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The definitive list of slot machine terms you encounter when playing online slot games for real money. It is also useful to learn these phrases and their meanings if you ever go to a brick-and-mortar casino. It helps to have a great casino experience.

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Slot Game Terms A – Z
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List of Slot Machine Terminology with Definitions
This glossary includes popular words that every game uses and some you might have never seen before. Learn what a progressive slot is, the difference between a free spin and free play, and all about those tricky pay tables.

1,024 Ways
A 1,024-way machine is similar to a 234-way game but with an extra row of symbols. The five reels with four columns create an exponential amount of new paying combos.

234 Ways
A 234-way machine pays out when symbols appear on any of the reels in any position. Symbols count toward winning combinations as long as they are adjacent.

3D Video Slots
3D Video slots are graphically intense slot games with depth in their imagery to give a three-dimensional effect.

3 Reel
A 3 reel slot machine has three spinning columns of symbols.

5 Reel
A 5 reel slot machine has five spinning columns of symbols. This type of game seems to be the new standard for online slots.

6 Reel
A 6 reel slot has columns of spinning symbols. These games usually have additional features.

Action is the total amount that a slots player bets in a specific timeframe. Some bonus offers and wagering requirements use this number.

Active Payline
An active payline is “turned on” and pays a prize if a winning combination lands on it. Many machines let you activate and deactivated paylines to adjust the wager.

All Ways
All ways machines have paylines that create winning combinations from left to right and right to left.

Annuity Winner
An annuity winner takes their prize in payments instead of a lump sum. This option isn’t available online.

Autoplay / Autospin
Autoplay and auto spin features let you set a wager and number of spins for the machine to complete automatically. You can usually cancel autoplay after any round.

Bars are classic black slot symbols with “BAR” printed on them in white. They are often the lowest paying and come in single, double, or triple-stacked versions.

Basic Slots
Basic slots are three-reel machines with a single payline. The prize is always the same, and there are no special features.

The bet is the amount that a player wagers on a spin.

Bet One
A “bet one” setting adjusts the wager to one single coin of the selected denomination per spin.

Bonus Feature / Game
A bonus feature, or bonus game, offers free spins, additional wilds, or another considerable win potential. Find instructions on how to activate the feature in the game’s paytable.

Bonus Round
A bonus round is an in-game event where players make specific decisions to earn extra prizes.

Buy a Pay
Buy a pay refers to payouts that a player gets only if they meet a minimum wager amount per spin. It’s essential to note this, as the jackpot sometimes won’t be available unless you’re betting a certain amount.

Buy a Feature
Buy a feature grants access to specific bonuses or unique game modes if a player is wagering a minimum amount per spin.

The candle is the light on top of a physical slot machine at a casino. You can use it to call over an employee if there is an issue or if you hit the jackpot.

A carousel is a bank or group of slots that are together on a casino floor.

Cascading Wilds
Cascading wilds convert other symbols in a slot game into more wilds, allowing for massive or concurrent wins.

Classic Slots
A classic slot machine has three reels and only a few paylines. These machines often use vintage symbols like bars, bells, fruit, and 7s.

Coins are the total amount of cash you have in a slot machine at any given time.

Coin Denomination
The coin denomination is how much a single coin on a slot machine is worth. Some machines allow the player to change the coin amount. A carousel of slots in a brick-and-mortar casino will usually be the same denomination.

Coin Size
The coin size is the value assigned to each coin or credit when you’re betting at a slot machine. These can be as small as 1¢ or large as $100. This amount gets multiplied by the number of paylines to calculate the total bet.

Coin Slot
A coin slot is a physical hole where you put your coins to fund the machine. Finding a coin slot is becoming rare with digital devices, although some casinos still offer physical quarter or penny games.

Collect Button
The collect button allows players to cash out their remaining credits from the slot machine.

Comps are complimentary prizes, drinks, food, or spins offered by the casino for loyal players.

Columns are the vertical lines of symbols that spin. This term is used interchangeably with reels.

Credits are the unit used after you insert money into a slot machine. A credit indicator is usually near the bottom of the slot machine or screen.

Demo Mode
Demo mode, or practice mode, gives you a “fun balance” to play a slot game. You can not win real money, and your balance doesn’t carry over.

Expanding Wilds
Expanding wilds are a unique type of wild symbol that grows beyond a single space. These often fill the entire reel they land on, creating more winning potential.

EGM is an acronym for “Electronic Gaming Machine.”

A feature is any additional bonuses, free spins, and side games that you can unlock with certain winning combinations.

Fixed Jackpot
A fixed jackpot is a set amount a player wins if they hit the jackpot combination. This award is the traditional payout in slot machines, also called a flat-top slot prize.

Free Play
A free play slot lets you try the game without risking any real money. The best online casinos offer this with their demo mode.

Free Spins
Free spins are opportunities to spin the reels and win prizes without having to wager. You earn them during game features or with some casino bonuses.

The hopper is the area below the reels of a physical slot machine used to catch winning coin payouts. These days, most slots use ticket vouchers.

The jackpot on a slot machine is the highest possible award. Quite often, players can only hit the jackpot at max bet.

Line Bet
A line bet refers to how much a player is wagering on a single slot machine line. This amount determines the payout if the player hits a winning combo.

