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Sir Keir, multimillionaire, says Rishi is out of touch. Pot. Kettle. Black

Here’s a suggestion, Suella: Get the Rwanda scheme up and running


NEW PM Rishi Sunakhas poached an ITVNews chief to be his topspin doctor. Experienced journalistAmber de Botton, whohas also worked for SkyNews, will become thePM’s director of com-munications. ITV political editorRobert Peston tweetedyesterday: “My colleagueAmber de Botton is leav-ing ITV to be RishiSunak’s director of com-munications. She is abrilliant news editor and journalist, and leaves ahuge hole at ITV News.”


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after becoming PM as it had beenfor sale on the internet along withthose of 25 other Cabinet ministers.Numbers for former ChancellorKwarteng, Defence Secretary BenWallace, Foreign Secretary JamesCleverly and Home Secretary SuellaBraverman were among those listedon the site. So was that of Labourleader Sir Keir Starmer.Spooks are worried Russia andChina are using cyber hackers topenetrate Britain’s top secrets.Last night, Labour called for anurgent investigation. Shadow HomeSecretary Yvette Cooper said: “Thisis extremely serious. There areimmensely important national sec-urity issues raised by an attack likethis by a hostile state. There arealso serious security questionsaround why and how this informa-tion has been leaked right now.“It is essential that all of thesesecurity issues are investigated andaddressed at the very highest level.”Lib Dem Foreign Affairs spokes-person Layla Moran also called for aprobe and said: “If it turns out thisinformation was withheld from thepublic to protect Liz Truss’s leader-ship bid, it would be unforgivable.”A government spokesperson said:“We do not comment on individuals’security arrangements. The Govern-ment has robust systems to protectagainst cyber threats. “That includes regular securitybriefings for ministers and advice onprotecting personal data and miti-gating cyber threats.”Meanwhile, it was also claimedlast night that during her final daysin No10, Ms Truss became obsessedwith the weather in case Putindetonated a nuclear bomb overthe Black Sea — and caused aradioactive cloud to head for Britain.A source said: “Liz was obsessedwith the prevailing wind.”

MICHAEL Gove today twiststhe knife into Liz Truss’s blun-dering time in No10 as he tellsthe nation “we are sorry”.The Cabinet big beast saidstruggling Brits are rightly“angry” at Tories for selectingher over Rishi Sunak.He promised families hit byrocketing mortgages and super-market bills the new Rishiregime will sort the economy.In his first big interventionsince his return to government.Mr Gove took a chainsaw toMs Truss’s policies.He promised to usher in ahousing revolution and bringback levelling up. New lawsbanning cruel landlords fromevicting their tenants for nogood reason will be brought in.Tenants will also be allowedto have a pet in their flatunless the landlord has a goodreason to block them.And more affordable housingwill be built to get families onthe property ladder.Writing in today’s Sun onSunday, he says: “We Conser-vatives owe Sun readers anapology. We made the wrongchoice this summer about thepath we should take. Plans tocut taxes targeted on the rich-est were a holiday from reality.“A mini Budget that didn’texplain how spending planswould be paid for was anerror. To put it mildly. I under-stand why people are angry.”

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Brutal attack . . . Michael Gove


Cyber spies got into Truss’s phone

Political Editor Sun on Sunday

LIZ Truss’s phone washacked by agents suspectedof working for RussianPresident Vladimir Putin, itwas reported last night.

The cyber spies gained accessto top secret details of talksBritain was having with its keyallies as war raged in Ukraine.

In an astonishing security breach,messages Ms Truss sent to foreignpowers and other Cabinet ministersare understood to have fallen intoenemy hands.Her phone was so compromised ithas been locked in a safe at a secretgovernment location, it is claimed.The hack was discovered duringthe Tory leadership race while MsTruss was still Foreign Secretary.But details were kept secret bythen-PM Boris Johnson and civilservice chief Simon Case.A source said: “This caused abso-lute pandemonium. Boris was toldimmediately and it was agreed withthe Cabinet Secretary that thereshould be a total news blackout. “It is not a great look for theintelligence services if the ForeignSecretary’s phone can be so easilyplundered for embarrassing personalmessages by agents presumed to beworking for Putin’s Russia.”The messages accessed are said toinclude secret discussions withforeign ministers about the war inUkraine, the Mail on Sunday said. Messages she swapped with closepal and fellow minister KwasiKwarteng were critical of Mr John-son and are also understood to havebeen seen — sparking fears theycould be used to blackmail her.Ms Truss was so worried aboutthe security breach that she couldn’tsleep. She feared news of it wouldtorpedo her chance to become PM.As Foreign Secretary, she took ahardline approach on Putin — vow-ing to stand by Ukraine in theirbattle against the Russian despot. MsTruss changed her number shortly

So worried that she couldn’t sleep

Fears . . . Boris JohnsonDespot . . . Vladimir Putin


Calls anxiety . . .for Liz Truss

OCTOPUS Energy hasreached a deal withadministrators to buy col-lapsed rival Bulb, whichhas been run with bil-lions of pounds of Gov-ernment aid for a year.Yesterday, Octopus saidit is taking on Bulb’s1.5million customers. TheDepartment for Business,Energy & IndustrialStrategy confirmed a dealhad been struck.