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Which is the Best Bingo Site according to CiteULIKE
The providers represented are safe, trustworthy and suitable for all players. However, there can be differences in bonuses or payouts between them. Therefore, to find the best of the best, our experts have tested bingo sites and prepared a special selection of bingo sites by nomination from Citeulike.

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Bingo has extensive experience in the field of online bingo. Our review process is strict with high standards and criteria that only the best bingo sites can pass, perfected over our years of experience. With expertise such as ours, we are the site you can trust for the best online bingo sites recommendations and information. We offer advice for finding the best bingo bonuses, the top bingo sites for money, and can guide you through what makes a bingo site great. We also make independent reviews for the best bonuses and game offers

Online Bingo Sites – What You Need to Know
Bingo is making a big comeback in a big way – through online bingo sites. Gone are the days when you’d have to drive to a bingo hall in order to indulge in this delightful game, instead you are able to play your favorite gambling game from the comfort of your home on your electronic device.

Playing online bingo is a game-changer in terms of what you get for your money. Bingo playing online allows you to access endless variations of this classic game. With variety rivaling that of slot games, you can be sure the online bingo games are fun, captivating, and thrilling, bringing the bingo room to the next level.

However, that being said, not all sites are built the same. Where the land-based game was simple – buy a card or receive free bingo tickets, and then you’re on your way – online bingo brings new terms such as ‘withdraw games bonus’, ‘wagering requirements’, and ‘deposit balance’ to the table. However, is fluent in the language of even the most recent online bingo sites and is here to guide you through it all.

Top 10 Biggest Online Bingo Sites In The World
After doing an extensive search through the ever-growing lists of new bingo’s, we’ve finally found sites worth writing about. The sites below have made it onto our lists for their eye-catching design, diverse variety of games, and their bonuses.

RankBrandKind of GamblingTrafficAge1Goldenheartsgames.comBingo/Gambling5.57 million20192Jackpotjoy.comBingo/Gambling4.17 million20133Rainbowrichescasino.comBingo/Gambling2.77 million20194Meccabingo.comBingo/Gambling2.4 million19615Mrq.comBingo/Gambling1.64 million20186Buzzbingo.comBingo/Gambling1.36 million20187Galabingo.comBingo/Gambling1.30 k202110Foxybingo.comBingo/Gambling759.76 k2005Best Independent Bingo Sites
Here’s the list of the best independent bingo sites online:

1. Very Well Bingo – This site is known as the best online bingo place. You can enjoy bingo here with generous bonuses and a huge game variety.
2. Rolletto Bingo – Rolleto Bingo is another great site where you can safely play and have loads of fun. They have a pretty strong bonus and promotion campaign.
3. Fortune Clock Bingo – With a massive welcome bonus offer and various bingo games to choose from, you’re set to have the best time here.
4. MyStake Bingo – When it comes to overall user experience, this site has it all. MyStage Bingo is probably the best site to play on if you need everything to feel smooth.
5. God Odds Bingo – With a standalone bingo section on the site, God Odds Bingo surely knows how to deliver the best possible experience to players.

Are Bingo Sites Legal?
Before an online bingo site can be published to the web it must undergo extensive regulatory processes such as obtaining a gaming license while also meeting strict requirements. Once online casinos and bingo sites have obtained their required licenses they must also act in accordance with the geographical laws of the players they are marketing to.

Only once a new bingo site has undergone and passed these criteria, are they able to officially publish themselves as an official site. reviews and studies these new casinos to see how they hold up and whether they’re trustworthy in terms of fair games, fair payouts, and licensing.

This ensures an entire second set of quotas that the bingo sites we write about have to pass, ensuring your peace of mind that when we say you can trust them, you can trust them.

Most Trusted Online Bingo Sites knows what goes into making a site trustworthy. We’ve studied over 100 different casinos in our 7 years, and we know exactly what to look for in terms of the best online bingo sites. With our rigorous testing process and high-standard criteria, only a few bingo sites manage to make the cut.

