Slotmania Slot Machines Game Review

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


* Completely free to play and download.
* Nice variety of colorful slot machines to play.
* Intuitive interfaces that look like they come from actual slot machines.
* Fun and festive sound effects.


* Luck is everything.
* No slot machine stands out.

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Win and Spin Everywhere You Go
Many high-rolling gamblers may turn their noses up at the slot machine, but they’ll never understand why the devices are so attractive in the first place. The colors, lights, sounds and energy really do the job at pumping up one’s adrenaline. Furthermore, the feeling that anything can happen once those wheels stop spinning just increases the suspense all the more. Getting a huge payout is nice, but for some of us, it’s just not the point. It’s the surprise that anything, from twenty dollars worth of chips to a full jackpot, could come at any moment.

Alas, slot machines are large, cumbersome and expensive machines. Normally, we just can’t enjoy them when we want to. That ends today. With SlotMania Slot Machines, you can experience the thrill of the one-armed bandit anytime and anywhere on your tablet or smartphone. Try your luck on any number of slot machines that each have a different theme and see if you have the eyes and the reflexes to get a winning combination and a huge payout. Best of all, you don’t need to risk losing a fortune!

Spin the Wheels
More than anything else, slot machines are popular for being incredibly easy to play and get the basics down. Likewise, simplicity is the name of the game for SlotMania, which provides the genuine Vegas experience for your mobile device.

* Choose how much money you want to bet for every spin.
* Get the wheels spinning with a simple push of a button on your screen.
* Check the payout lists at any time with a single swipe of your finger.
* Increase the size of your winnings with a number of unique progressive payout systems.
* There’s no need to spend or lose any money. SlotMania is completely free!
* Save and store your high scores and best winnings.

Play Your Favorite Slot
SlotMania is aptly named. It’s not just some boring old slot simulator with only one generic machine to play on. There are seven different slot machines to experience. All of them have their own distinct visual themes that evoke as real an experience as you can get without sinking a few chips at the casino.

* Prove that seven is the luckiest number of all with Flaming 7s.
* Take a walk on the wild side with Jungle Slots.
* Hit the jackpot with the appropriately named Jackpot Slots.
* Get some extra “pay” by playing Bonus Slots.
* Ask what your country can do for you in terms of money with Red White & Blue.
* Seek the greatest value of all with Diamond Slots.
* Experience classic Vegas action with Cherry slots.

Are You Feeling Lucky?
Anybody who enjoys trying their luck with a quick spin of the wheels will definitely find something to like in SlotMania. It has great betting odds, realistic visuals, authentic sound effects, and is a safe money-free way to feed you gambling hunger all around. Overall, SlotMania Slot Machines is a safe gamble and warrants a place in the memory of your smartphone.

Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

The Cheapest Way to Get the Vegas Experience

Something about the one-armed bandit just calls to people. Maybe it’s the shiny lights, the energetic sounds, or the possibility that every pull of the lever will result in a hefty cash payout. Whatever the case may be, people just flock to these things when they pay a visit to the likes of Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

The not-so-creatively named SlotMania Slot Machines captures the experience of several authentic-looking machines and allows you to play them anytime and anywhere from your favorite mobile device. It also aims to do so without threatening to drain your wallet too much. The only question remaining is: does it succeed? The answer would be: mostly.

Looks Like a Slot Machine
In terms of presentation, SlotMania Slot Machines gets the job done. With crisp and colorful visuals on top of smooth animation, the virtual slots you will see on your screen look about as close to a real slot machine as you’re ever going to get on a mobile device. The sound effects are similarly authentic. You’ll hears the wheels spin, the chimes sound off as each slot comes to a full stop, and even the festive beeping melody that plays when and if you manage to score a jackpot. The only thing that’s really missing are all the flashing little lights.

Unfortunately, if there’s one area where the visuals don’t quite live up to the hype for, it’s that the different machines can all feel a tad generic. You’ll be able to tell one from the other easily enough; Bonus Slots takes place against the background of an old-fashioned red machine, while Jungle Slots contains green rainforest imagery. It’s just that it feels like the only real difference one machine has over the next is the background it features and the typeface it uses on its wheels.

This was probably intentional; SlotMania is trying to mimic the appearance of machines from Vegas after all. It’s just that most digital slot machines usually contain more out-there themes than we’re used to seeing. Even in Vegas, every slot machine will start to feel like any other after a while.

It Pays Out What it Promises
Playing a slot machine in real life is mostly a matter of luck with a dash of hand-eye coordination. With some sharp eyes and quick reflexes, you just might be able to stop the wheels on a winning combination that will make you a lot of money. How much control you have is still in the air; most of the time, it just feels like it all comes down to luck.

SlotMania Slot Machines does little to change that notion. If you’re the type of person who prefers to take action and let your skills do the talking, this app is not going to appeal to you. Meanwhile, those who love the thrill of winning and losing it all to a roll of the dice might find something enjoyable here.

Everything is operated with a few simple finger motions. With the press of a couple onscreen buttons, you can place your bet, get the wheels to start spinning, and bring them to a stop. With a small swipe, you can bring up and examine the winning combinations for your current machine. Everything has been designed to look like it belongs on a physical machine, which adds a great deal of immersion to the simple interaction. Anyone can pick up this game and start playing it, regardless of their skill or experience with previous computer games.

As is customary for this kind of game, each spin of the wheel is preceded by making a monetary bet. There’s no real gambling involved; the only things that are at stake are the in-game virtual dollars that have no value outside of the app. If you’re lucky and know how to pace yourself, then you should be able to enjoy all SlotMania has to offer without spending any money. You just have to be a little careful, since you can lose every coin in your possession as fast as you gain them. However, if you like gambling, then that possibility is just part and parcel of the whole package.

There’s not much else to SlotMania Slot Machine’s gameplay. You’re going to love it or you’re going to hate it. Either way, there’s not a whole lot to discover or unlock within its depths, so it’s always at risk of boring you after even a short period of play.

If you’re the type who likes bragging rights, then the app includes an option to upload and post your highest winnings up on the online leaderboards. It’s kind of interesting to see how your luck compares to that of your fellow players in a way that doesn’t involve revolvers, and it’ just might give you a little more incentive to come back for a few more spins. It’s still not a whole lot.

Conclusion: Middle of the Road as Far as Slots Go
There’s not a whole lot to say about SlotMania Slot Machines. It features the most realistic simulated slot machines that you’re ever going to get on your smartphone or tablet computer. The virtual machines may seem a tad generic, but casino aficionados might appreciate how close they are to the genuine articles that you’ll find in Vegas. If playing a game that’s all about luck doesn’t suit your tastes, it won’t change your mind.

However, if you’ve been bitten by the gambling bug and want to sate it without actually spending any real money, then SlotMania is a decent title to consider. It’s not the best, but it’s far from the worst. At the very least, there’s no risk to at least giving it a test spin. Just beware of getting addicted!

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