Lucky Dollar Slots Available Online For Free Or Real

The American Far West can be a dangerous place for those unable to deal with the challenges ahead, but it can also turn into the best place in the world to make a quick buck.

Lucky Dollar is a video slot game developed by Casino Technology that takes place in an anonymous frontier town somewhere out West. The gold rush it at its height, so get ready to beat the competition and fight for the best spot.

Get the best preparation possible for Lucky Dollar with our full review all the game, where we will cover all of the game’s main aspects to make sure that you get a fair chance at scoring the largest rewards.

Once Upon a Time, in the West…
Lucky Dollar sticks to a rather classic slot game theme: the Far West. Whether you choose to step into the boots of a cowboy or a gold miner, it will make no difference as to the outcome.

The reels are taking up most of the screen space here, with only a wooden wall as a background. The symbols themselves are full of details, with gold coins scattered here and there.

The command bar under the reels looks rather out of place, but overall Lucky Dollar has a simple yet engaging look. Let’s see how to get the fun started in the next section.

Finger on the Trigger
Lucky Dollar is rather straightforward in its approach to betting on the reels. The game will let you adjust all your settings easily to fit your own strategy.

The game matrix has 5 reels and 15 pay lines available in total, onto which you have to try and land symbol combinations in order to trigger cash rewards. Use the command buttons under the reels to adjust the coin value and activate as many pay lines as you want to place your own wager. The game menu offers plenty of useful shortcuts to make the process as intuitive as can be. Spin the reels once you are ready, and keep your fingers crossed.

Each win in Lucky Dollar activates an optional mini game, where guessing the color of a playing card will double your payout instantly. You could also take an extra risk and try to guess the card’s suit to perhaps quadruple your prize.

The more money you choose to bet on the reels of Lucky Dollar, the larger your potential rewards become. Use the max bet shortcut to even go all-in on the next spin and aim for the jackpot. The auto play game mode will also help you place the same bet on several spins in a row.

Choose Your Weapon
Life in a frontier town is never without risk, and Lucky Dollar is filled with useful see symbols to help you deal with the challenges ahead. All the rewards that we will mention here are based on a one-coin bet.

The classic card icons are still the most common symbols of Lucky Dollar. Starting with the numbers 9 and 10, which are followed by the Jack, Queen, King and Ace, you will get plenty of chances to win between 5 and 200 credits with these combinations.

The mining too, guns, bar hostess, gold miner and cowboy are rarer but also more valuable in the game. The last two even allow short combinations of 2 icons to be valid. Your maximum reward on this basic pay table consists of 700 credits. A good start, but there is even more to look forward to in Lucky Dollar.

One Step Closer to the Jackpot
Lucky Dollar features a handful of bonuses that can easily turn the game around. All you have to do is stay sharp and keep an eye out for the special symbols.

The golden dollar symbol is the wild card of the game. It can naturally replace all the symbols listed to far to help you score more wins, and on top of that it multiplies the value of these combinations by 2 in the process. Wild combinations are also the most interesting of Lucky Dollar: there are up to 9,000 credits at stake here.

The saloon symbol is a scatter, which means that it pays in any position on the reels. On top of a cash prize, you win 15 free spins that can be re-triggered with more scatters. All the rewards during the free games are also multiplied by 3.

Generous From Start to Finish
Lucky Dollar is an exciting and very rewarding slot game with a classic but addictive Far West universe.

From the base game to the fun free spin mode, there are plenty of ways to win big throughout the game. So place the biggest wager that you dare risk and keep the reels spinning.