The Classic Online Slots Game People Still Love

Online casinos across the world are home to casino enthusiasts eager to take on the online slots. Over time, styles and trends have changed, the crowds are now found at online casinos, divulging in free slots, video slots and classic slots. Once upon a time, it was hard to imagine an era where you could take a step back from the land casino and enjoy the gameplay from the comfort of your own home. Now, many of us laugh at the idea of trekking to a land casino in favour of an online casino, where we can enjoy hours of fun by using reel slots.
Naturally, there’s a reason behind the spiking popularity in online slots, it’s convenient, fun and bonus filled. Elements found at online casinos such as casino bonuses just aren’t offered by land casinos. On top of this, classic reel slots couldn’t be simpler to use. Register your account, deposit your cash, choose your game and press the spin button. All you can do then is watch and wait.
Our aim at is to enlighten our customers with as much information as possible with regard online casinos. As a casino comparison site, we want to make sure you dive head first into gameplay with your eyes wide open. Below, we’ve put together some information we recommend you consider before you make your first wager. Sometimes the best thing you can do is enjoy some free online slots before you place that first bet.

Online Casino Slots Variations
The selection of casino slots in never-ending. It ranges from the traditional three-reel slots up to the jazzier progressive jackpots. All slots offer an enticing feature that lures the gamer in. What is it that makes the reel slots so enjoyable? It’s safe to say; the fun yet straightforward element plays a massive part in drawing the consumer. Reel slots made a natural transition from land casino to online as it typically offers simple graphics. Although the concept of the slots remains pretty much the same across the board, the significant differences are found in the styling of the machine.
A classic slot machine offers three reels but can go up to five-reels and still be considered a ‘traditional’ slot machine. At these more basic slots, you can expect to see symbols represented by numbers, letters, bells and so on. Simply put, lots of casino gamers aren’t searching for those elaborate bells and whistles that are associated with the video slots. This design is in stark comparison to video slots which are often themed and present the player with all the traits that can be found at the land casino. This means flashing lights, crazy sounds and unbeatable excitement.
With the endless collection of game developers on the scene, the player is spoiled for choice.

Free Slots; Three-Reel Slots
There’s a common misconception that three-reel slots aren’t as good as five-reel slots. This is because they don’t offer the same number of bonuses. Many online casino players are eager to use bonuses to up the chances of big wins. Bear in mind, if you choose to play free online slots, you won’t be depositing or withdrawing any money.
However, the games can still be exceptionally enticing because a new player receives a casino welcome bonus. If you’ve gone past your welcome bonus, or are playing free slots, these will provide you with winnings (real or fake) for landing on particular symbols. Take Microgaming’s Wacky Panda as a prime example. The game offers just one payline, but the top prize is 3,300 coins. Ultimately, the three-reel slots are ideal for gamers who are kick-starting their online casino experience, want to learn the ropes and need to use simpler techniques.
Other free casino slots that promote a three-reel style are Play n’ Go’s Mystery Joker 6000, Sea Hunter and Betsofts Jumbo Joker. All these games take a modern stance on the traditional three-reel slots. You can enjoy these games with the peace of mind you’re not sacrificing your own hard-earned cash yet still having a good time. Free casino slot games can often be exactly what you need to develop a strategy in the hope of beating the house edge. Once you’ve played a number of free online slots, you typically have the opportunity to register a real money account.

Online Slots Software
Whether you choose to engage in table games or try your luck with the online slots, there’s something for everyone. The top software developers include Microgaming and NetEnt. These providers offer the gamer a library of choice.
Although these classic reel slots don’t offer the same sleek graphics and tend to be absent of bonuses, they’ll provide hours of good old-fashioned fun.
Sure, video slots and progressives seem to be increasing in popularity as time goes on, but the above-mentioned software providers deliver a fun, fast reel slot experience. If you’re interested in video slots, then game developers such as Yggdrasil and Play’n Go are the providers for you.

NetEnt has established itself as a go-getter over the years and boasts a return to player of 95%-98%. There’s no denying that NetEnt is one of the most innovative game developers, but don’t offer the world of classic slots. Instead, they offer a whole host of progressive and video slots online. If you register with a NetEnt casino and are a big classic slots fan, it won’t take long until you begin to recognise titles such as;

• Safari Madness
• Pirates Gold
• Beetle Frenzy
• Lucky 8 Line

These NetEnt games give the player the choice of three or five-reels. Ultimately, which you choose will depend on the style you’re looking for on the day. It’s important to remember, that most five-reel slots will offer some form of a bonus, Wild and Scatter symbols, while the basic three-reel slots typically don’t. This feature doesn’t mean you won’t have great chances of winning. Many three-reel online slots allow for major wins.

As mentioned above, most three-reel slots tend not to offer casino bonuses. If you choose to play free online slots, you’re never going to make any money. Unless of course, you research no deposit bonuses. If you register a real money account, you’ll be entitled to your casino welcome bonus. Then, sit back and watch your wins rack up!
Microgaming understands the allure of three-reel slots. It’s the perfect example of a provider that’s concerned with the user experience and believes the game should be uncompromised. Each piece of Microgaming material is a spectacle and puts on a seriously impressive show. Check out some of their three-reel singular pay lines that include;

• Fruit Salad
• Goblins Gold
• Jewel Thief
• High 5

Some three-reel online slots that deserve a special mention include;

• Joker 8000
• Cops and Robbers
• 7 Oceans
• Fortuna

Casino Slots; Wild and Scatter Symbols
A major selling point for classic online slots are the symbols that shape the game. In many classic slots, you can expect to come across Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild and Scatter symbols replace another symbol, typically a more basic piece of the puzzle to improve the chances of winning.
Take Wild symbols, for example, these substitute every other symbol on the reel except for Scatter and Bonus symbols. The process is pretty simple, the presence of the Wild combined with other symbols on the reels will result in a win. Dependent on the game, the Wild symbol can land anywhere. Keep a close eye on the paytable at the side of the screen as this will typically explain where these Wilds can land. As the online casino industry grows, so is the complexity of the games. Although the classic slots tend to have three-reels, there’s been the introduction of Sticky Wild’s.

From online casino reviews, slot news, tips and tricks, to our Frequently Asked Questions page, has you covered.

Reel Slots; FAQ’s
Is there a way to beat the slots?
Authorised online casinos will have a Random Number Generator in place. This means that all the results are completely arbitrary. You can’t beat it because the piece of equipment uses mathematical algorithms to determine a winning combination.

Are there strategies I can use to beat the online slots?
Over the years, gambling experts have tried and tested ways of giving themselves an advantage over the house edge. When it comes to online slots, it’s just not practical to wager your money on these ‘One Play Strategies’ and so on.

What’s the RTP for all slots?
We can’t give you a definite answer for that one because typically it boils down to the software developers. The slots are commonly known to have an RTP of between 92%-98%.

What indicated a machine is ready to pay out?
There’s no way of telling. As mentioned above, it’s entirely random. There’s no forewarning.

Which slot machines should I choose?
This is a personal choice. Check out our guide to video slots and compare and contrast the more traditional reels to the jazzier online slots.

Do slots have the lowest low house edge?
No. Slots can, depending on the maximum and minimum bet, have quite a high house edge. If you’re making $1 bets, you can expect the edge to be between 5%-7%. The small the wager, the higher the house advantage.