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Hot Shot Slot Machine Game: No Download
Welcome to complete review of Hot Shot Slot! If you’re an avid fan of baseball, you made the right choice selecting this game. Playing this pokie machine will take you back in the good old days of watching a live baseball competition. Even though some might consider this pokie machine to go out of fashion, this unmistakably classic game will surprise you with the pleasant jackpot opportunities and smooth gameplay! Hot Shot slot might be the most straightforward one you have ever played. No free spins and bonus rounds. It became famous, not due to the versatile range of functions presented, but the sound and the theme.

Indeed, you’ll get a feeling of visiting a baseball game at the stadium! Microgaming has been maintaining the Hot Shot slot machine without bringing any significant changes for years. And it’s the perfect way it was originally designed. All colors and icons will take you back to the ‘80s and ‘90s, the time when video games were at the peak of their popularity. You’re able to play this pokie machine for fun and for real money. Even though there is no progressive jackpot option, its volatility can give you some big bucks.

Volatility: Medium to High Volatility
Volatility is not a feature you’ll read about in most of the game descriptions and reviews. Since none of the developers is eager to reveal the accurate volatility scale, you can determine it just after playing for a while. For a reason that Hot Shot free download has 5 reels but just 9 paylines, we suggest medium-high volatility. It means that you may not get a winning combination after every spin; yet, when you get one, the size will be pretty impressive.

* Reels & Paylines: 5 Reels and 9 Paylines. Hot Shot slot game contains 5 reels and 9 paylines. A beautiful thing about this game is that you can determine a number of paylines and see a scheme you’ll play right away. Choose the number from the left or right side and adjust the coin size for making a bet.
* Retriggering & Instant Play. Such options are not present in the Hot Shot slot, thus there is no need to remember all detailed schemes that lead to jackpot!
* Jackpot & Multiplier: $10000 Jackpot. The maximum Hot Shot jackpot is 10,000. If you have 3 bonus symbols appearing on screen at the same time, you’ll be redirected to another type of 3-reel game. Various combinations mean different amounts of jackpot you can win. As an example, your bet can be multiplied by 10. The absence of a progressive jackpot option doesn’t decrease its value due to colossal jackpots you can get after a few additional spins. Moreover, there are multipliers to sparkle your game.
* Scatter Symbol & Wild Symbol: Get up to 1800 Credits. The Hot Shot scatter symbol will not award you many opportunities: it is just an additional perk you get apart from the basic win. By making a single spin, you can earn up to 1800 credits with the help of a scatter. In case you get a full scatter win, it will be multiplied by your bet amount for any payline. A wild symbol can substitute anything to result in a line win. Getting 5 of these will bring you a jackpot!
* Paytable: 10 Main Symbols. The paytable includes 10 main symbols, and most of them are baseball-related. You can divide them into two main sections by value they carry for your bet combinations. Coffee, candy, popcorn, fries, and hot dog; Baseball hat, two different player cards, a strike (Scatter symbol), and a home run icon (Wild symbol).
* RTP & House Edge: 95.56 RTP and 4.44% House Edge. A 5-reel Hot Shot game with 9 paylines might look disappointing. However, the percentage of return to the player equals 95.56%, which gives house just 4.44%.
* Highest Payout. The highest payout can be reached by selecting the highest bets for all lines.
* Minimum and Maximum Bet: from 0.25 to 90. Your total bet in the Hot Shot slot machine will be compiled from bet lines and paylines you’ve chosen. Consider the options starting from the minimum bet of 0.25 to 90 maximum bet.
* Autoplay: Get a Chance to Win. In order to enjoy the autoplay feature, you have to reach the expert mode. It will give you the same winning opportunities as doing the manual spins. At the same time, you can disturb the game without losing a chance to win big bucks. Stop autoplay mode by using the respective button.
* Free Spins Bonus. Since this slot machine was designed pretty straightforward, there are no free spins offered. You should make your way to the top by yourself! At the same time, 3 bonus signs you get will bring you an additional opportunity for winning a jackpot.

Play Hot Shot Slot by Microgaming
Microgaming is a company known for trying to satisfy every field of interest that can possibly exist. The reason behind the Hot Shot slot free download by Microgaming receiving less attention is the lack of bonus features. However, dedicated baseball fans will be still fascinated by the design and sound effects. These two elements were always treated professionally by Microgaming designers; thus, they became iconic features of the game as well.

No Download & No Registration: Play for Fun
There are two regimes of the Hot Shot slot – free and for real money. In case you’d like to explore the game for the first time and master your understanding of paylines and jackpots, the first mode is for you. Decide on a free simulator to guide you through the basic principles of the game and see how big money is made. Not all the demos let you play for endless hours stimulating you to get involved in the slot on a more serious level. Still, this function depends on the provider as well.

