Custom Slot Machine Software Development Sale

From us, you can order software for slot machines both for land-based gambling halls and online platforms. We also offer omnichannel solutions that support the simultaneous operation of several gaming sites and land-based casinos. Each product has its own advantages and nuances.

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Our catalogue contains slot game software from the most well-known providers in the industry. Besides, it is possible to order the creation of casino solutions.

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When choosing the software for gambling establishments, first of all, it is worth paying attention to its technical characteristics.

Key criteria:

Support for various payment methods

Good slot machines software contains:

* options for transferring money through the casino’s cashier;

* built-in bill acceptors;

* additional programs for instant payment via bank cards.

It is important for operators to provide a multi-currency environment and the acceptance of monetary units of various denominations.

Programs for the operation of external technical components (bill acceptors, receipt printers, banknote dispensers) must be easily implemented into the basic gambling software

High level of security

High-quality software for slot machines should include additional systems for the protection of the perimeter against internal and external threats.

All software components must be certified by international testing laboratories and contain modules for quick verification (identity authentication, age screening)

Wide range of settings

Multifunctional administration panel allows operators to:

* customise gambling locations and work online;

* view bugs (technical errors), authorisation, the flow of funds;

* change the loyalty program (jackpots, bonuses, random prizes);

* receive reports and in-depth analytics on key aspects of work (involvement, income, expenses, profit/losses from the selected categories of users);

* modify the RTP percentage, etc.

User-friendly interface

The software for gambling halls is a comfortable user environment with a laconic design, understandable site navigation, a system of additional settings (multilanguage, several types of interfaces, multi-denomination, ability to play in a test mode, and games for real money)

In terms of its functionality, the program for online slot machines is in many ways similar to solutions for the land-based sector. This is a reliable and secure slot software with high performance (it is able to process more than 2 thousand requests per second), a list of basic settings for operators and users, and a modern design of the interface window.

As for the selection criteria, high-quality slot machine programs in the iGaming field are distinguished by the following characteristics:

1. Cross-platform interface. In the process of slot software development, the more operating systems the solution supports, the better. As a rule, these are iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and other popular OSs. Despite the general popularity of Apple technologies (the IOS system) and Samsung (the Android OS), many providers release games for MeeGo (handheld computers and netbooks of different companies) and Symbian (Nokia products), which also contributes to the growth of the internet traffic.
2. Responsive design. The picture should be clear and adapted to the parameters of the gadget or PC. This includes both visual design (for example, the placement of some buttons to the main menu due to a decrease in the screen size) and technical nuances (for example, the “elimination” of some 3D elements when the speed of the internet connection is low).
3. Support for the mobile version. We also offer mobile casino apps for sale. They can be either unique or adapted to an existing product. It will be possible to use them on personal devices, including iPad, iPhone, and other equipment.
4. Internet hosting. The software for gambling halls is most often placed on physical servers at a short distance from the casino itself. As for iGaming projects, operators are provided with great flexibility here. You can use physical server hardware, rent hosting abroad or order cloud storage. The latter option will be one of the trends of the next year due to the fact that many IT giants (Google, Amazon) will move to hosting in secure clouds.

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Solutions for simultaneous operation in online and land-based sectors are released by many well-known brands: Play’n Go, Blueprint, Patagonia Entertainment, Symphony Solutions, and other providers.

The ready-made software for gambling clubs and iGaming platforms is distinguished by:

* open modular architecture (for this reason, it is possible to connect several land-based locations and gaming sites to a single command centre);
* unified API tools for a seamless installation of the game content from partner companies;
* wide range of management tools and game settings;
* improved payment module that supports a multi-currency environment and different payment methods (cash and non-cash payments, bank transfers, electronic and digital money);
* high-quality verification system with quick adaptation to changes in the legislation in a specific region (this can be licensing, age limit, spins in the turbo mode, etc.).

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We offer operators solutions for land-based gambling halls and online gaming sites, as well as omnichannel programs for effective work in several sectors at once.

* The main criteria for choosing the custom slot machine software: high level of security of the product, support for various payment methods (cash payments, payments through a bill acceptor, bank cards, etc.), flexible settings for modifying the RTP percentage, denomination size, and other parameters.
* Modern iGaming software is a cross-platform solution with responsive design and support for a mobile version and different types of internet hosting.
* Large online and land-based operators can install an omnichannel solution with an open-source architecture and flexible API plug-ins.

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The slot machine software development is based on modern IT tools. We guarantee high-quality graphics and unique gameplay with exciting bonuses.