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International Gaming Technology, or IGT, is one of the largest and most successful gaming companies in the world. It is the slot machine company behind the Wheel of Fortune series of slots, along with other titles like Siberian Storm, Cleopatra, and Texas Tea.

IGT free slot games online isn’t just a developer of free casino games and slot machines – they have contracts with local and national lotteries in Europe, Australia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia. Overall all slot. Igt slots download for android all the casinos have a doorman that will usually have taxis lined up, digital technology is transforming the field. By doing so you will then have every single way of forming a winning combination on the slot.

In many ways, IGT is responsible for the development of the modern slot. The first major progressive slot, Megabucks, is an IGT creation. Its progressive jackpot pools have awarded millions of dollars to players over the years and have changed lives irrevocably.

Any list of top slots would have to include IGT. Read on for the story, the history, and the details about one of the true pioneers of the modern gambling experience. We also cover the IGT slots app, where to find the best IGT online casinos, and how to play slots for free or real money in Michigan.

Open the Applications folder and then double click on the icon labeled ‘IGT Slots Miss Red.app’ How do I tell if I have the latest version of the program installed? Start up the program and click on the Game. Run with the wolf pack in IGT Slots 100 Wolves. Hear the call of the wild. Play IGT Slots 100 Wolves, the latest authentic video slots from IGT. Discover your newest favorite game of slots in IGT Slots 100 Wolves! A wildly wonderful assortment of authentic slots comes direct from the casino to your computer. Read the strategy how to win and play the game on mobile apps. Play Cleopatra Slot by IGT: No Download. Free Cleopatra slot machine by IGT contains distinct hieroglyphics, tombs, mummies, and other paraphernalia from ancient Egypt. The following are some of them: 5-reel slots; Egyptian theme; Wildcard symbol for additional win chance.

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Where can I play IGT slots online?
Michigan’s release of real money casinos means you can play your favorite IGT game from the comfort of your home. IGT is one of the most often-used developers in the world, and you can expect to find your favorite IGT slot titles at all of the online casinos in Michigan.

As it stands, many of Michigan’s land-based casinos already offer IGT titles. Notable locations that host IGT games are the Gun Lake Casino and the Four Winds casinos, as both have signed partnership deals with the game developer in the recent past.

It stands to reason that if the MGM Grand already has IGT titles on the gaming floor, the MGM Online Casino will, too.

Most popular IGT slots online
IGT has such a long and storied history that it is hard to imagine you haven’t played one of its games before. Many of the top titles in live and online casinos are IGT games, and they usually appear prominently as featured machines for all players to sample.

There is such a diversity of gameplay for the IGT portfolio that there are several distinct features that are hallmarks of an IGT slot machine. Here are a few ways to get a sense that you might be playing an IGT slot machine:

* Innovation within core gameplay: IGT’s history stretches back to the time of mechanical reels, and an era when it was not possible simply to pack more and more bonus features into a game. So, IGT made adjustments to the reels, the separate mechanics of bonus features, and the way that payouts worked.
* Life-changing progressive jackpots: IGT is the company of Megabucks, Wheel of Fortune, and the MegaJackpots progressive pool where multiple games in different casinos feed into the same kitty. Although big wins don’t happen every day, there is a group of people who could legitimately be called IGT millionaires.
* Persistent, if dated, multimedia: IGT was one of the first companies to endeavor to make gameplay experience, not just a way to win and lose money. So, elements like the “Wheel of Fortune” voiceover and other throwback attempts to evoke the actual theme of the game are common on IGT titles.

1. Wheel of Fortune slot machine
The most significant type of slot in the IGT portfolio is the family of slots under the Wheel of Fortune brand. The first of these slot titles debuted in 1997, and the group has remained extremely popular ever since.

There are now more than a dozen major iterations of Wheel of Fortune floating around live and real money casinos around the world. On the IGT website itself, it lists more than 300 versions, although many of these different games are tweaks for the game console itself, not the gameplay.