If you’re wanting to know exactly what our criteria are for deciding which bingo sites get to wear the crown of ‘best bingo site’, then we’re only too happy to share. We believe in equipping our readers with the knowledge they need to make smart choices about where they’re betting money and playing bingo.

We believe that the areas listed below, really separate the good from the great when it comes to bingo websites:

* Licensing – Who are they backed up by?
* Safety and Security – What kind of systems do they have in place to protect your valuable information and money?
* Software – Is their site user-friendly and easy to understand?
* Banking options – Is there a large variety of diverse banking options to suit any player’s needs?
* Bingo Bonuses – Do they have a large selection of bonus funds to entice and encourage players?

How Do We Pick The Best Bingo Sites?
We pick the best bingo sites based on the above benchmarks and how they compare to other sites. While a site may look flashy and inviting, if their safety and security are out of whack, then it’s not worth going near any of the bright graphics and games. If a site has large bonuses or great bingo rooms available but their licensing isn’t legit, then you risk your money and information every time you log in.

It’s a balance being able to discern what makes a good bingo site great and what are red flags that tell you ‘beware these bingo games’. We’ve mastered this balance over the years and have compiled a list of criteria with which you should measure every internet bingo site you come across to see if they’re worth your time and money.

Bingo Sites Criteria
Below is our curated list of specific attributes of a bingo site to look out for in order to know whether or not a site is legit, and if they’re trustworthy enough in order for you to enter in any information. These criteria also help you to sift through the endless list of bingo sites and find a site that suits you and your playing style the best.

Bingo Specific Bonuses – What do online bingo sites offer?
Before you even touch the bingo games, you should be offered bonus funds or free bingo tickets through some sort of deposit bonus system. Online bingo sites should offer free tokens, tickets, or funds, as a great incentive in place for you to join their site.

Not only that, but you should be able to withdraw bingo bonus winnings in as easy a manner as any other winnings, meaning no extra delay for withdrawals of money won using site bonuses.

Fair Wagering Requirements
One of the biggest turnoffs when it comes to online gambling is if the wagering requirement is way out of line. If it’s forcing you to wager something like 10x or even 20x of your actual money in order to use the bonus money given.

The most common wagering requirement on sites like internet bingo websites is something like 4x. Any higher and I would be a bit more cautious and wary of playing.

Quality Customer Care
There’s one quality that truly makes great internet bingos stand apart from other bland sites and that’s its Customer Care quality. If a site has beautiful graphics, a user-friendly interface, and carries an extensive list of different casino games, but doesn’t offer quality Customer Care, then you’ll find the site to be lower on our lists.

That’s because when you have important questions and/or concerns, which you likely will, and you can’t get a straight answer, or any answer at all, this will lead to stress and frustration which no gaming experience can alleviate.

Excellent Choice of Games
As much as you may enjoy bingo and internet bingo rooms there will come a day where you want something different. And if the internet bingo site you’re on doesn’t offer variety, you’ll soon find yourself getting bored and going back to the internet in order to find other online casinos. You’ll be back where you started.So, save yourself the trouble and make sure that the site you choose to play your bingo games has a seemingly endless variety of your games like tombola bingo, progressive jackpot, and ball bingo.

Chat Hosts and Chat Games
While the convenience of playing bingo online is what sold you in the first place, you might have thought that you’d have to say goodby to the social aspect of your favorite game.

However, many online bingo sites have solved this loss by implementing bingo rooms and Chat games where you are able to converse, live, with other players as you play the game. You’ll also be introduced to the Chat Host who will guide everyone through the game with announcements and conversation. The best bongo websites will have plenty of these rooms at your disposal to help liven up games.

Mobile Bingo Games
With great advancement in technology, and the future heading in the direction of technology dependence, it really is a must that the best bingo sites offer an equally striking, easy-to-use app in order to play bingo on the go.

