Triple Chance Slot Machine Free Play

In our generation where innovation seems to be the hottest things that drives our daily lives, many people are feeling the need for blasts from the past that will give them more of a sentimental feel despite of the flaws of the olden time’s products. Classics and timeless products – whether literature, movies and more, have garnered strong attention to their side and this goes true for the slot industry as well. With the trend experiencing a serious curve towards the classics, Merkur Gaming has also made another classic game imbued with great winning opportunities – the Triple Chance Slot Machine. The search for a stunning classic game has been all for naught throughout the years – would this game hit that mark? Try the game out yourself and see whether it is truly deserving of its reputation through the Triple Chance free play slot demo here, with no download and no registration to give you inconvenience.

Retro Reels with Modern Rewards
You simply couldn’t get any more retro than what the triple Chance Slot Machine offers. It’s truly the epitome of a classic look but, with a flashier setup that sets it above regular classic machines of the past. To make the game even more nostalgic, it did not even incorporate 5 reels into its mechanics and instead, it stuck to the 3-column design with only 5-payline to boot. Two buttons are all you have to click in the controls as the pay lines are fixed which means you can either manipulate the bet, turn it to max and/or spin. The gaming process is straightforward and devoid of the complexities you’ll see in games today. Not to mention, it stayed true to the classic symbols of antiquity, from lemons, cherries, oranges, a blueberries, bell, watermelon and lucky sevens. There’s quite a decent payout with the low-variance setup of this game as you can win up to 1500 credits through the lucky seven, which is the highest paying symbol of the game. However, what does the game have which sets it apart from the old classics? It stayed true to the classics but of course, the Triple Chance has a feature which makes it stand out and that is in the form of a titular wheel. The triple Chance Wheel is separated into four and is triggered if you fill the 3 reels with the same symbols. In this case, the wheels will re-spin over and over again. If you get Mystery in every spin of the wheel, you’ll win the same amount repeatedly which can only be halted when you get a stop from the wheel spin.

If classic is what you’re looking for which is something that’s based on a pile of cash and will literally bring you a wad of cash as jackpot, the Triple Profits from Playtech will surely be one of your favorites. It comes with a unique 9-reel and 3-payline structure and its jackpot prize is a whopping $25,000 cold hard cash.

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