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Have you ever felt the need to simply dive into a game which is visually appealing while also allowing you to wreak havoc in the gameplay? Online Fishing games are one such type, which allows you to use your cognitive skills and deft aiming skills – not just to win the game, but also to translate that win into earnings.

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Fish Game
Ever since humanity evolved itself from being hunter-gatherers, we have sought fishing as a way to relax and find inner peace. And, add to the fact that fishing also helped put food on our table, which is just one more reason why people relied on fishing, not just as a source of food, but also for entertainment.

As they say that fiction follows reality – we started the revolution of computer gaming and mobile gaming and the more recent online internet gaming, with the simplistic, addictive fishing games. And what we saw from the trends with people going viral about the fishing games available online is proof that we adore fishing over other instinctive games.

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Fishing Games
Often, the premise of a fishing game is simple. You play as a sturdy character whose mission is to shoot fish as they appear on the screen from their various hideouts. Not only do you have the option of shooting the fishes, but you can also capture them, and reel them in, to get a bonus for capturing a fish from the lot. Depending on the level and your skill with which you cleared the area by shooting the fish, you earn points in the game. Extra bonus points are awarded for capturing the fish from the game. And this adds to the flavour of the game and gives you a fair chance to win big on such fishing games.

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Fishing Games Online
In today’s time and age, online gaming has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. Add to the mix the simplest gameplay of the games such as tasks such as catching a fish in the arena, colourfully designed for you to have a realistic experience.

You as a player, start with a gun and a fishing rod. And if you have played fishing games before, you shall know that this game has quite a rich experience for the player. Many have exclaimed that the game provides a realistic experience as you proceed to shoot the fish or reel the fish in with your fishing rod.

Fish Catching Game
Capturing fishes brings you even more points, while your point tally goes up with the more fishes you shoot down. Experts at ASAA88 advise shooting the fishes as quickly as they appear on the screen in order to win quickly at the levels. This shall give you enough moving area to shoot the remaining fishes, while also giving you the time needed for you to use your fishing rod to capture some elusive fish.

And you win even better points for the same!
What’s more? This great game at ASAA88 offers you a platform where you are pitted against the elements in such a way that you are at an advantage to win, the more you play the game. As you keep getting familiar with the gameplay and keep practicing the shots, you keep perfecting yourself as the hunter who earns the maximum rewards for the skill developed at the game.

And the points you earn can be readily converted into REAL money. And thus, you have a good time playing and winning at the game. After that, you get to EARN real money into your bank account, by cashing in the points you accumulate from the game. The deposit and withdrawal process at ASAA88 is extremely simple and quick.

Fish Live Game at ASAA88
In order to start with the game at ASAA88, you place bets on the slot available on the table. The first line of betting shall allow you to place coins for the round and would unlock a single gun for your use in the game. You can then click on adding more bets on the round, in the second slot for the game. This shall get you a second gun, which you use for double efficiency to shoot the fishes down, and earn back your points from the game.

Once you proceed with the round, you shall still have the option of editing or changing the bets and then you get to play for the round. At the end of the round, when you’re out of bullets, you gather your tally of points, and proceed to see if your bets were worth the place!

Free Online Fishing Games
You can use and exploit the various features in place, in the game to keep winning back the points you used for your bets. Thus, you yourself control the rate at which you earn back all the points you used to place the bets on the game itself. The better you play the game, the better and faster you are rewarded by earning back the points you used.

And at the end, you have an option of cashing out the points from our system, with one-click solutions to help you convert the points into real money, and get it transferred to your account.

Top Fishing Games Online for PC
ASAA88 is partnered with two sports websites for hosting the fishing games:
GG Gaming –
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Our partnership ensures that you are given the best platform for your online betting passion, where you can each get back the money you put in the game, by winning the game which you control. And as you win back the points in the game, you keep on adding the real money to your account, which is now your earning!

All this, simply by playing and winning the simple, easy-to-play game of online fishing, and betting on the fishing game.
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Best Fishing Games For Pc
With our fishing games at ASAA88, you proceed through the levels of the game by winning the levels and unlocking new locations and newer species of fish to hunt for. You then use the unlocked type of fishes to capture and win extra bonus points for their capture. And, even further, you increase your chances of capturing better fishes or catching rare fishes by using your points accumulated to upgrade the equipment you have with you.

With our fully customizable inventory of bait and lure and a fishing hook, you have all that you need to create an inventory which helps you reel in some good catches with every match. Keep mixing the lures and baits in order to attract the rare and bigger fishes, and keep earning the prizes in terms of reward points for the catch!

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Best Fishing Game at ASAA88
Once you have the right bait, you should focus on choosing the correct fishing rod. You can’t use the goldfish rod to go bass fishing! The realistic 3D graphics shall allow for the best in-game experience for you, as you sift through the waters to capture the fishes which shall earn you your points back! The more heavy fishes you catch, the more points you earn. And just rightfully so, the more rare fish you catch, the more points you earn back in the game.

The most crucial aspect is to pull the reel at the correct time. You shall need to practice the timing of the reel to ensure that you catch the fish at the right moment and that it does not escape your fishing rod!

Once you unlock the fishes and are now fairly adept at the game, your challenge is to unlock the achievements you are awarded for capturing difficult and rare fishes from the waters. You also earn trophies for your best catch from the round!
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Fishing Slot Game
We at ASAA88 have brought you the best fishing game for you, for you to keep placing your bets on the slots, and keep winning back the money by cashing out the points from the game, to convert it into REAL money. And we do so, by partnering with two websites to host the fishing games, by providing you with state-of-the-art fishing stimulators, on their portals.

You start off with simplistic fishing gear, including a fishing hook, and you keep earning points in the game to keep updating your inventory to help you shoot even more fish, and capture bigger and better fishes, awarding you MORE points for each unique capture!

All this is done to get the points, which you can CASH-in for REAL money, at our portal. Thus, the better you are at the fishing game, the happier your bank balance shall be!
You can also use the in-game points to unlock exclusive gear which is not available directly in the gameplay. This includes better fish hooks and better fishing rods. Further, you also can spend the coins to gain access to special fishing spots on the map, which give you a chance to capture even rarer types of fishes, in order to win the maximum points from the game!
The species of fish you can capture are various, ranging from halibut, mackerel, sailfish, sea bass, smelt and herrings, and many unlock-able ones! Happy fishing with ASAA88!