Whether or not a website has Mobile bingo games usually points to how modern their software is and how often they update their games lists. A bingo site without an accompanying mobile bingo app points to it being outdated and behind in terms of tech and software.

Banking Options
Today’s world is quickly moving onto the internet, and that includes the way we do money transactions. A great bingo site will offer its players a wide selection of payment methods and withdrawal methods that reflects the diversity of its players.

Whether you use a debit card, Neteller, or skrill you should be able to easily use your preferred method of payment within the bingo site. Most online bingo sites accept Paypal nowadays, however, it takes a top 10 type of bingo site to accept newer payment methods such as Skrill.

Security of Deposits
Ensuring that not only your sensitive data but also your money is kept safe and secure by your bingo site is vital. We cannot stress the importance of making sure that the site you prefer to play bingo on has 128-bit SSL encryption, Random Number Generators (RNG’s), and trusted software providers.

The best online bingo sites will ensure their customer’s safety by having all of the above as well as being active in their software updates as new and better security technology comes out.

Exclusive Rooms vs. Networked Rooms
The way that a bingo site works is that it is set up in partnership with networks that develop the actual bingo games and hosts the games as well. This means that you can play the exact same bingo game from two completely different sites and that you can interact with people playing the same game as you through a different website.

The best online bingo sites will offer both Networked rooms, which allow you to do the above-mentioned or Exclusive rooms that only allow interaction between people in the same game from the same website. A great internet bingo will utilize both of these methods of play.

Going along with Networked and Exclusive rooms, another benefit to playing at the best online bingo sites is the welcoming community that can be found. In a time where it’s hard to get together in person, internet bingo allows you to continue getting the social benefits of playing bingo from the comfort of your own home.

And what’s great about the bingo community is that you get live support every time you win, as well as an increased feeling of competition and anticipation versus if your games were fully automated with only CPUs.

Licensed and Trusted Bingo Sites
In a world of ever-increasing numbers of internet bingo hubs, it can be hard to tell the legit from the non-legit. It’s like looking at a house with a nice exterior, but once you start to tear down walls to renovate, you find that the interior was rotted away.A site with nice graphics and a user-friendly interface can quickly suck people in, however, a trusted online bingo site is one that is backed by a trustworthy regulatory body. The best licensing body’s in the world of online gambling are the Malta Gaming Authority and the U.K Gambling Commission.

Bingo Game Rules and Variations
The rules for Bingo online are roughly the same as what you would play in a bingo hall. One ball with one number is called one at a time. You are trying to fulfill the game objective which can be a line, two lines, a border, an ‘X’, or a full house (completely blacked out card). Once numbers are called, you mark them off your sheet as indicated. If you manage to complete whatever the game objective is, you call out ‘Bingo!’ and you are awarded whatever prize was pre-determined. This is bingo at its most fundamental.Over the years, especially since bingo moved online, many variations of the game have popped up. Now you can play Bingo millions, ball bingo, or tombola bingo. Bingo millions involve a large, progressive jackpot that is popular among the best bingo sites UK, and ball bingo is a variation that involves a different number of balls than the regular 30 ball game and speeds the ball game up. Tombola Bingo is an entirely different bingo that originated in Italy, and has 15 number spaces rather than the usual 25 and can take longer to fill a row or do a picture frame.

More Real Money Online Bingo Sites
Once you’ve gotten the hang of knowing what to look for in casino games, and in internet bingo, there are just a few more things to note before making a decision as to what is the best casino site for you. Read below to find out more.

Payment Methods Available at Online Bingo Sites
It’s incredibly important to have the ability to deposit funds in case you want to bet money on your game of bingo, or if you’re looking to withdraw your hard-earned winnings. And in today’s technologically advancing society, you need to make sure that your favorite bingo site is keeping up with the trends. Here are a few payment methods to look out for when considering which bingo site to subscribe to:

* Debit/Credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, the works!
* Virtual wallets – Skrill, Neteller, and Apple pay are the more popular options.
* Cryptocurrency – Yes, being able to use your much sought-after bitcoin should be an option.
* Wire/Account transfers -Whether you use a third-party transfer service such as Paypal, or you punch in your bank account number, you should be able to transfer between accounts.

