Slot Machines With The Best Odds Of Winning

Slots with the best odds of winning
Online slots with the best odds of winning have an average monthly RTP above the annual average. The task of our service is to find such slot machines and offer you. If you choose an online slot with maximum RTP and volatility suitable for your wallet, the chances of winning will increase significantly.

Risk and winnings of slot machines
There are different levels of risk and winning money in slot machines. If you want to win a big prize (say, win a jackpot of 2000 times your bet), you should play slots with a high level of risk. They pay out money less often, but quite large amounts. They are also called high volatility slots because of their extremely volatile behavior. All slot machines are difficult to predict, but high variance slots are extremely difficult to predict. Why? Such slots deviate greatly from the average (set by the developer) result or, in other words, from the most likely payout over time. This value, as you already know, is called the RTP (Return To Player) of the slot.

Example: A slot with high variance and 97% RTP will probably never pay out exactly 97%. It will pay out 70% in one playing session, and 120% in the next. However, the more you spin, the closer and closer to 97% the payout will be.

Slots with low variance have the opposite behavior, of course. Because they deviate less from their RTP, they are easier to predict and are more likely to pay out more often. On the other hand, winnings in low-dispersion slots are much smaller (mostly no more than 100x your bet).

If you’re happy with winning less, but more often (and don’t want to risk your entire bankroll), low variance slots are ideal. If you’re a thrill-seeker, they probably won’t work for you (unless you’re betting big on every spin).

Volatility and frequency of slots
Dispersion (also called volatility in the world of slots) is a mathematical term related to probability theory and statistics. In the context of video slots, the level of variance gives an idea of how much and how often the slot will pay out.

Hit rate
Another term that is often used in the context of slot machine payback is winning frequency. Winning frequency has a very similar meaning to the variance of slot machines, because it shows how often you can expect to get a winning result from a slot machine. In other words, a payout frequency is the probability (as a percentage) that a slot machine will give you a win on any spin you make. It is important to note, that the frequency of falling out doesn’t tell you anything about how big the winnings will be, but only about how often they will come.

Are RTP, volatility, and roll rate related?
RTP tells us about the payback of a slot over time. This is important if you play often and a lot. We can say that it is a long term payback. The RTP tells us our short-term chances of winning.

The variance, or volatility, is closely related to the frequency of hits and tells us the probability of how the slot will pay out. As you can imagine, variance and frequency are very similar, and in most cases a slot with low variance will have a higher frequency and a slot with high variance will have a lower frequency. However, this is not always the case. We would also say that the variance tells us more about the overall behavior of the slot, while the frequency tells us about the probability of the slot falling out in the near future (probably in the next 100 spins).

High slot variance
If the slot’s variance is high, the slot is likely to pay out less regularly and deviate more from the average payout over time (RTP). In slots with high variance you may win nothing (or very little) for a long time, but when you finally get the coveted bonus round, the winnings can become big (or even huge).

Mega Moolah is the legendary high volatility slot with the biggest jackpots won in history. Our rating of high volatility slots includes the most popular and highly profitable slots in this class.

Average slot variance
Slots with medium variance are gaining in popularity. Why? Perhaps because they offer something in between high and low risk slots. These slots can give you winnings several thousand times your bet, but are not extremely risky. Check out the medium variance and high RTP slots.

Low dispersion of the slot machine
If a slot machine has low variance, it will pay out money much more often. It will give smaller winnings and evenly distributed in time.