The basic idea behind this slot is that it is a standard slot machine with one major exception. A player who manages to trigger the bonus game will prompt the small Wheel of Fortune wheel set into the top of the slot machine to begin spinning. The result of the spin will be added to the player’s account, so making it to this stage means a guaranteed win.

Overall, there’s a reason that this slot appears so prominently in both online and live casinos. Even if you’re not a fan of the game show itself, there are plenty of reasons to play one of the many Wheel of Fortune slots.

2. Cleopatra slot machine
Even thousands of years after her death, Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra holds a place of esteem in popular culture. The perceptions of her elegance and opulence are what fuel the Cleopatra slots, one of IGT’s top machines. The five-reel game features three different spots for symbols to land.

Fittingly, the reels on the Cleopatra slot machine are adorned with symbols familiar to its Egyptian theme. There are scarab beetles, cartouches with hieroglyphics, and the eye of Ra to serve as the lower-level marks on the machine. Gods from the Egyptian pantheon, like Anubis, Horus, and Bast, join Cleopatra herself as signifiers of a bigger win.

The key symbol in the game is the Sphinx. Scattering at least three of these across the reels in any order triggers the bonus game and pays out up to 100x the bet amount.

In the bonus, the player receives 15 free spins and the multiplier increases dramatically, making huge wins possible. It is possible to accrue more free spins during the bonus game, too. In theory, a spin on Cleopatra could be both very long and very lucrative.

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The Cleopatra slot is not a “bells and whistles” slot with incredible multimedia functionalities. However, it’s one of the top slots because of its rock-solid gameplay, and playing on it is never a bad choice.

3. Siberian Storm slot machine
If Cleopatra brings the warmth of the Egyptian desert, Siberian Storm evokes the chilly climes of the Russian wilderness. The Siberian Storm slot is adorned with the trappings of its region’s harsh winters, along with its majestic inhabitant, the Siberian tiger.

One of the most notable things about Siberian Storm is its hexagonal reel design. Although the game is a five-reel slot, the number of positions grows as the reels move toward the center. So, the outer two reels have three positions, the next two have four, and the middle reel has five different symbol spaces.

The other thing you’ll notice is that Siberian Storm is in IGT’s Multiway Xtra family of games. These games are denoted by their extremely liberal win patterns. There are a whopping 720 ways to book a win on Siberian Storm!

You can also acquire either white or golden tiger’s eyes as you spin. These lead to a lucrative bonus game opportunity with eight free spins.

Like most IGT games, Siberian Storm is notable because of its solid gameplay and understated but attractive theme. If you see Siberian Storm, know that you’ve found one of the better pure slots out there.

4. Texas Tea slot machine
If some of the other IGT slots games are wrapped in more realistic tones, Texas Tea slots throw all of that aside. The cartoonish theme takes you to the Lone Star state in search of oil riches, huge victories, and oversized hats.

Compared to some of the other IGT slots, the payline scheme for Texas Tea is more straightforward. There are five reels, three slots, and nine paylines — that’s it.

However, you can land any number of Texas-themed symbols in your pursuit of the win. Armadillos, bulls, cacti, an oil derrick, and a comical Yosemite Sam-type character named Texas Ted are set to greet you as you spin.

You want to meet Texas Ted, though. If you can land four of him on your reels, it will trigger the Oil Dividend bonus game. Texas Ted will graciously write a multiplier check and apply it to your bet amount, thus awarding you a multiple of your bet.

The oil derricks can also trigger a bonus feature, which is known as the Big Oil Derrick. In this game, you take a tour of Texas and collect big wins wherever the wells gush.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the wins. Try Texas Tea and see if you can trigger a blowout — one that pays you tons of money.

