Class 2 Slot Strategy And Tips

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in the world, and far from what many believe there are some winning strategies out there that anyone can implement to extend their slots’ bank roll.

In America, there are in fact two types of slot machines in terms of logic and build, and this makes US gambling slot machine strategies very different to any other country.

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In previous articles, we explained the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and how this changed the landscape of slot machines vs bingo (machines).

The IGRA was implemented to regulate gaming on tribal land separately from private commercial casinos. In allowing gaming on tribal land Classes were created as a means of controlling the types of games. In short, the three classes created are:

* Class 1 was created for charitable, not for profit purposes. Games falling into this class mostly included raffles, fund raising tickets, cultural games of luck and other activities which the purposes was for a social cause.
* Class 2 was created with the intention of regulating bingo games, pull tabs.
* Class 3 was created for all Las Vegas style games which includes slot machines.

How is it possible then to have Class 2 slot machines when they fall into Class 3? When the IGRA was implemented, tribal casino operators began to think of ways to create Class 2 bingo games in the form and appearance of slots. The leading innovator of Class 2 slot machines was tribal casino operator Seminole Rocks, who procured expert gaming software engineers and manufacturers. They were able to develop “slot” machines which met the Class 2 legal requirements whilst appearing to operate in the same fashion as Class 3 slot machines.

So how do Class 2 slot machines work? These machines come in various forms. The most common being the super accelerated bingo machine. The logic of bingo is whereby there is a pool of players, with each player having a pre determined outcome. The selection of bingo numbers will then determine the bingo winner. If the player has the same result as the bingo numbers drawn then bingo! We have a winner.

Now this logic is the same logic used in casinos. This logic is sped up to be able to work at approximately 10 bingo rounds per a second, and the number of combinations is dependent on the number of reels, the number of rows and the combinations available.

Obviously the more reels and the more rows the more potential combinations. The number of games can be played at a much faster pace. In comparison to normal slot machines the same pace is roughly the same without any noticeable difference.

In order to play bingo, a requirement is that there needs to be more than one player. So you may find, although extremely rare, that you cannot play a Class 2 slot machine because you are the only one playing!

Other forms of Class 2 machines include video pull tabs, video poker and other video gaming terminals. These games operate the same as manual pull tabs and scratchies. A predetermined out come is given to the player and the win or loss result is already known. The payout ratio for these games are extraordinarily low and many consider avoiding these games at all cost.

Winning strategies for Class 2 slot machines
Okay – yes it is well known that slots, in general, there is no formula for a sustainable winnings. Whether it be for Class 2 or Class 3 or plain vanilla mainstream Las Vegas style slot machines, the house edge will always be quite high. But that’s not to say you can’t implement strategies to help you play better, lengthen your time of play thereby lengthening the enjoyment. Class 2 slot machines have a strategy with similarities to other slot machine strategies but also sharing that with bingo.

A casino with healthy player rewards
Finding a casino that offers healthy player rewards is a great way to get concessions and obtain bonuses. These perks come in the form of extra playing credit, discounted drinks and meals, lucky door prizes and other rewards. If you like to play often, then optimizing the your player perks is a must. It has been mentioned though, that casinos that offer great player rewards have higher house edges. That is, your chance of winning is lowered because the casino is offsetting the cost of player rewards against it. This has not proven to be true. So, if you are playing at a casino that offers player rewards sign up for them and use them. In doing so, you extend your bank roll via credit, and you can take time out and enjoy the side benefits and lengthen the enjoyment factor.

A casino that appreciates the player
Some casinos offer that extra special touch of complimentary drinks and/or food while playing. This may not mean much, but if you are a serious player who enjoys spending time of at slot machines, then the complimentary beverages are a plus. Particularly, if it allows you to break up your time playing, you can stretch your legs to go get that drink. In doing slow, you are slowing down your pace of play, and thereby extending your bank roll. Other meaningful advantages is side entertainment that will also keep you entertained besides playing slots only. If you enjoy performances and shows then a casino that offers it will help you mix up your time between slots and other entertainment. This is a great way to extend your playing time.

Play the minimum line
Some players love to bet big, and I can understand that. Particularly if you got a lot of spare cash, and you are comfortable with burning through it quickly. Recreational players mostly fit this description, and it won’t matter much to them if their playing time is extended or shortened, because they’re only there for a short time anyways for another purpose besides playing the games. But if you are there to play for quality time, then play the minimum and extend your bank roll. Yes, when you do hit the winning combination you won’t win as much as a bigger line bet, but more often then not, you will also be losing less as you play. In the long run, you will extend your play time and not burn through your wallet (bank roll).

Know the odds of Class 2 slot machines
A class 2 slot machine shares similarities with bingo. They are required to pool players together and to behave as if it were a bingo hall. Players can be pooled from within the casino or external. This means, any player around the world could be theoretically pooled together. There is approximately a 1% chance of hitting the right bingo pattern and winning on Class 2 slot machines. Along with striking the winning pattern, consolation prizes are given throughout the play and this can form up to 70% to 80% of payouts. These odds means that the house edge is approximately 20%. These odds do not change with the number of players participating or the time of day or how busy it is in the casino. However, the odds may change from Class 2 slot machine manufacturer. To determine the odds from casino to casino is near impossible because the IGRA governed casinos (tribal casinos) are self regulated and are not required to disclose payout ratios to the public. Naturally in s self regulated industry, why would any tribal casino want to reveal the payout ratios.

But in general the house edge is approximately 20%. Bear this in mind, because combining this knowledge together with your bank roll you can determine how long your playing time will last.

Know when you are playing a Class 2 slot machine
Through knowing the odds of playing a Class 2 slot machine you may decide to not play a Class 2 slot machine and instead play other table games or Class 3 slot machines. You may feel that you will achieve longer lasting play time not only with a change in odds, but perhaps better entertainment, player rewards etc if at a different venue or even location within the casino.

So how do you know when you are playing a class 2 slot machine? You will be able to determine this, because you will see a bingo card image located on the screen. This image is usually found on the top right or top left of the screen and is relatively small. Seeing this image will determine if the slot machine is Class 2 or Class 3.

If you refer to the articleSlots II vs Slots III,you will find further details and an example on how to identify a slot 3 machine.

Why bother playing at a Class 2 slot machine
Class 2 slot machines for a recreational player won’t make any difference whatsoever. That minor difference in playing time, extending the bank roll maybe in the minutes and at most the hour. That isn’t much.

But if you are a serious player, then perhaps it will make a significant difference. Class 2 slot machines, don’t offer the best odds, hence it is good to be aware of the IGRA and it’s class requirements and how they impact your playing time.