SLOT MACHINE English Meaning

If one child buys one packet of cigarettes every day from a particular slot machine, is that machine being used “extensively” to supply children?

Those people who pay on the dot through the slot machine, get away with it.

It might stem inflation by a little, if only for the motoring public and some of the slot machine vendors.

I come now to the evil of the slot machine.

There is one thing that may be said in favour of the slot machine.

He reacts, apparently, like some kind of slot machine.

They did not want more “palaces of culture”—a euphemism for slot machine arcades.

Do they want to have to put money in a slot machine?

The normal way of obtaining this further cover is by putting a coin into a slot machine with a time-stamping device inside.

A person still cannot buy a pound’s worth of stamps in a slot machine and walk away.

Or if ten children buy one packet of cigarettes a week from a particular slot machine, is it being “extensively” so used?

Within these physical limitations any slot machine may be used for the sale of any article which can legally be offered for sale.

We stayed at a certain place which had an electricity slot machine.

We can obtain accident cover at airports merely by putting some money into a slot machine.

In such a case the person going to the slot machine would need to take out an additional £6,000 insurance cover.

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