. When you get the reels filled with the same symbol, you’ll initiate the exciting Rewin feature. A wheel will spin, and you’ll hope it will land on the “Mystery” section, as this will lead to you winning your prize again. You can continue using this feature until you land on the “Stop” section. As you can imagine, this feature can lead to some massive prizes.

Payouts and Prizes
The top prize per payline at this online slot is 1,500 coins, which equates to 150x your bet. At first glance, this seems to be much lower than the jackpots found at other Merkur slots. However, the stacked symbols must be considered, as it is possible to get the reels full of symbols. This will lead to multiple winning combinations, which in turn will lead to bigger prizes. The sevens are the highest paying symbol, followed by the melons and the bells.

Play on Mobile
Do you prefer to play your online slots using a mobile device? If so, this slot should be perfect for you, as you’ll be able to play using nearly every tablet or smartphone out there. This, of course, includes all iPhones and iPads, as well as every device using the Android OS. All you’ll need is a device with a touchscreen and a reasonably stable internet connection. 3G or 4G is generally absolutely fine.

Some might be concerned about using their data, though, causing them to wait until they’re home to play their favorite slots. This shouldn’t be an issue as mobile slots actually don’t use much data at all. So, you can play online slots whenever you want to, safe in the knowledge that doing so won’t lead to extra charges on your bill.

We do suggest you play on WiFi though, to avoid any interruptions and using your data when you don’t need to. Just watch out you don’t input any personal data on an open WiFi connection as it may not be secure. You don’t want anyone to get hold of your credit card details or home address.