Only the best bingo site will ensure that you have the above options available to you whether you want to withdraw or deposit funds from the site.

Bingo Sites with the Highest Payouts
In terms of winning big, or winning real money, some bingos offer better deals than others. If you’re looking to break away from the free bingo games for a higher stakes option then you’d find sites such as Buzz Bingo and Sun Bingo as being your next best bingo site.

Sun bingo is a top-rated site that offers its players a solid bingo bonus when they sign up. Sun Bingo also has an android friendly app that is extremely well rated. One thing that sun bingo does well is its ball games, which vary from 30, all the way up to the classic 90 ball game. Sun Bingo also has a special selection of bingo rooms, the most popular being the All-winners room where you can win free tickets to a special daily event. With all this opportunity to win big, sun bingo is put at the top of the list.

Buzz bingo also blows away the competition when it comes to games’ bonus and bonus funds. With a great bingo bonus for signing up, as well as many other promotions available, there is a lot of attraction to Buzz bingo. Buzz bingo also offers 119 different, local bingo rooms for its players to play bingo online with many others. With a modern design, fantastic game variation, and free games, Buzz bingo offers the perfect balance of opportunity in order to win big.

Whether you pick Sun bingo or Buzz bingo, or an entirely different high payout site, you won’t be hindered with any withdrawal maximum that you may see on other bingo sites.

What are the Usual Withdrawal Requirements?
Another thing to consider before making the decision to join one of our recommended best bingo sites is to ensure that their Withdrawal Requirements work for you. This often-overlooked criterion can cause some big disruptions down the road, especially when withdrawing any winnings.

If all you’ve played a game and won using only your personal deposit balance, then any winnings belong solely to you and you should be able to withdraw them quickly and easily. However once free bingo tickets, games bonus, or any bingo bonus comes into play, it gets a bit more complicated.

When you’re offered a bingo bonus, either for signing up or for depositing money into your account, and you take it, you are met with a new aspect of the bingo game called ‘wagering requirements’. Wagering Req, or the wagering requirement, is the amount that you must gamble before you can touch any of your precious winnings.

Wagering requirements aren’t hidden, they’re listed every time you decide to take any of the bonuses. However, when it comes time to withdraw winnings won with bonuses, Wager requirements become tricky.One way to ensure a smoother withdrawal process for your online gambling is to ensure that the wagering req for the site you’re considering is fair and reasonable. The standard wagering requirements you should expect should be around 4x. For example, if you get a bonus of $50, and the wagering requirements for that bonus is 4x, then you’d have to wager at least $200 of your own money before you begin to withdraw any bingo bonus winnings.

Bingo Bonuses Explained
Below are a few of the common Bingo bonuses you can expect to run into while playing on the best internet bingo sites:

* Welcome Bonus – The welcome bonus is an incentive for new players to join an online bingo site. This is usually offered both by a new bingo site looking for its first customers and by established internet bingos looking to draw in more new players.
* Free Spins – Most bingo sites aren’t just for bingo. They usually offer other casino games such as slots. You can win bonuses that lead to free spins for these types of games.
* Free Bingo – A free bingo bonus is usually available only to new players where you are allowed to play in a bingo room for free. This type of bingo bonus is important for new players still learning how to play the game.

The Best Bingo Software Providers
In the world of internet bingo, some sites stand apart from the rest in terms of design and service. The same goes for the software providers behind these sights. The best online bingo sites will have sourced their software from either of these listed below providers, in order to serve their players with the best graphics and interface and bingo player can hope for.

