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Given the benefit of the doubt.Noticed that a quarter of the reviews are 1 stars.. Didn’t look too good. But gave them the benefit of the doubt even after reviewing TrustPilot first before making the purchase. I asked their live chat CS to see if they had the gold in stock, but was given a vague reply of how they would not know until the purchase is made. Normally when I ask this question from other gold selling sites, the seller will actually check and actually give me a reply of “yes it’s in stock” or an estimated time on when the gold would be delivered. So when given this vague reply, I felt it was kinda fishy, still giving them the benefit of the doubt, I made the purchase. After making the purchase I talked to another live chat agent, (most likely the same person using zopim/zendesk with multiple chat windows open) gave them my order number and said it would be mailed in-game within 24 hrs. Well, 40hrs later after ordering, and checking up a few times after the 24 hrs, I am still given a vague answer on when it will be delivered, possibly a week. I will update this review if anything turns up.

Just decided to cancel order. Got the refund back in 2 mins without any issues. The “dealer” is still having issues when I asked about the order. Just bought from another supplier today and got the gold same day. Maybe its time for SEA Gamer Mall to look for new suppliers? would be good for business. Overall, give it a 2 star, mainly because the customer support was doing their jobs, I’m sure it was something they could not do to escalate the issue. So upper management probably needs to get their a** in gear and fix some issues with all these problems.

Date of experience: 21 December 2016