Triple Chance Slot Machine Play Free Casino Slot Games

Retro slot games have a special place in a player’s heart. If you have had the chance to visit land-based casino a few times in your life, you know how surprisingly exciting these bulky slot machines can get.

Despite their old-school style and graphics, these machines had you on the edge of your seat for hours, pulling the lever and inserting just one last coin, because you just knew that the jackpot was getting closer and closer.

If you are feeling a little nostalgic of that era, the video slot game market is literally filled with retro games that try their best to emulate this unique atmosphere. In terms of style, Triple Chance is the perfect example of the genre.

Following the tradition of Retro Reels by Microgaming, and even simpler than that, this Merkur game offers a great challenge to players. Let’s see how in our full review of the game.

Back to the Casino, Once Again
Retro slot games are immediately recognisable thanks to their basic graphics and old-school style. Triple Chance, with its dark red and exploding background, is no exception to the rule. The 3 white reels stand out with a nice contrast against the background, and the reel symbols themselves are exact replicas of those you would find while playing on your favourite slot machine at the casino.

Accompanied by only the usual Merkur command bar and its green buttons, the 3 reels of Triple Chance are clearly the main focus of the game – as it should be in any good retro slot. Let’s see if the gameplay is just as classic in our next section.

Even Easier Than an Actual Slot Machine
Triple Chance is making the players’ task as simple as possible by sticking to a small reel set and easy rules. The 3 reels on the screen feature on 5 fixed paylines. All you need to do is adjust your wager with the plus and minus buttons before spinning the reels.

The game’s RTP is at 96.11%, with a high volatility. Combined with the small number of paylines available, these statistics turn Triple Chance into a challenging slot game, where big wins are reserved to players who play big and are patient enough.

You can always speed up the game process with the autoplay game mode, or go all-in with a single click on the max bet shortcut. After a win on the reels, the usual gamble card and gamble ladder challenges are unlocked, if you feel like taking an extra chance to double your winnings.

The paytable of Triple Chance is a classic selection of casino symbols. You will find green squares, fruits like lemons, cherries, oranges and more, or bells and red 7s. The maximum reward in the base game is equivalent to just 150 times your current wager, which is less than in most modern slot games. Fortunately, Triple Chance has one last surprise to deliver.

Win the Same Prize over and over Again
The only special feature of Triple Chance is the so-called rewind bonus. You can unlock it only by filling up the entire screen with the exact same reel symbol. It doesn’t matter which symbol exactly, but you will certainly need an extra dose of luck to achieve it anyway.

Once activated, the rewind wheel will start spinning. Each time the wheel lands on a mystery tile, you win the same amount of money as triggered by the full-house on the reels. This can go on for quite a while, until you hit the stop tile. Not that there are 3 mystery tiles and only 1 stop tile on the wheel, so the odds are in your favour.

An Old-School Classic with an Interesting Respin Feature
Triple Chance is probably one of the simplest and most classic slot game there is. The dynamic audio atmosphere does add a little energy to the otherwise very old-school feel of the game, which is exactly what a certain audience of players is looking for.

If casino nostalgia is your thing but you still would prefer a higher hit ratio, you can try out Rock ‘n’ Roller or Neptune’ Kingdom, two Playtech slot games with a similar retro gameplay and lower volatility.