Free Coins And Free Spins

What gambling activities can you play?
Slotomania was created in 2011 and quickly began to gain popularity. It was made as a small social networking application, but it has gradually grown into a large online casino where you can play without risk. The majority of Slotomania VIP fans live in the USA today, but we are open to players all over the world.

The Slotomania app allows you to play slots for free. Gambling here is available through Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone, and you can also play on your computer. Free slots are available on any device, which makes the game as easy as possible.

The first slot game released on Slotomania Facebook was Farm Fortune which is still one of the most popular slot games available on the app. Today, the variety of games here is really wide, and you can enjoy such slots as:

* Magic Trixie;
* Goddess of Babylon;
* Wild Pixies;
* Mermaid Money;
* Kiss of the Vampire.

Many people love Slotomania slots free casino fruit machines for their gorgeous graphics. With them, you can forget everyday problems and get the most out of the game. It is worth saying that fruit slots are top-rated worldwide, mainly because the probability of winning here is enormous, and the symbols here are very bright and exciting.

We also advise you to pay attention to the Slotomania Grand Phoenix jackpot. Winning in this slot allows you to get a small reward and reach a new level quickly, get even more slots and additional prizes.

Suppose you consider yourself a Slotomania game hunter. In that case, you will never be bored, as the list of slots is constantly updated, and new incredible gambling activities, bonuses, and special offers make the game even more intense and vibrant.

According to Playtika Ltd, in a world where boredom reigns, there is only one hero who can save the day: the captain of Slotomania Sloto Star. With over 170 slot machines, people can have a day filled with endless fun. The current Slotomania commercial actor is Charlize Steron. Game hunters are waiting for who will be next.

What slots do players like the most?
Slotomania is a big game with many slot machines waiting for you. They are all incredibly different, with different themes, graphics, winning odds, and more. As a result, players can constantly open and try out other slots or choose their favorite slot machine and play it at any convenient time.

We made a small survey about which slots in our game you like more than others, and many users have chosen these:

* Crazy Train;
* Puss The Cunning;
* Medusa Magic;
* Silver Jr.;
* King of the North;
* Might Silver Deluxe and some others.

Each slot machine has its features, advantages, and disadvantages, so it makes sense to learn more about them.

Crazy Train
When you register in the game, only one slot is available to you – Crazy Train. According to the story, you and Lucy go on an unforgettable journey to SlotoCity on it.
This slot is needed to interest players who still do not understand how the game works, so the chances of winning here are very high. It has 5 reels and 6 pay lines, which helps the players in the first stage to earn as many gold coins as possible. Here you can change the bet size, but if you leave the initial settings (1000 coins per bet), you can get a super prize – 25 thousand coins.

Even after the players have reached a high level, many come back here again to earn some coins. It is also worth mentioning that you can earn free spins, status points, and level up here.

Many users like the wide variety of symbols and beautiful graphics here, which helps to get even more pleasure from the game.

Puss The Cunning
You will most likely love Puss The Cunning slot if you are adventurous. It tells the story of a mafia cat with whom you can go on an incredible adventure.

This slot has 5 reels and 3 pay lines, which is significantly less than Crazy Train, but there is a unique opportunity to hit the jackpot here. It is complicated to get, so most players expect a super prize of 1,000,000 coins. Also, in this slot, you can get several free spins, which means you can earn new coins without risk.

This slot has incredibly vivid visual and sound effects, and here you can get a huge prize every minute – the jackpot, so the emotions from this slot are off the charts.

Medusa Magic
This slot will be a real find for all players who love bright visuals and sound effects. It is one of the few slot machines that help players forget about everyday problems and be transported to a new, incredibly colorful world overflowing with beauty and vivid impressions.

The slot has 3 rows and 5 reels, while you are playing 50 lines. The probability of winning here is relatively high, and you can quickly get more coins, free spins, and other valuable prizes.

Despite the good technical characteristics, most users prefer this machine because of the excellent graphics and the opportunity to have fun.

Silver Jr.
It is another popular slot machine that is designed for beginners. Here you have an exciting journey into the jungle. The slot has incredibly vibrant graphics that instantly captivate all players. Here you will not be bored and can quickly get aesthetic pleasure.

Like some of the other slots on our list, this one has 3 rows and 5 reels, and you can play 50 lines, which maximizes your chances of success. It should be said that the maximum bet here is a hell of 50 thousand coins, so if luck smiles at you, you can get a huge win.

