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Fruit slots are a staple in any casino worth its salt. There’s no stronger association with slot machines than 3 red cherries or 3 flaming 7’s…

Fruit slots are a staple in any casino worth its salt. There’s no stronger association with gambling and slots than 3 red cherries or 3 flaming 7’s lined up on a reel.

In this article, we’ll be looking into the history of fruit slot machines as well as a rundown of the top 10 fruit slots to play.

Fruit Slots Explained
Fruit slot machines are simply slots that utilize the classic casino slot symbols: cherries, lemons, 7’s, BARs, and bells. This is why classic slots tend to have these symbols. Fruit slots are a way to invoke vintage casinos.

A common trend among these slots is the payout rate of the symbols. Low-paying ones are usually fruits, including cherries and lemons. Other fruits are included to round out its variety of symbols or stick to a “food-centric” theme.

Other symbols that you usually see in fruit slots are the 7’s, BARS, and bells. For a majority of fruit slots, these symbols offer the highest possible payouts in the game or are a fruit slot machine’s feature, such as 7’s acting like wild or scatter symbols.

The most common symbols you’ll find on fruit slots.History of Fruit Slots
Slot machines owe their existence to Charles Fey, a Bavarian Californian who invented the first coin-operated game in 1887. With Liberty Bell, Charles’s second slot machine, the slot included the Liberty Bell symbol. This symbol is the slot’s highest paying match and is one of the staple elements of a fruit slot machine.

Years later, when the US government prohibited gambling, slot machine makers configured their machines to pay out gum or candy and fruit symbols were used to symbolize the flavor of gum on offer. As gambling laws eased over time, especially during the 1960s when Las Vegas exploded as a city and in popularity, fruit slot machines came back as the game we know today.

Fruit Slots Guide
To help you get the most out of your bankroll, we have a guide on playing fruit slots:

Find Slots with Preferred Variance
Slot variance is the measure of risk vs. reward in a particular game. You have the high variance ones that give you fewer wins but have higher payouts when you do win. Low variance slots let you win more often but give you a lower return.

It is good to consider the risk according to your goal when playing any fruit slot machines. If you want the chance of hitting a big payout, high variance slots are your best bet. However, low variance slots are the best way for you to enjoy more frequent payouts, even though they are of lower value.

Set a Loss Limit
One of the biggest mistakes a player can make is to chase their losses by wagering more money than they intend to. Other individuals quickly went through their petty cash on the casino floor and decided to take an advance on their credit cards. While losses are hard for any player, imagine worrying about paying back the bank for those borrowed wagers when you come home.

It pays to set a loss limit or an amount left on your bankroll that determines when you should stop playing fruit machine slots. With a budget in mind, you can avoid the problems of significant financial losses. You will also want to set a limit when you won a specific amount of money from spinning the reels. This limit lets you avoid losing your returns.

Max Your Bet
It is understandable to set your bets to half or a quarter of the maximum allowed bets. Most players believe they can hit a massive payout if they increase the number of their spins. However, they are setting themselves back.

Betting the maximum allows you to take full advantage of a fruit slot machine’s features. One of these advantages includes getting free spins along with bet multipliers while having the highest possible wager. For progressive fruit slots, you need to set your bet to the highest setting when you want to qualify for the jackpot prizes.

Top 10 Fruit Slots
To help you find a game worth your money, we gathered 10 of the most interesting fruit slot machines.

Game NameDeveloperRTPVariance Super Hot Fruits MegawaysInspired Gaming94.00%HighPower Stars Online SlotGreentube95.54%Mid-HighMighty Hot WildsInspired Gaming96.40%Mid-HighJoker Wild BlasterStake Logic95.89%MidFruit PartyPragmatic Play96.50%MidSticky Sevens Megaways SlotsSkywind Group96.50%HighFruit Shop MegawaysNetEnt96.06%High777 Strike SlotRed Tiger95.80%HighJoyful Joker MegawaysAll41 Studios96.25%HighCheeky Fruits SplitEpic Industries96.00%Low-MidTop 10 Fruit Slot Machines1. Super Hot Fruits Megaways
Inspired Gaming’s Super Hot Fruits Megaways utilizes a dynamic reel structure with a both-ways payline mechanic along with a 94% RTP and high variance. Each reel has a random number of slots coming down each column that ranges from symbols at a time. Thanks to the payline mechanic, you can match symbols from the left to right side and right to left side.

Getting a payout more than 4x your wager triggers the bonus feature called Hot Spins. In this mode, the reels quadruple in number, and you can choose how much of your winnings to wager. With the dynamic reel structure, you are looking at a possible 67,228 pay lines when you get all four reels with six symbols in each column.

2. Power Stars Online Slot
Power Stars Online Slot from Greentube uses a 5×3 reel structure with ten pay lines that pay both ways. This game has a straightforward mechanic with the gambling mini-game as its only bonus mode and offers 95.54% RTP with mid-high variance. In this mode, predict the right color of the face-down card to double your winnings.

What makes this game stand out is its Sticky Star Wild symbol. Star Wild symbols only appear on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. When these symbols appear, they stay in their place while spins the reels one time for free. You can get matches with the wild symbol appearing on the 4th reel thanks to the both-ways mechanic.

3. Mighty Hot Wilds
Might Hot Wilds (by Inspired Gaming)Inspired Gaming’s Mighty Hot Wilds is a 5×3 reels slot with ten pay lines. It has a high RTP of 96.4% and has a mid-high variance. This game also features the software provider’s Hot Spins feature, which is triggered for payouts worth four times your wager. Triggering this feature will reveal three additional 5×3 reels where you can wager your earnings.

