Microsoft Edge Starts Testing A Taskbar Pinning Wizard

Microsoft Edge has started testing a taskbar pinning wizard that helps you pin recommended sites and Microsoft apps to the Windows 10 taskbar.

When browsing a web site, both the classic Microsoft Edge and the new Chromium-based Edge browsers let you pin the site you are visiting on the Windows taskbar.

Microsoft is now testing a new ‘Taskbar pinning wizard’ in the Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary versions that will open a wizard that walks you through pinning various recommended sites to your taskbar.

To access this wizard, click on the Edge menu, selectMore Tools, and then click theLaunch taskbar pinning wizardoption as shown below.

Launch the Taskbar Pinning WizardEdge will now open a dialog box where you can select the sites you wish to pin to the taskbar. These sites are currently Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, and Microsoft News.

Choose sites to pinWhen you select a site, Edge will automatically pin it to the taskbar. To unpin a site, you can right-click on the taskbar icon and select Unpin or unselect it in the wizard.

If you click continue, you will be brought to another page where the wizard recommends various Microsoft web apps that you can pin taskbar as well. The current choices are Microsoft Office, Microsoft News, and Bing.

Choose Microsoft apps to pinIf you click Continue again, you will be brought to the end of the wizard where you can close it.

For most people, this feature will be fairly useless and users are better off just pinning the sites they use and skipping this wizard altogether.

To me, this wizard appears to be nothing more than a tool to promote Microsoft’s sites and other well-known sites that do not need much promotion, to begin with.