Cleopatra Slot Machine Play Free Online Slots By IGT

Free Cleopatra slot game provided by IGT is Played by thousands of players each month. It is designed in a typical pharaoh-like beautiful manner with hieroglyphs and similar ornaments from that period.

How to Win at Free Cleopatra Slots?
Spin the wheel and expect valuable prizes appear on the screen. The amount of winnings varies on the bet stake – the higher the stake, the higher the rewards. As the original free Cleopatra slots are available both for fun and for real money itself is consisted of 20 pay lines and 5 reels. It includes extra “revolves”, scatters and plenty of high paying symbols. The most frequent themed symbols are:

* Eye of Horus;
* Gold Pendant;
* Scarab Beetle;
* Cleopatra etc.

Scatters double the stake during the standard gameplay if two or more symbols show up on reels. Represented queen Cleopatra plays a role of a Wild symbol. It is used as a substitution for all other symbols (except scatters), enabling you to score a winnings round. Also, it allows to double the payout percentage.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Game Paytables & Paylines
Bonus Symbol54321Cleopatra bonus symbol x2000x200x10x2750x100x25x2x3750x100x25x2x4400x100x15x–5250x75x10x–6250x50x10x–7125x50x10x–8100x50x5x–9100x25x5x–10100x25x5x–11100x25x5x–12100x25x5x2xScarab Bonus Symbol

Chances to Win Cleopatra Slot Machine
Playing this Cleopatra slot machine in online casinos in online mode with maximum bet made ,but you’ll feel little influence in the outcome – it is not non-existent. While the wheel is spinning change the odds in your favor with the number of pay lines. The chances are higher for hitting a winning combination when you choose the maximum number of pay lines (20). the Best Golden Goddess free slot gameby IGT provider.

Free Spins Bonus Rounds
The Cleopatra Wild Bonus. With 3-5 of the scatter reward Sphinx symbols bonus (scatter) you will start the bonus feature. It is not considered as a bonus round, but it’s a highly profitable award. For clarification, besides acquiring the payout percantage, you are also granted 15 extra rounds. During this time, the payouts are tripled (unless you get 5 Wild signs). Also, you can restart the free spin bonus award while being in the same feature, up to 180 bonus rounds! When you come to the 180th spin, the feature ends, irrelevant of the number of remaining 180 free spins bonus.

The Cleopatra Big Money Jackpot. For this feature you need 5 wild signs to line up and as a reward 10.000 coins await. If you round the wheel with the maximal stake, you will earn as much as £100.000! This is a lot of money taking into consideration that this slot is non-progressive. As well try to play 40 Super Hot.

Real Money Minimal and Maximal Bets
The stake you are willing to put on the table depends on 2 variables – the number of pay lines and the coin value per pay line. Thus, the minimal bet would be 1 coin (1 pay line times 1 coin per pay-line), and the maximal bet would be 1000 coins (20 paylines times 50 coins per pay line). A usual recommendation would be to spin the wheel with maximal stake for highest chances, but with this slot machine, you need to be extra cautious while playing Cleopatra slots, not for fun, but for real money slot game version – in demo versions, you have 1.000-3.000 coins to begin with, and, hypothetically, if you span the wheel with the maximal bet, you would have only 1-3 times to revolve it.

Bonus Features Popular in United Kingdom
3,4 or 5 in any position on the reels spin trigger bonus 15 free spins in the original Cleopatra Bonus. During the free spins bonus, all wins are tripled except 5.

Scatter WinsAny 5Pay 100 times total betAny 4Pay 20 times total betAny 3Pay 5 times total betAny 2Pay 2 times total betOnly highest scatter tin paidMyths & Facts
Myth: Periods of the day influence your odds.

Fact: Not true. Whether day or night, workday or weekend, summer or winter, the winning chances remain the same, because the mechanics are set as they are, nobody is changing them against your favor and knowledge.

Myth: Past jackpots determine later chances.

Fact: Not true. Slots are susceptible to a random number generator. That being said, it doesn’t matter when the last jackpot occurred, the odds still have the same percentage.