* Microgaming
* PlayTech
* CozyGames
* Dragonfish

These are the best bingo software providersthat money could buy.If your new bingo go-to site is backed by any of these software providers, then you know you’re in good hands.

Beware Black-listed Bingo Sites

Now that we’ve gone through what makes bingo sites online good, it’s time to get into what makes a site bad. Black-listed bingos sites should be avoided at all costs due to their unreliability and their lack of credibility. These online casinos are black-listed for various reasons such as:

* Unreliable/delayed payments and withdrawals – The site takes too long to deposit your winnings into your account or to approve your deposit balance.
* Expired/nulled/non-legit gaming license – For whatever reason, the site licensing is null and void, or they’re licensed by an untrustworthy source.
* Rigged games – Games that are either pirated, or set up to give the house an unfair advantage are always a red flag.

* Non-payment and complaints

* Randomly deactivated accounts

It’s best to stay way clear of these casinos or else you risk losing out on money, or having your private information taken.

What’s New about the Newest Online Bingo Sites?
Being able to play bingo from the comfort of your home or on your commute to work has opened up a world of possibilities concerning the gambling and game industry.New software and tech are coming out year after year, serving only to increase this convenience and play-ability of internet bingo. Now that many sites have become more established, the world of bingo is moving towards apps, so that you can take your favorite casino game with you, wherever you go.

Online Bingo Tips
Here are our favorite online bingo site tips that will keep you in tip-top, bingo online shape:

* Know your limits – it’s extremely important to know how much you can reasonably spend and stick to that limit. This ensures that you are gambling responsibly.
* Utilize free bingo games – Know the game you are playing by using freebies in order to learn the rules better
* Play when there are fewer players – This increases your chances of winning, and winning big.
* Buy multiple cards – Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket, and don’t rely on just one card to get you winning.
* Join the community – Take advantage of the chat rooms and let your social butterfly wings unfurl as you converse with other players. This takes the online experience to the next level.
* Use Automated Dabbers – Perhaps one of the biggest perks of playing online rather than in person, is that you aren’t limited by your physical ability, now you’ll be sure

Responsible Bingo Sites
Responsible internet bingos will have a few systems in place in order to help you to play responsibly and not fall into gambling addiction. These systems include a deposit/withdrawal limit, non-deposit bingo, use of bingo tickets and virtual tokens, and much more. If you feel that you are unable to control your urge to place bets, spend copious amounts of time and money on bingo, then take a look at these websites below where you can seek the help you need:

Today, you can access the newest, flashiest, and modern versions of the game at the tips of your fingers. Whatever device you prefer, the convenience of playing your favorite casino game from wherever you are is unbeatable.

With tons of new games coming out daily, and even more Online bingo sites, it’s hard to discern which sites are worth it, and which sites to stay clear of. We at understand this frustration and have gone through it ourselves. To date, we’ve reviewed over a hundred casino sites, and over 50 different bingo sites, to determine which are the best and which aren’t worth a penny.

All that’s left to do is for you to choose one of the safest online bingo sites from our Top 10 list, make an account, play some rounds of free bingo, win online bingo, check your deposit balance, and then master this fun game.

Bingo Sites FAQ

What are the best bingo apps?
The best bingo apps to date are Bingo Abradoodle, Bingo Gem rush, and Super Bingo HD.

What is the best bingo site to win?
There is no singular best bingo site in order to win. This allows you the freedom to shop around a little as to which internet bingo would suit your needs and your playing style better.

Yes, trustworthy bingo sites will have implemented Random Number Generators into their programming to ensure that all numbers that are chosen are entirely random and out of anyone’s control.

How can I win real money with a no-deposit bonus?
If you play with a no-deposit bonus then you can use the bonus money to win money in a game of bingo. However, you have to complete the wagering requirements first, before you are able to withdraw the funds.

What is a wagering requirement?
A wagering requirement is the amount of money you need to bet, usually a multiple of the bonus amount, in order to access any winnings won with the bonus money.

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