This slot will be the perfect solution if you like adventure and want to earn more. Everything here is as simple and transparent as possible, so it will be straightforward for beginners to get a huge win here.

King of the North
This slot is much more complicated than the ones we have looked at before. It was designed for more experienced players.

The slot’s main feature is that you can change the number and types of reels, thereby complicating or simplifying the game. The principle here is quite simple – the more reels, the less the chance of winning, but this size pleasantly surprises you. In addition, several rare reels give players unique prizes.

The minimum bet size and the maximum win amount depend highly on the number of reels. So, the maximum bet for 5 reels is 400 thousand coins.
In addition, this slot has mini levels where you can get extra coins and other prizes.

At first glance, it is pretty challenging to understand the features of this slot, but all doubts are immediately dispelled when you try to play.

Also, many players like this slot machine’s excellent graphics, contrasting with other, brighter slots.

Might Silver Deluxe
This slot allows players to earn good coins. Here you can bet from 5 thousand to 100 thousand coins. The choice depends on how many coins the player has and how much they are willing to risk. If you make the maximum bet, you can win 200,000,000 coins. It is challenging to get such a jackpot, so most players expect to get at least 5 million coins.

In addition, by playing this slot, you can get many other prizes.

Also, this slot has beautiful symbols and significant sound effects so that you can play it with great pleasure.

Features of slots
Slotomania casino specializes exclusively in slots, which fans of this genre like. Here you can easily find slots for every taste, no matter what themes or the number of reels you prefer.

Slot machines here have excellent graphics and sound effects, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of excitement and magic fully. Users will never be bored; they can get a new dose of good mood without the risk of losing real money.

For each car, the maximum and minimum bets are individual. You can press the “MAX LINES” button so that all possible lines determine the combinations. It is worth remembering that the total bet size is measured as the product of the value of the “BET” field and the number of “LINES.” The higher the stakes, the closer the next level, the greater the winnings, and the greater the risk of failure.

Levels road Slotocity
All slots here are available for free. You get 1 million coins when registering, and only one slot is available. Slotomania review says that here you can go to Las Vegas (SlotoCity) with Lucy to enjoy gambling activities and have a great time. In the first stage, Slotomania Crazy Train is waiting for you. It is the first slot machine available to every new user. You have to reach level 10 to open 4 more slots. Next, an exciting journey through the desert awaits you; the higher your level, the more new slots you can open. Having reached level 100, you can fully enjoy the game in all the places in the application range.

Today there are more than 200 slots available, but to open them all, the player must reach level 100. At the bottom of the screen at the time of the game, you must select the size of the bet and the number of lines by which the combinations will be determined.

To reach a new level, you must successfully play several games. If the transition occurs quickly enough in the first stages, then the player needs to try to reach a new level in the future.

This journey will not be tedious, because every time you reach a new level you get more positive emotions, a good mood and many prizes.

Game Seasons
Each player can get more prizes if he makes bets in certain seasons. They are constantly updated and are often tied to specific holidays. You will be informed about updates on the Facebook page or Slotomania Instagram. You can get new tasks, big prizes, and an incredible magic atmosphere on even the most insignificant holiday.

So, in one season, several significant holidays can last a week. The player must fulfill a specific fixed task, for example, to play a certain number of games or get a certain amount of winnings, and in return, receive more prizes and a good mood.

We advise you to carefully follow the seasons in Slotomania, as this will allow people to get more pleasure from the game.

Bonuses and promotions
To make playing your favorite slots even more interesting, the platform has developed a large number of various bonus programs and other offers. With their help, you can play without having to spend real money.

Playtika rewards: what is it, and how to get it?
Each newly registered player can freely become a member of the new loyalty system. The more users play Slotomania, the more bonuses and gifts they can get. The new loyalty system has several levels. Each has unique conditions, so it makes sense to consider them in more detail.

Get Benefits OnBronzeSilverGoldPlatinumDiamontRoyal DiamontKickstarter BonusDecember SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

December SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

December SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

December SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

December SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

December SPs


+5% of 2021 SPs

Coin Packagesx1x1.5×2.5x4x7x10Status Pointsx1x2x3x4x5x6Lotto Bonus+0%+20%+30%+150%+75%+150%Mega Bonus+10%+15%+30%+50%+60%+100%Lucys Daily Gift Free Coin Gift Mystery Giftsx7x15x50x138x300x460Share Post Giftsx1x3x5x10x20x50Fan Page Giftsx1.5x13x55x100x440x750Inner CircleNoNoNoNoYesYesVIP SupportNoNoNoNoVIP HostVIP Account ManagerSloto Card Setx0.8×1.2×2.3x4x7x12Gift Card Cap Lotto Premium+0%10%+20%+30%+75%+150%Bronze status
Each new player starts their journey in Slotomania games with a bronze status. Here you get 250 tokens from Lucy for free and another 50 from friends. Getting to the next level at this stage is very simple; you must make a few large or small bets to get 150 SP.