Slots “for Real Money” Playing
You might discover ways of cheating the free Cleopatra online slots, but we strongly advise you not to go down that road, especially when you are playing slots for real money and not for fun because those attempts get busted in no time. Keep it fair and honest for the convenience of both parties. If you are a rookie, you might want to start out with the demo version, until you figure it out, and then you can put some real money in. Either way, it is important to keep it calm, think rational and spread your money evenly to maximize profits, and most importantly – enjoy the game!

This game is mobile friendly with devices that run on various platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. All you have to do to ensure the smooth running of the game on your device is to install Adobe Flash Player or opt for the HTML5 version of the game.

The Best Mobile Cleopatra Slot
* (-) and (+) buttons – use these icons to set the bet amount on each pay line as well as the number of pay lines to use. The (-) symbol decreases the line bet as well as the number of pay lines while the (+) symbol increases these amounts.
* Spin – use this button to start the spinning of the reels.
* Auto spin – use this option to keep the reels spinning consecutively. Once you have chosen the total bet you want to place, click AUTO SPIN and select the number of spins to play. This feature will only be disabled if your account balance depletes or you click the STOP button -an ideal for Cleopatra slot machine free play on the mobile device while standing in the queue or in transport.
* Stop – click on this icon to stop the auto spin option.

Winning Combinations
* Bet – this field shows the amount bet on each pay line.
* Total bet – this is the total amount of the bet (Bet x number of pay lines)
* Win – this small window shows all earning made on active lines after hitting a winning combo.
* Balance – this field represents the total balance at the player’s current disposal.

Cleopatra slot’s scatter-rewards Sphinx symbols screen (Bonus symbol)

Mobile Controls
This game presents a player with the different modes that make changes to the graphics quality to suit their gaming needs:

* LOW mode – in this mode graphics are degraded, but the animation performance is smoother than in any other mode even on slow mobile devices.
* MEDIUM mode – low quality but increased performance.
* HIGH mode – great graphics and performance.
* BEST mode – great graphics but performance may not be as good.

The best way to win is to play longer. This is the main tip for winning in almost every online casino machine. There are plenty of reasons why gamers use this tactic when playing for real money – there are the bet & casino sites that accept Paypal – no deposit bonuses and additional free spins for slot machine games can also be used in these games. A free spinning feature is a good chance for players to improve their odds of success and get extra cash.

Extra rounds are fun and can provide lots of additional funds that can be used later for more comfortable gaming. Bettors should remember that this feature will be spin triggered bonus with same lines and stakes like in a triggering turn so be sure to increase the wager to the maximum to really enjoy in extra spins. When rolling the wheel of luck for free in the Cleopatra casino slot game, players will get a real gaming excitement because every round can bring a big jackpot outcome. A wild icon is another symbol that can provide more winning chances. It is a welcome sign in every combination. Use a possibility to double the money with this icon and infuse it in a scoring combo whenever that is possible.

No Download & Registration – Just For Fun…
The Cleopatra online gaming machine is a low volatility pokie. This means that gamblers can feel free to play it without worrying about losing big cash amounts. This makes it available for all bettors who want to try it and win real money rewards. The minimal coin adjustment will provide lots of space for gamers to roll the wheel longer, but it is always better to chase big cash prizes. It has scatter symbols, additional 180 free spins and bonus rounds – all that players love to play with.

If gamers want to increase their odds of winning without placing any money from their own pockets, they can search for casinos that offer 180 free spins and bonus cash for joining and depositing funds for the first time. There are plenty of online and land-based casinos that offer the Cleopatra online gaming machine in a real money and fun playing mode, so check them out and use bonuses that they offer to save your funds and prolong gaming time for extra scoring chances. Take a calculated risk and score lots of big cash prizes in the Cleopatra online slot. so we wish you goodlike while playing and do not forget about the responsible gambling!

More About Cleopatra Bonus Symbols
SymbolReel 1Reel 2Reel 3Reel 4Reel 5Cleopatra11112Scarab22212Flower22122Sphinx11111Gold22223crook and flail22233eye22223A22244K22423Q55224J