MicroStation CAD Journey

Technical Capabilities
Develop better designs, faster
Develop better realized designs with unlimited design freedom made possible by MicroStation’s robust and extensive modeling capabilities, including the ability to:

* Design in 2D
* Design in 3D
* Develop hypermodels
* Analyze and visualize models
* Automate common tasks
* Control and protect files

Better inform teams
Ensure that all your stakeholders are better informed with clearer communication of designs made possible through intelligent deliverables production capabilities and the power of Bentley CONNECT collaboration services, including the capability to:

* Create animations
* Create lifelike renderings
* Generate intelligent documentation
* Publish i-models
* Review designs collaboratively
* Maintain and enforce standards

Freedom to focus on design
Enjoy the freedom to focus on design with better integration of information and teams made possible by MicroStation’s interoperable and scalable platform, including capabilities to:

* Geospatially locate projects
* Incorporate common design formats
* Incorporate referenced design content
* Integrate point clouds
* Integrate raster images
* Integrate reality meshes
* Manage design changes
* Work in a personalized environment
* Extend and customize workflows

Ensure and enforce project-specific standards
With MicroStation, you can easily manage design changes and drawing standards, and control and protect files.

* Apply templates to control geometry and data standards such as styles for dimensions, text, lines, and detail symbols.
* Use automated tools to check drawings for standards compliance once designs are completed.

Model in personalized work environment
You can design in the right work environment for each project with required settings and standards automatically applied.

* Access a comprehensive library of learning content.
* Personalize and group tools and tasks and reduce keystrokes with customizable menus.
* Integrate enterprise systems using a wide range of available tools to customize the user interface including Microsoft (VBA), .NET, C++, C# and user-defined macros.

Work on designs of any size
MicroStation enables you to work collaboratively on any size project.

* Generate a complete 3D model and maintain design intent of all sizes and complexities.
* Share common files across multiple teams and disciplines.
* View and work with design information from others in real-time using live referencing of 2D and 3D DGN, DWG, and large image files.
* Create and exchange digital markups of designs.
* Track and easily understand changes made to design files, even at the component-level, throughout their lifecycle.
* Improve enterprise-wide collaboration through integration with ProjectWise.

Visualize and analyze designs
With MicroStation, you can analyze and perform data visualizations on models based on their geometry or underlying attributes.

* Perform analysis of real-world solar exposure and shading.
* Apply real-time display styles to visualize models based on each object’s height, slope, aspect angle, and other embedded properties.

Produce animations and renderings
MicroStation enables you to produce realistic movies and simulations from design, construction, and operational models.

* Choose from keyframe and time-based animation.
* Get results faster, using live on-screen animation previews and distributed network processing.
* Create lifelike visualizations and access online and delivered libraries of physically correct materials, lighting, and rich photorealistic content.

Add reality data for real-world context
You can easily integrate reality data to understand existing conditions with raster images, point clouds, and 3D reality meshes. Quickly add geospatial information to visualize reality meshes based on associated spatial and attribute data. Using digital contexts enables you to make better decisions and create high impact visuals for stakeholders.

Integrate any data type
You can incorporate legacy client data and a variety of file formats like DWG, SHP, and point-cloud data without the need for data conversions. And easily integrate models, drawings, documents, and data from other disciplines.