Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

It’s pretty rare, even in the world of slot games, for an official movie title to become more famous as a Vegas casino game, than for the actual movie or late night movie show on which it was based, this is however, largely the case for the Elvira slot games.

The original Elvira slot game of the 90’s was an IGT title, it was based around the 1988 comedy movie of the same name, which featured a saucy late night tv horror host who, unbeknownst to her, was from a real magical family. The film was nominated for worst actress in the Razzie awards, despite that, the film does have a select cult following.

As films go, I remember that it was typical cheesy 80’s fluff, full of poor double entendre’s and more than its fair share of breast jokes, the slot followed this closely and somehow ended up being one of those games that everyone wanted to play, there was a cheeky charm to it and it had great gameplay.

Aristocrat have now picked up the rights to the franchise and we have a whole new Elvira game, which excites us, as it’s now on the huge arc double cabinet used by the popular Britney Spears, Game of Thrones and Buffalo Grand slots, is it worthy of being in that list of names?

Theme & Features
I will be fair, you do have to either love or loathe Elvira’s theme, the symbols on the main game are all the big mystical magic rings, potions, daggers and the like that populated the old title, albeit redone with modern graphics technology. It doesn’t really qualify as a magical game though, the theme is all about the saucy character of Elvira herself and the icons of her in various suggestive poses are the ones which have real win value.

I’m too young to remember the TV show, but fans tell me of all the late night horror movie shows, Elvira was one of the best, the reels are filled with fun filled quotes from the show and film, cheesy one liners and themed named for the bonus rounds such as the ‘Double D Vision’ spins.

Speaking of bonus rounds, it isn’t just the audio and graphics that have been revamped on the new title, the gameplay got an overhaul too. An advantage of being on the huge arc cabinet is that the game can utilise the expanding reel system seen on games like Downton Abbey, where the high pay icon of Elvira can expand to 4×6 size and offer you up to a 4x win multiplier.

As well as the randomly triggered bonuses involving a multiplying wild and the expanded reel icons, there is also the free spins round, which likewise is a little unique as it has its own individual icons and expanding reel set. It plays more like a pick win round visually with balls spinning in jars to represent ingredients, which can unlock more jars of reel sets until you have the max of four in play.

The way the symbols combine on the spins round is what produces the big potential payouts, as they don’t have to be on a traditional win-line, they simply need to touch the adjacent symbol in any direction, you can imagine how much value a wild adds to a reel in that kind of setup!

We haven’t been able to play the full release of the new Elvira slot yet, but what we have seen so far tells us this is going to be a huge hit follow up to the old game, finally a new Elvira game is with us and this legendary hostess can once more take her place on the casino floor as the late night mistress of the dark.