One major feature of Might Hot Wilds is the wild symbol itself. This feature can open the door to large returns through the Hot Spins feature.

4. Joker Wild Blaster
With a 5×3 reel structure and ten pay lines, Joker Wild Blaster from Stake Logic has a minimalistic design with its classic fruit slot machine symbols. This game stands out with its Expanding Wild Symbol on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels as well as for its 95.89% return to player rate and medium variance.

Not only do the wild symbols here expand, but they also have a bet multiplier function. Expanding Wild symbols will randomly select a bet multiplier for any matches with the wild symbols, ranging from 1x to 10x.

5. Fruit Party
Pragmatic Play’s Fruit Party turns the classic fruit slot machine concept into a mobile gaming app with its cluster pay system. With this system, you can create a match of five or more symbols adjacent to each other. All matched fruit symbols are removed to make way for new symbols, allowing for consecutive matches.

One of the notable features of Fruit Party is not only the incredibly high 96.5% RTP with mid variance but the bet multiplier symbols that double your fruit slot payout when you match them. This fruit slot also allows you to trigger the free spins feature by paying its cost manually.

Fruit Party (by Pragmatic Play)6. Sticky Sevens Megaways Slots
Up to 15,120 pay lines are possible with Sticky Sevens Megaways from Skywind Group. Wilds are the main attraction to this game, with a bet multiplier attached to a random wild symbol during the base game. On top of that, the game has a very high 96.5% RTP a with high variance.

You have two free spins mode wheels to select when you trigger Sticky Sevens Megaways’ bonus mode. One has sticky wild symbols with fewer free games, while the other has regular wild symbols with more free games. Each mode has a multi-tiered wheel where you can get a massive number of free spins when you reach the highest possible level.

7. Fruit Shop Megaways
With its dynamic 6-reels slot, Fruit Shop Megaways from NetEnt can reach 117,649 pay lines and offers a 96.06% return to player rate with high variance. Fruit symbols do not just have the highest slot machine payout in this game. It also rewards you with free spins. You receive two free spins when you match at least three symbols – matching more symbols results in additional free spins up to 5 free games.

You can extend the bonus mode by matching more fruit symbols. In addition, you will get more free games from matching low-valued symbols in this mode.

8. 777 Strike Slot
777 Strike Slot from Red Tiger with its 5×3 reels and ten pay lines goes for a straightforward Las Vegas fruit slots experience. 7 symbols here come in three high-paying tiers, with the Triple 7 symbols paying 77x your bet when you match five of these. This game also offers a 95.8% RTP with mid variance.

Matching at least three scatters triggers the free spins mode, with wild symbols appearing on the reels. One notable feature is on the 7th or last free game where the Golden 7 Scatter symbol appears. Getting three of these will move you to the second-level bonus mode, where all spins are guaranteed wins.

We are not done with the second level since the Golden 7 Scatter symbol will appear again on the last spin. Matching these scatter symbols will trigger the third level, where all wild symbols will have a sticky wild feature.

9. Joyful Joker Megaways
Joyful Joker Megaways by All41 Studios can achieve up to 11,760 pay lines with its unusual reel structure. You can randomly trigger the Joker Spins feature that rewards you with a bet multiplier of 2x to 10x your wager during the base game. On top of that, this slow has a 96.25% RTP with high variance.

During this game’s bonus mode, you can buy one of three options with various multipliers. Your first mode is the cheapest with a 2x multiplier, while the succeeding modes are more expensive, where the second mode has a 3x or 5x multiplier and the third one has a 5x or 10x multiplier. This mode’s multiplier increases by one for each succeeding free spin.

10. Cheeky Fruits Split
Epic Industries’ Cheeky Fruit Slots has a 3×3 reel structure with five pay lines. True to its name, this slot features splitting symbols that double your payout when you match them. This slow is on the lower end of the variance scale – offering low-mid variance with a 96% RTP.

Wild Split symbols can split the symbols and grant you a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier. It is important to note that these symbols do not appear on the free spins mode. Every split symbol guarantees a bet multiplier for all your matches.

Fruit Slots: FAQ
We’ve collected and answered the most common questions about fruit slot machines:

What are fruit slots?
Fruit slots have classic slot machine symbols, including lemons, cherries, 7’s, BARs, and bells. A majority of these games tend to have a casino or Las Vegas theme. Fruit machine slot variations include ones with progressive jackpots and others with a cluster pay mechanic.

What are the 7’s symbols in fruit slots?
7’s symbols tend to have the highest fruit slot machine payout in most games. Certain slot variations have different 7’s in singles, doubles, and triples, with the latter being the most valued of the three. Other games use the 7’s symbol as its scatter or wild symbol.

Can fruit slots payout better than other slots machines?
Fruit slot machines have various RTP and variance rates, making them have the same payout as other types of slot games. With this in mind, progressive fruit slots with high variance rates tend to have a high payout than similarly themed games.

How can you get the highest payouts among fruit slots?
Look for fruit slot machines with a medium or mid-high variance. When you play these slots, set your bet to the maximum setting. Max bets allow you to get the most out of a game’s bonus features, such as free spins mode or bet multipliers for high payouts.

Are fruit slots worth playing?
One of the primary reasons for playing fruit slot machines is the theme, which appeals to anyone who loves the casino or Las Vegas aesthetic. You can also find fruit slots with your preferred bonus features, such as wild symbols with bet multipliers.

Fruit slot machines are iconic games that you will always find on a casino floor or online casino site. You can also find a rich selection of these slots that have interesting bonus features and payout opportunities so you can have fun whilst enjoying a classic.