As soon as users reach the Silver level, their prizes immediately increase, and they get more rewards from Lucy and friends, additional gifts from the community, and sharing.

You need to get 4 thousand SP to go to the next level.

This status gives players 100,000 tokens from Lucy as a weekly bonus and 2,000 tickets from friends. Here they will also receive community gifts and Mega bonus increases by 20%

You need to get 30 thousand SP to move to a new level.

Many players give up while still in silver status, but if you remain loyal to Slotomania freebies, you can get 200 thousand tokens from Lucy as a weekly bonus and 5 thousand tokens from friends. It is a tremendous gift. Also, users with this status receive more gifts for reposting.

You need to get 250 thousand SP to move to the next level.

You will be able to shine like a diamond when you get this status. Here, most bonuses are increased by 7 times: you get 500 thousand tokens from Lucy as a welcome bonus, and gifts from friends contain 10 thousand tickets. You also get more advantages from participation in the community and reposts.

Gamers need 2 million SP to move to the next level.

Royal Diamond
This level offers exclusive gifts and sales, personal account management, and incredible offers. They will receive over a million free tokens every day, and Slotomania royal diamond complete access to VIP games.

To get the following status, users have to earn 8 million SP.

Black Brilliant
What prizes users receive in the last stage remains a stage. From this moment on, you get the honorary title of VIP player and can receive enormous privileges and Slotomania unlimited coins.

Status points
When playing slots, players gradually receive status points. With their help, you will be able to advance through Playtika rewards. The more status points SP you can get, the more bonuses and privileges you can get. It should be said that getting such matters is not an easy task, and you should not think that you can accumulate too much.

Moving from one level to another gives players a huge number of benefits. The problem is that it takes a huge amount of time. To make this process easier, you can buy some options and progress faster from level to level. Buying additional options takes only a few minutes, and their cost will pleasantly surprise you.

Daily Bonus
The daily bonus is available to all users. All you have to do is log into the game daily, complete simple tasks, and be in for a bit of surprise. Every day the size of this bonus will grow, so you can achieve great success by playing regularly.

Task bonuses
Lucy will set you various tasks quite often – play a certain number of games, win a certain number of coins, and much more. Slotomania dash points allow you to get more coins and free spins, making playing more accessible and enjoyable.

SlotoClub is a particular Slotomania supergroup. When you play, you get additional ClubPoints, thanks to which you can get a “Pass” – this is a kind of pass. It is difficult to get such points, and they are given only for certain types of bonuses and huge winnings.

Each Slot Club member receives even more bonuses, prizes, special offers, and gifts. Today there are several clubs, you can decide which one to join, but ClubPoints should be enough for you.

Features of the VIP program
Slotomania VIP premium is not available to all users. Membership in this club is mainly known to users ready to invest real money to receive additional opportunities – to accumulate coins faster, receive free spins, open slots, and more.
In addition, the Slotomania VIP account manager will help you solve any problems, answer existing questions, and also help you get additional bonuses.
You can download the Slotomania VIP app on the official website or other resources. It usually takes only a few minutes, giving users more options and even more fun to play. Here you will never be bored.

Where can I find links to free coins?
Free Slotomania allows players to get even more coins without completing tasks. With them, you can unlock new levels faster and advance through loyalty systems. Getting Slotomania free coins is simple – you must follow the link and instructions. Usually, links can be collected on different social networks. Still, we decided that this is not very convenient, so today, all you need is to follow one of the Slotomania free coins link below and claim your prize:

People can use the links every day at any time convenient for them.

Although such links provide more opportunities, we advise you not to use more than one per day, otherwise, the system may take you for scammers. Also, don’t use old links that expired a long time ago.

Where can I find links to free spins?
Free Spins are an excellent way to get more fun from the game without losing coins while increasing your playing weight. Slotomania free spins can also be obtained using the links below:

You can receive Slotomania no deposit bonus codes and links daily. It is worth saying that the links are valid for a short period, so we advise you not to waste time and immediately take your prize.

