Online Gambling Is On The Rise In Malaysia

When you live in a country where there is only one place to gamble, at Genting Highlands, what are you supposed to do to scratch that gambling itch? You head online, of course. And the fact of the matter is that more and more people are doing just that. A 2021 study, Online Gambling in Malaysia: A Legal Analysis, determined that online gambling was becoming more prevalent, despite the country’s laws not being able to keep up with this relatively new technology.
But why is online gambling becoming more popular in Malyasia recently? We investigate.

Abundance of options
The online casino and sports betting space has absolutely exploded over the past ten or so years. Thanks to new markets coming online, new technologies becoming more accessible, and the speed of the internet increasing, it has meant that online gambling is now a more competitive field than ever.
This is good news for consumers are they have more options to choose from and are able to find just the right fit for the type of gambling they’d like to indulge in.

Malaysia-focused betting sites
Just as there is a larger number of betting sites available, these site operators are also now targeting particular countries with their offerings. By tweaking their site, messaging, or advertising, they are able to deliver gambling services that are honed more to the region.

Decreased cost and increased speed of internet and mobile
As internet speeds climb higher and higher, and costs of smartphone ownership drop, we see more of the population with more access to all of the internet at any time of day, all from their phone. This means that more people are online, and are spending more time online, too.
With so much internet to explore, some people gravitate towards YouTube or TikTok, some people love to read the news or the stock markets, and some people like to gamble or play games. This sort of pattern is repeating all over the world as 24/7 streaming internet access becomes accessible to everyone.

Streaming is taking off
While once upon a time, creators were compelled to create unique pieces of content and upload them to a platform or multiple platforms in an asynchronous way, now, around the world, streaming is taking off.
It used to be the case that streaming stars strictly were gamers. Pro leagues sprung up for online sports like DOTA and Call of Duty. Some people became megastars. But now this has shifted, and people are streaming all sorts of things in real-time. More recently, it’s simply people streaming their everyday lives and responding to whoever is online. While celebrities get into live streaming on the regular, plenty of ‘regular’ people have discovered that they’re able to make a living by getting tips from fans while live streaming.
But you can’t just be sitting around your house being boring – not many people are going to be interested in watching that. So, instead, streamers will do things like try on shopping hauls, head to the arcade for a game, or, yes, even stream themselves playing online gambling. Platforms like Bigo Live are booming in popularity.

Is it even legal to gamble online in Malaysia?
Although the majority of online gambling is not regulated or legalized in this jurisdiction (partly owing to the fact that it’s a predominantly Islamic nation), the reality is, that it’s an increasingly sought-after pastime. Indeed, there’s a considerable number of no deposit casinos based outside of Malaysia that still cater to Malaysian players.
The laws in Malaysia surrounding gambling were written and enacted before online gambling came into existence. This means that they are only really applicable to physical, land-based gambling operations. There has been plenty of chatter about amending the laws, or, indeed, creating new ones, to address this new industry, however at the time of print there are no concrete agendas to discuss this at the higher levels.

Online gambling is growing around the world
If you ever start to feel like your whole life is turning online, that’s because it is! And it’s one of the reasons why more people are taking up gambling online. While it’s not quite the same as heading to a casino or a racetrack, it definitely is comforting to be able to grab some of the excitement all from your own home while sitting comfy on the couch or in bed. There are even some sites where you can play with your friends or strangers if you’re after that social aspect. Just don’t forget to get out there and take on some activities that don’t involve technology every once in a while. Your body and brain will thank you later.