List of other top IGT slot titles
The slot machine games listed above are far from the only big names in the IGT portfolio. In all likelihood, if you’ve spent any time playing slot machines, you’ve played an IGT game. Here are some of the bigger names in the stable:

* Megabucks: The progressive jackpot game that began a new era and created the possibility of becoming a slot millionaire.
* Da Vinci Diamonds: One of the first games with a cascading effect, where winning symbols explode and let others fall into their place, creating the chance for more wins.
* Monopoly: A positively enthralling version of the classic board game that rewards you for how far you can move your piece around the game board and where it lands.
* Ghostbusters: Although IGT does not typically make multimedia-heavy games, this one evokes and immerses you into the world of the classic movie series with 3D effects and soundscapes.
* Back to the Future: Travel around the winds of time in your very own Delorean with IGT’s take on one of the most beloved movie franchises of the 1980s.
* Sex and the City: Although the show itself has a specific demographic for its audience, the chance to win huge dollars and meet Big is something even the toughest guys can appreciate.

IGT also has trademarked games that pay homage to other pieces of pop culture. If you play games based upon themes as disparate as Star Trek, Orange Is the New Black, and Betty White, you’re playing an IGT game.

Where can I play IGT slot machines in Michigan?
IGT slot machines are widely spread throughout Michigan. However, Michigan’s a big place, and you may be wondering about where to find IGT slots games near you. The list below should help. We have separated Michigan into five distinct regions and made our picks for the best places to seek out IGT titles.

However, one thing to note is that the list is not meant to be exhaustive. These are merely the cream of the crop that we can see.

Detroit area
All three of the commercial casinos in Detroit have IGT games onsite. Detroit residents can choose whichever of the three they find most appealing. So, visit one of these locations:

* Greektown Casino
* MGM Grand Detroit
* MotorCity Casino

Southwest Michigan/Kalamazoo area
This area of Michigan is home to five different casino properties. Our picks for where to find IGT games in this region are:

* Firekeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek
* Four Winds New Buffalo in New Buffalo
* Gun Lake Casino in Wayland

Northeast Michigan/Eastern Upper Peninsula area
This portion of Michigan is remarkable in that it is home to 12 different casino locations. Most of them are pretty small, but there are a few notable places that you can find IGT games here:

* Little River Casino Resort in Manistee
* Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel in Williamsburg

Western Upper Peninsula area
As you move west in the UP, the options begin to thin out. However, there are still some great options for finding IGT slots in this region. Try looking at the following locations:

* Island Resort & Casino in Harris
* Northern Waters Casino in Watersmeet

Central Michigan
Finally, although most of the casinos in the state hug its various shorelines, two properties are, more or less, in the very middle of the landmass. Both are owned by the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council, and one of them is the largest casino in Michigan and a fine location to find your favorite IGT slot machine games. So, visit the following:

* Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant

Igt Three Kings Slot Machine
A brief history of IGT
IGT, by its admission, began as a video poker company. William “Si” Redd began the company as A-1 Supply in 1975 but eventually changed the company name to International Gaming Technology in 1981.

As it turned out, 1981 was a key year in the development of the young company. Not only did Redd take IGT public, but the company also released its Game King video poker machine, which bundled several different video poker games into one. As any casino-goer can tell you, the Game King brand of video poker survives to this day and mostly dominates the market to boot.

Shortly after its banner year in 1981, IGT released the Megabucks progressive slot machine. This machine, which linked several machines to feed into the same jackpot pool, offered one of the first true million-dollar prizes in slot gambling.

Then, IGT set about acquiring multiple gaming companies in the ensuing decades to build its portfolio of games and offerings. Brands purchased by IGT include:

* Electronic Data Technologies
* Barcrest Gaming
* Sodak Gaming
* Silicon Gaming
* Anchor Gaming
* Acres Gaming
* Entraction

Ironically, IGT’s run as an independent company would end as the result of an external acquisition. In 2015, Italian gaming giant GTech merged with IGT at a cost of $6.4 billion.

Igt Slots App Game
Upon completion of the merger, the new conglomerate moved its corporate headquarters from Las Vegas to London. GTech dropped its old name, and the newly-christened International Gaming Technology PLC has been motoring along ever since.