Max Bet
The max bet is the highest amount of credits that a player can wager on each spin. On most slots, there is a bet max button to adjust the wager to the maximum automatically. Sometimes the jackpot is only available when playing at the max bet.

Mechanical Slots
Mechanical slots are traditional, older machines and have physical reels that stop behind a glass revealing symbols. These generally have fewer paylines than a video slot and predominantly feature 3-reels.

Min Bet
The min bet is the smallest amount a player can wager on one spin. Usually, it’s one credit for one payline. It could be as little as one 1¢.

Mobile Slots
Mobile slots have intuitive touchscreen controls for phones and tablets. Play them right in the web browser of your mobile devices.

Multi-line slots have many paylines. Each line increases your wager and drastically boosts your chances of winning.

A multiplier is a feature or symbol that significantly increases your winning payouts. For example, a 3x multiplier triples your win.

Nudge Slot
A nudge slot has symbols that move up or down once the reel has stopped. They provide additional wins and added excitement to slot titles.

Numbers are symbols commonly found on the reels. The 7 was a traditional symbol, but now you can regularly find 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

One-Armed Bandit
Slot machines get called one-armed bandits all around the world. This slot machine slang originated because they have a lever (or one arm) and are programmed to take money from players.

Payback Percentage
The payback percentage is the total amount a machine pays out over time. This term is used interchangeably with RTP.

The payline is the line or pattern that a winning combination needs to land along to win a prize. It can be straight, diagonal, orzig-zagin many directions.

The payout is the amount you win when you hit a winning combo. This number is affected by your wager, the symbols, and any active multipliers.

Pay Table
The paytable is a page or section that outlines how much you can win on a slot machine. In addition to payouts, it shows the symbols, rules, and how to activate and use bonus features.

Penny Slots
Penny slots have wager options as little as 1¢ per pay line. These machines are popular since they provide extended entertainment with little risk.

Pokies is the Australian slang term for slot machines. They may also refer to them as pokie machines.

Random Number Generator (RNG)
The random number generator determines where a slot machine’s symbols land. It uses a mathematical algorithm that allows for genuinely random placement on each spin.

The reels on a slot machine are the columns that contain various symbols.

Reel Stop
A reel stop refers to each position on the reels.

Return to Player (RTP)
A percentage of the total wagered money that the machine pays back to the players. This number gets calculated over thousands of spins.

Rows are the horizontal lines that symbols fall on.

A scatter symbol awards the player with a payout and often unlocks a bonus round or special feature.

Second Screen Bonus
The second screen bonus is a unique feature that takes you away from the primary reels and to a mini-game with a different format.

Select Lines
The “select lines” button allows you to activate or deactivate paylines. It affects your wager and likelihood of hitting a payout.

Shifting Wilds
Shifting wilds, or sliding wilds, are like expanding wilds, but they grow horizontally across multiple reels.

Skill-Based Bonus Rounds
Skill-based slots bonuses test your skill in a mini-game and give you a higher award for better performance.

Slant Top
Slant top slot machines are wide and short games that save space. They allow the player to have a more immersive experience, particularly on video slots.

Slot Club / Player’s Club
The slots club, or player’s club, is a VIP program for loyal players to earn comps and other rewards. They are often tiered systems that provide additional services as you progress up the ladder.

Slots Lever
The arm on the side of a slot machine is called the slot’s lever.

Slot Tournament
A slots tournament is an invite or buy-in competition that pits players against each other with a set time limit or credits. The player with the best score at the end of the tournament wins additional prizes or free play credits.

Slot Type
Slot types include progressive slots, 3D games, Video machines, and titles with bonus features.

A spin refers to a single round on a slot machine.

Staggered Payout
A slot machine with “staggered payouts” offers a larger payout when you bet more coins.

The symbols are the images, numbers, and bars on the slot machine’s reels. Each symbol has an associated payout and some unlock special features.

Tight Slots
Tight slots are machines with low RTP and are not in the player’s favor.

Total Bet
The total bet is the amount wagered based on your current settings. The coin size and number of active paylines get multiplied to calculate the credits per spin.

Unique Reels
A game with unique reels may not use a traditional column layout. The reels may be in a hexagon, tower, or side-scrolling display.

Slot machine variance refers to a game’s consistency. A low variance has frequent smaller prizes, and a high variance has larger but less regular wins.

Video Slot
Video slots, unlike mechanical games, have no moving parts. The spinning reels get simulated on a screen with amazing graphics and sound effects. Allonline slot gamesare video slots.

Ways to Win
Instead of listing several paylines, a game might list a specific number of ways to win. This number could be 234 – 1,024 different winning lines.

A wild slot symbol substitutes for any other symbol in the game (except usually for scatter or bonus symbols) to help you create a better winning combination.

Wild Multiplier
A wild multiplier is a feature that positively affects the payouts of combinations that include wild symbols.

A win happens when you hit the correct combination of symbols that appears on an activated pay line.

Win Both Ways
Winning both ways means a paying combination can occur from left-to-right or right-to-left.

Zig Zag
A zig-zag payline moves in a crooked line across the rows and columns of the reels. There are often some very complex payline layouts.

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