Official mobile app download free
Slotomania download only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is go to Google Play or Apple Store (depending on which device you are using, Android or iOS), find the required application, and click the “Download” button.

You can install the app free of charge. You do not need to pay any fees or deposit money. The installation of the application itself takes a few minutes.

After that, you can simplify the registration process by linking your Facebook account. You can also do Slotomania sign in via email, but it will take much longer. You will receive a registration code by email, and you also need to fill out a short questionnaire, where you can tell a little about yourself.

Once you have completed the Slotomania login, you will only have 1 slot available and receive 1 million free coins. In the beginning, you will meet Lucy, who will offer you to join the journey.

If you previously played slots but for some reason deleted them, you can quickly restore Slotomania and play in the usual mode. No problems will arise.

If you decide to install Slotomania, you should be prepared for an exciting journey ahead of you into the world of excitement, magic, and good mood. Here you will not be bored.

Registration and Login Slotomania
Today there are several ways to play Slotomania – on Facebook, in the application, or on the official website. The choice depends only on the personal preferences of the player.
At the same time, the login and registration process remains approximately the same.

Registration on the official website
After you enter the official website, the system will offer you 2 registration options – through your Facebook account or email. In the first case, the system will redirect you to the social network so that you can verify your account. In this case, registration will take only a few minutes, and you can start playing immediately. The next time you visit the leading site, you need to click on your favorite social network icon, and you will return to the stage where you left off last time.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to use it for some reason, you can enter your email number and create a password. In this case, you will receive an email confirming your registration. You also need to fill out a short questionnaire, where you indicate your name and some other data.

Registration in the application
Once you have downloaded the app, you can register with your Facebook account or email. In the first case, the registration and authorization process will take only a few minutes, and all data will be taken from the social network. Registration via email will take a little longer, as you will receive a confirmation by mail, and you also need to fill out a short questionnaire.

Registration in the application and on the leading site follows the same scenario.

Facebook Registration
If you want to play Slotomania directly on Facebook, you need to go to the games section or the official group of the game. In this case, you can immediately proceed to the game.

In general, registration and login is not complex, it takes only a few minutes, but it opens the doors to the incredibly vibrant gambling world without risk.

How to get more prizes?
You can buy additional features to receive more bonuses and prizes. With their help, you can get status points, coins, free spins, and much faster. To do this, you can use popular payment systems, for example, bank cards or e-wallets. Money is credited to your account instantly. However, since you are buying additional options and not playing for real money, as in classic casinos, you will not be able to withdraw money.

The purchase of such options is optional, a personal decision of each player. But, if you want to get even more fun from the game, you can spend just a few dollars on your favorite hobby. We advise you to set specific limits on how much you are willing to spend on such entertainment per month so that this does not lead to problems.

Facebook Community
Slotomania bonus collector must subscribe to Facebook community applications. It publishes the most up-to-date information about upcoming bonus programs, prizes, and seasons and which players achieved the best results.

Today, the Facebook Community has over 13 million followers worldwide, which continues to grow exponentially. It is because Slotomania is one of the most popular applications, including this social network. If you join this community, you will also be able to communicate more with other players, get valuable tips on how to get better scores, and much more. You will find yourself in a club of like-minded people, where you will never be bored.

In addition, the game is interested in popularizing its Facebook community, giving additional prizes for reposts, as it helps other potential players learn more about Slotomania.

The game also has a significant fan page on other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram. If you wish, you can subscribe to communities on various other social networks, and then you will not miss anything essential and exciting. Practice shows that players participating in such communities win many times more and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Hack and cheats
All Slotomania problems are because the creators of this game are too generous. In addition to the game having great bonuses and prizes, there are links where you can get more privileges, but there are also numerous hacks and cheats here. Getting and applying Slotomania cheats, in general, is not as easy as in the case of links because each cheat has its own rules, but with some understanding, you can find the necessary solutions.

Slotomania Android hack will not take much time, but you will get additional features. Finding such cheats will be more difficult if you play on the iPhone.

If the links are suitable for all users, hacks and cheats can cause specific problems. It would be best if you also were prepared that in the event of a Slotomania Android hack, the system suspects interference or falsified results, which may block the account. As a result, the developers advise diehards not to tempt fate. In any case, you will not be able to get real cash.

It is worth saying that if you hope to get Slotomania free chips, you should not think it will be easier. If the system notices interference or rigged, it may block your account. In addition, you will not be able to withdraw winnings to a bank card if you play for free.

