Triple Chance Slot Play Online Real Money Free

When this slot appeared, it quickly spoke around that it is a classic, even if the game appeared only in 2016. At least the whole game is built according to classic principles. What this means in detail? New Australian Casinos has gone the classic for the ground. Below you will learn more about Triple Chance, which is a new old slot, so to speak. At least, at least it can be said that several elements of classic, older slots were incorporated into this game. 3 × 3 symbols do not sound like much, but alone the classic values mgachen this game almost to a small specialty in the extremely diverse world of slots on the Internet.

* Rollers: 3 (with three symbols each)
* Manufacturer: Mercury
* Supported devices: Only computers / laptop
* Deviation: medium

Triple Chance Online Casinos


100% up to 150AU$ +150 free games

100% up to 300AU$ +100 free spins

100% up to 300AU$ +50 free games

100% up to 300AU$ +100 free spins +10% cashback

100% up to 500AU$ +250 free spins

100% up to 500AU$ +90 free games

Construction and design
While elsewhere manufacturers, designers and developers are more and more slots with mischievous theme worlds, this slot is a welcome journey back to the past. Triple Chance consists of loud classic slot symbols, which have previously given many similar games before, and does not serve a symbolism that could only have something to do with the casino. On the rollers the well-known fruity symbols appear like lemons, melons, apples, plums, as well as the lucky number 77.

As simple as the game is designed, you have to do without special features such as bonus rounds or free spins, but your senses will not be overwhelmed in this game with absolute warranty. Profits also emerge whenever three same symbols appear on the rolls on any of the five paylines.

How to play Triple Chance
At Triple Chance, you can freely choose your use between 0.05 and 10 coins. About a specially created button below in the picture, you can also use the possible maximum, which may be recalculated for each individual game. The only feature that comes close to a bonus is the Re Win, which is triggered when you receive the same icon on all nine fields. Otherwise, profits arise due to complete three-person combinations on the five fixed paylines.

If you want to play nonstop for a long time, you can activate the auto-play feature. You can choose a number of rounds, more precisely between five and a hundred, for which the game process is always redesigned automatically. So you do not have to restart the game again and again.

Bonuses and free games at Triple Chance
For features, bonuses and free spins, the slot machine triple chance is unknown. Rather, the slot is so simply designed that there is no free spells, still actual bonus functions. Rather, the charm of the game lies in the simplicity that tries to do without any chips from the 21st century. Irrwitzige and possibly also extremely complicated bonus features with special rules and conditions you are looking for in this game in vain. Only a special feature have built the makers from Mercury Gaming to the game: This ensures that if the same symbol appears on all rows and in all columns, it will also be enlarged immediately with the re-win feature. From experiences we know that this function is rarely found in slots.

Special on Triple Chance
What triple chance makes special is that the game is particularly simple. In the game, they are only very rarely interrupted by the only bonus function. Instead, they can focus much better on the gameplay that consists of the symbols that they know otherwise from the classic casinos, especially if they may have played themselves on a mechanical slot machine, one of the famous-notorious single-armed bandits, should. The greatest possible profit is 1500 coins or 1500 in the currency they have selected. This gain will be awarded if you see three symbols with the number 77 light up. As it looks with the other symbols and the gains, you can see as with most other slot games in the winning table, which is listed, which symbols bring what profits.

Conclusion to Triple Chance
Why should one make it complicated when it’s easy? We are sure there are many slot fans who have been waiting for a product like triple chance. Ornate theme worlds, which are based on all sorts of films, books, society or even from sport, may have their charms, but also direct classical elements that many players appreciate. Maybe you do not want to let yourself be distracted by the game as such because of a topic environment, but just let a few cents grow over larger amounts. At least you introduce yourself to this simply designed slot. Look forward to classic entertainment with a wide selection of fruits on the screen, which once conquered the casinos in the world.