Triple Chance HiLo Review Play N Go Online Casino Game

Triple Chance HiLo is a unique odds based online casino game developed by Play ‘n Go. Play ‘n Go is an online casino software developer with headquarters based in the Swedish town of Vaxjo. Play ‘n Go began as a subsidiary of a few more prominent software developers in 1997, and has been operating independently since 2005.

The developer has created over 50 unique games to date, including a wide variety of games for mobile gaming platforms. In fact, Play ‘n Go is the first casino software developer to be credited with entering the mobile gaming market.

The Basics of Triple Chance HiLo
Triple Chance HiLo is a game that may remind many players of the bonus features commonly included in online slots. In this game, each player must predict whether the next spin of each reel will result in a number that was higher or lower than the one displayed before it.

There are 3 reels in Triple Chance HiLo, and each reel displays numbers from 1 to 13. If a player correctly chooses whether the next number on the reels will be higher or lower than the first, they will be paid out accordingly. As always in online gaming, choosing a more unlikely outcome will result in a higher payout.

Interface, Bet Options and Rules
Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo plays out against a simple blue and gold interface reminiscent of a classic land-based casino game. The backdrop of the game is striped in blue, and the three reels are positioned slightly to the right of the game screen.

Each reel has two triangular orange buttons at either end; a Hi button above it, and a Lo button underneath it. Players’ balances, bets and recent wins can be seen on the pay table below, and Shuffle and Collect options are displayed to the left of the Triple Chance HiLo reels.

How to Play Triple Chance HiLo
The stakes for each spin in Triple Chance HiLo begin at 0.50 and end at a maximum stake of 5.00 per spin. To begin the game, players need simply press the Start button and pick higher or lower options for each of the reels and the numbers displayed on them.

There are small boxes above each reel that display the potential payout for each choice should players make a successful guess. If a reel displays 1 or 13, it should be noted that players cannot choose a lower or higher number for these reels, respectively.

Shuffle Option and Maximum Jackpot
If a player’s current odds do not look promising, Play ‘n Go’s Triple Chance HiLo also offers the option to shuffle the current numbers on the reels. This shuffle button is positioned to the left of the reel set, and can be used at any time throughout the game.

Triple Chance HiLo contains an average return to player percentage of 96.00%, and offers a maximum jackpot win of 10,000 coins for correct HiLo guesses across all 3 reels.