List Of Top Bingo Sites For 2018

As online bingo enthusiasts, we are very selective about where we play bingo. Naturally, we believe you should be too. Thus, we have put together several lists for you in an effort to help you select the best and most appropriate bingo site for you. We realize that the most ideal place for us to play may differ slightly from that which is perfect for you.

You can rest assured that each recommendation has been carefully considered and each bingo site has been properly vetted. You will find our research in depth and honest. If we like something, we will sing the site praise. If we dislike something, we are certainly not shy about voicing our complaints.

Our Process for Analysis & Rankings
While we assess each bingo site from every possible angle, we focus largely on the eight factors we believe are most important to bingo players. Some of the factors, such as player incentive and rewards, are obvious to the player. After all, who does not like a good bonus or a quality VIP program? Other factors “underneath the hood” play in our assessment process. We read through a bingo site’s terms and conditions for play so that we gain a proper understanding of what rights the player does (or does not have). We also carefully consider a brand’s reputation, as well as the reputation and track record of the bingo site’s owners. Our ability and willingness to dig deep into the site we’re analyzing makes our rankings the most thorough, honest, and accurate rankings you will find online.

As we critique each site based on our ranking category, we assign the brand a score. We take the marks we have assigned a given site from each category. We combine their individual scores (with appropriate weighting) to come up with an overall score. Thus, if you want to know which bingo site we think is the best or top site overall, we have a list for that. If you want to know which bingo brands have the best reputation, we also have a list ranking for that. If player safety is most important to you, we have a top to bottom list for that as well along with research and justification as to why we believe what we believe.