How to Play Hot Shot Slot Game: Place your Bet and Spin
If you want to play the Hot Shot slot, you’ll not spend much time learning rules. Let’s see some of the basic steps:

1. Select your paylines out of list on the side of slot layout;
2. Adjust your coin size and place your bet on every line chosen;
3. Spin and see how it goes!
4. Activate all 9 paylines to reach maximum bet.

Paytable Chances to Win
The more value an item has, the more money it will occasionally provide you with. Don’t be afraid to play big and use the baseball players’ symbols for that. Deal with the food symbols before, small bets are the best for learning. The Hot Shot slot machine big wins are not so huge. You can calculate the probability of your win with the online calculator offered by numerous providers. This is the reason why most of the gamblers avoid playing this game as their everyday option. It cannot offer many bonus features, and thus its popularity depends only on the visual effects.

Try Real Money Playing: Choose a Casino and Win
If you feel confident about playing the Hot Shot free slot for real money, you can win some big bucks to continue your gambling hobby.

1. Choose your favorite provider with the best bonus system.
2. Register and log in. Don’t be afraid of this procedure! You’ll be asked some of the basic facts, like your name, location, and payment details. Data like this will never be shared with third parties since both sides are interested in confidentiality.
3. Select the most comfortable payment method. As in any other online casino, you’ll be offered up to 10 kinds of banking systems to select from. However, some websites might offer a few perks to those gamblers who use a promoted payment method. Take a closer look at the website ads!
4. Depending on the e-wallet or bank account you’re using, the processes of depositing and withdrawing might vary as well as the amount of commission you’ll have to pay. Take a minute and compare your options to avoid paying more than you expect.

The game was released in 2014, and since that time it was compatible with most devices. Your PC will operate in a regular mode if all the Flash settings are allowed. You probably think, why would Microgaming ever to HTML5 being implemented on most of the providers’ websites. Regardless of the OS on your smartphone (Android, iOS, or Windows), Hot Shot free slot will not let you down on graphics. Use your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows Phone, or tablet for playing in different regimes.

TOP 10 Tips & Strategies: Bet Wise, Learn the Rules
Multiple providers offering the Hot Shot free online slot as one of the games they proud of. At the same time, Freeslothub is so far the most comfortable place you can enjoy the game. Here is a list of top 10 tips and strategies for the classic game lovers provided by the Freeslotshub:

1. Don’t bet all of your money at once. Such a move looks stunning, but you may easily end up losing everything you have in no time.
2. Make sure you have a solid knowledge box about game you’re about to bet at. Select a demo version over regular mode if you’re playing for the first time.
3. Check your country’s attitude to gambling by visiting one of the governmental websites. Some states might apply restrictions on games, so the best way for you to satisfy your gambling passion would be playing free versions for fun.
4. Check the payment methods your provider is offering. Sometimes, they promote a particular one by using which you get a free spin or another bonus.
5. Refer a friend a get a bonus! At least, you can check whether this feature is offered on the website you’re playing.
6. Make sure that there is a particular RTP (return to player) written in the game review. RTP is 95.56%. If you see no accurate RTP but something like “up to 98%”, you are the most likely to play by suspicious and even unfair rules.
7. When choosing a provider, pay attention to their description of Hot Shot slot, not the graphics and sound effects. You’d rather enjoy a classic game than pay extra for a fake yet appealing picture.
8. Don’t wait for jackpot. It will come anyway, and you cannot affect the process. It’s better to concentrate on your bets at the moment when you’re playing game.
9. You should make sure that playing this particular slot will fit your goal. There are fewer functions than the other games have; still, you can enjoy a smooth classic game without the overwhelming details.
10. Developers did a fantastic job creating the sound effects for this game as well as the graphics. Don’t hesitate to wear your headphones at least for a few minutes to fully dive into the stadium atmosphere.

How do you estimate the slot’s volatility?

Volatility is an approximate level of risk you take while playing. Low volatility means that the slot will give you more of smaller wins. Talking about the high volatility, it makes you sort of a daredevil. You might not experience the frequent winning combinations, but if you finally get one, you’ll get one step closer to eye-watering wealth.

Should I bet big bucks to win big bucks?

Not always and the Hot Shot slot serves a perfect example of that. When you place a risky bet, your potential win looks quite impressive (as well as your failure). Practice gambling starting from the minimum bets and see how it goes – may be your lucky day will come later.

Why some slots don’t offer free spins?

Free spins come as a must-have feature of any modern game, most of the gamblers think. However, it doesn’t come that often! Hot Slot made it possible for you to take a winning path without using extra help. Overcoming such a challenge might spark your gaming ambitions!