What to do if you want to play for money?
Slotomania is not suitable for players who want to play for real money. People will not be able to withdraw their winnings here. But, if you want to get more excitement, we recommend that you register on such platforms:

1. Vulkan Vegas;
2. 1win;
3. Ice Casino.

You have an excellent chance to make real profits and improve your financial condition here.

It should be said right away that playing for money is fraught with significant risks. It is due not only to the fact that you risk losing a lot of money and earning big financial problems but also earn a gambling addiction, which will be extremely difficult to cure. Play responsibly.

So, if you want to try the famous slot machines without risk, then it is better to choose Slotomania. Here you can get a lot of positive emotions and excitement, but at the same time, you will not risk losing real money.

Play responsibly
Even if people play for free, this does not mean they are immune from gambling addiction. To prevent this from happening, we advise you to limit how much time you allow yourself to gamble daily. If you want to receive more prizes and order paid services, we recommend you to immediately decide how much you are willing to spend per week on such entertainment and never exceed the limits.

If you or your friends have begun to notice that you have a gambling addiction, then it is better to contact the support service. Managers will be able to limit your limits or block your account altogether. Specialists have clear instructions on how to act to help a person get rid of an existing problem. If you do everything right, you can quickly eliminate gambling addiction.

Slotomania problems
Slotomania always works correctly, and the game has no problems. However, users may complain about some issues.

Registration problems
If you decide to register using a Facebook account, then sometimes the social network does not respond. In this case, you can try another registration method or ensure you are logged into your social network account.

If you followed these recommendations but did not give the desired result, restart your smartphone or computer, uninstall and download the application again, or contact support for help.

App freezes
Many users complain that the application is prolonged and constantly freezes. In this case, you must ensure that your device has enough free memory and that your smartphone meets the software system requirements.

You need contact support if the application continues to freeze after you delete all unnecessary information.

Not all slots open
It should be said right away that slots open as you move through the game. So, if some pokies are not made available, you will likely have not reached the required level.

But, if those slots you previously played stopped opening, try restarting your device, deleting, and repeating the application (do not be afraid, you will not lose progress). If this does not help, contact the support service, there may be system problems that only specialists can solve.

Problems with the accrual of bonuses
Slotomania offers its customers a vast number of bonuses. If you completed the task, but the reward was not credited to your account, we advise you to restart the device. Usually, this is enough to solve the problem. If this does not help, then you need to contact support.

In general, no matter what problems you have, there are some universal tips to fix them – try restarting your device, and if that doesn’t help, contact support. Specialists will try to solve existing problems within a few minutes, and you will be able to start playing again.

Is Slotomania a free game?
Slotomania is entirely free to play. You don’t have to pay to download the app or use it. However, you can buy a few extra options to speed up your progress.

How do I install VIP premium on Android?
To install Slotomania, users may go to the Apple Store or Google Play, find the required version, and download it. Also, today many other platforms offer to download this application, but you should be careful, as it has a high probability of catching a virus.

May people win money on Slotomania?
No, you play slots for free without using real money, so you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

Are there only free slots here?
All slots in this game are entirely free. You do not need to make a deposit, as is done in regular casinos. After registering, you can immediately start playing for free.

Can I play without Facebook?
Yes, you can download the mobile app to your smartphone and play slots without linking to a Facebook page or other social networks.

How to contact support?
After you sign up for the app, you will find the Support tab. After clicking on this button, the system will transfer you to the official website of the support service, where you can send your question or complaint (including attaching a document, for example, a screenshot), and you can also read the FAQ. Other users have likely encountered your problem, so that you can find a solution much faster.

How to download the inner circle?
If you want to download Slotomania inner circle, you can visit our official website for VIP users Here you need to select your operating system, and you will see a link to download the required application. Downloading will take only a few minutes, but you can get even more prizes and positive emotions from the game.

How to get club points?
To get club points, you need to get special bonuses like Lotto Bonus, Mega Bonus, Store Bonus, Special Bonus, and Top Win. To speed up obtaining such rewards, you can buy them.

How to get dash points?
Every day Lucy will give you various tasks, completing which you can get dash points. Usually, there is nothing complicated in this, and prizes are credited to players automatically. You can also purchase them if you wish.

How to get VIP Premium?
There are several ways to get a VIP premium. Users may reach the Royal Diamond level or download the ready-made application, but they need to be ready to invest real money here.