Online Fish Table Games For Real Money

Last Updated on September 19, 2022
Aquatic themes are quite frequent in online gambling games, because who does not like to see the colorful maritime life among waves and coral reefs, right? However, it is important to make a distinction between online fish table games and slots with sea-related themes. Fish table games are a special category of games that offer cash prizes and a completely unique set of features. They are available in casinos online for real money, at the disposal of USA players who like to gamble on the web.

Online Fish Table Games Explained
Perhaps you’ve heard about fish table games, but you are not quite certain what they are or how they are played. Granted, these games have not been around since the dawn of online casinos. It is safe to say that they belong to a newer generation of real money gambling games that are played online.

Offline, cabinet-style fish games can be traced back to the 1980s when they were mainly available as hotel lobby arcades. Back then, it was not unusual to see table-sized cabinets which housed video games in which the players needed to shoot and catch various types of fish for different prizes. It is believed that developers took inspiration from Chinese fishing games. The idea translates great to online games with real money prizes, as fish shooting games provide an exciting, immersive, and, above all, interactive experience for the player.

How to Play Fish Table Games at Casino Sites
To play this classic arcade-style shooter game, you need to understand the premise. Generally speaking, a fish table game has you catching fish using various weapons. Different fish species issue different payouts, and there may also be some extra elements in the gameplay. Usually, you will use a cannon and perhaps have the possibility to upgrade the cannon for a more flavorful session. Aiming skills are essential for playing online fish shooting games.

Bets in fish table games are spent on securing ammunition/weapons for catching fish or other types of creatures (octopus, squid, tortoise, starfish, etc.). In most games, you can set the bet levels and the difficulty levels. In more advanced levels, you may have access to tools that will facilitate multiple kills, such as bombs, traps, nets, and the like. The games can have payout boosts, multipliers, and bonuses, but the main idea is to shoot and catch fish – very simple.

The Best Games Online
While browsing USA online casinos, you will normally find fish shooting games in the “Arcade” or “Specialty” sections. If you are craving for a true nautical adventure, make sure to look for these top fish table games online:

Fish Catch
Fish Catch is known as the classic of the fish table genre. The game was developed by RTG and it does not have any paylines or reels. In this game, the player has to shoot a cannon and hope to hit specific creatures from the underwater world shown on screen. You can play Fish Catch for $0.01 – $2.50 per round. The game comes with a random trigger feature called Mermaid’s Luck and also has options such as Auto Aim and Auto Fish, Radar, and Canon Multipliers.

Fu Fish
In Fu Fish, the player has 18 types of marine creatures to catch, well hit, with guns. The table game was released in 2017 and comes with an RTP of 96.50%. There are various features that can help the player boost their wins (Bubble Multiplier, Fishing Season) and also bonus items. Hitting the golden dragon can issue a payout with a value ranging from x200 to x888 the stake.

Fish Table Games Software Providers
While there are video games sporting a similar concept, in the online casino world you will find that Real Time Gaming and Skywind stand out as the main providers that excel in this genre. RTG is the software developer behind Fish Catch, whereas Skywind Group launched both Fu Fish and Fu Fish Jackpot. RGT’s software is one of the staples of the USA online gambling market and you can enjoy multiple casinos with Fish Catch headlining their “Specialty” section.

Strategy Tips for Online Fish Table Games
If you make up your mind and go for that fish, don’t dive in blind. Make sure to devise a solid strategy. Here are some tips for playing fishing table games online and becoming better at them:

* If you count on a smaller budget, don’t aim to catch just the big fish. You will spend all your funds rapidly. Don’t be afraid to start small. In the same vein, do not waste your more powerful weapons on smaller creatures. Choose a smaller, more suitable weapon that will cost you less and save the big guns for the big specimens.
* Don’t spam your ammunition. Make sure your aim is true and that you hit your target with as few shots as possible.
* When possible, switch on the option of the info showing next to each fish. That way, you can always see their value and you’ll be able to make your decisions faster regarding which fish to target.
* Feel free to turn on the Auto Aim feature every once in a while, especially if you are a newbie.

Why Play Online Fish Table Games?
Why are online fish games so special? Fishing games are attractive for various reasons. It is easy to understand their advantages if you know the following:

* Fish gambling games require active participation. They do not work like slots, as the player has to be engaged at all times and not just watch the reels spin with no possibility to affect the outcome.
* No repetitiveness and the player has room for improvement.
* With enough luck and skill, fish table games issue large payouts.
* Fish table games at online casinos are easy to pick up. The screen may look busy, but the gameplay is simple and can be learned in minutes.
* Lovely design, very colorful and lively, which makes them a fun way to pass the time.

Where to Play?
200% up to $2,000 (Bitcoin Deposit)

335% up to $3,350 (3 times)

FAQ about Online Fish Table Games
Are fish table games slots?
No, they are not. They have real money prizes and can be played at online casinos, but they do not have reels, paylines, or symbols like standard slots.

How do I play fish table games on my mobile?
Instead of using your controller (a mouse), you will simply aim and tap with your finger where you wish to shoot.

Is Fish Catch an expensive game to play?
You can play Fish Catch for as low as $0.01 per round.

Do USA casinos offer online fish table games?
Yes, find the best RTG casinos and you will be able to play Fish Catch, one of the best fishing shooter games in the USA market.

How do I improve my skill at fishing table games online?
The skill required most in the game is aiming, so you should practice your aim and work on precision. Play the game in demo mode first to see how well you perform. Then, set aside a gambling budget, deposit, and play for real money to be able to win cash prizes for each fish you hit.