Casino Slot Machines For Sale

Casino Slot machines for sale is a Japanese version of “slots” and is kind of a cross between pinball and slot. These machines were in use in Japan for over decades and have gone through a few developments as well. Over the last years, the Americans have warmed up to this new kind of slot machine and Casino Slots can increasingly be found in American casinos these days.

In fact, in some of the American states, buying the traditional “slots” which are auto stop machines has become illegal. A Casino Slot machine, on the other hand, is a skill stop game and there are no bars to casinos storing them as gambling machines. In case of coins, the Casino Slot machines accept tokens and you can change those tokens into money over the casino counter. Machines generally come with three slots and if you can pull off a single set of numbers or symbols in all the three slots, you win a pre-allotted number of tokens. There is a toggle or button for each of the slots and as you push the button the reel goes off spinning and you can stop the reel by pushing on the button again.

The game is called skill stop since it adds the element of skill to the slots. However, you have to practice it hard and master it thoroughly to achieve any kind of perfection regarding stopping the reel at your required number or symbol. Keep it in mind however that the money, or the tokens for that matter, you win from any possible combination would depend on the pre-set rules specified by the operator. There is no jackpot kind of offer as in the classic slots whereby you can win all the money in the slot if you can hit the jackpot.

Although this is the case with the classic Casino Slot machine, variations have been added into newer types of machines to make the game more interesting and to increase chances of win for a player. For example, when you are playing at a “kakuhen” system (and this is the system most commonly used in Casino Slot slots these days), if you achieve the kakuhen combination (as specified by the operator), the game enters the jackpot mode and the chances of your winning the jackpot increases tenfold. However, if you can hit the jackpot even before you have achieved a kakuhen, then you can play in what is called the “jitan” mode. You are allowed 100 spins here with increased chances of hitting another jackpot. If you fail to do that within the stipulated 100 spins, the game reverts back to the normal mode.

The Casino Slot machines can be bought online and many of the sites dealing in such merchandise offer attractive discounts on the machines. One can also go for a used Casino Slot machine for sale, which is normally one that has been used at a Japanese casino for around 2 years and then discarded for sale to make way for newer variety machines. These machines can be bought darn cheap in the upwards of 100 dollars. However, if you want to own a slot, you must check the rules of your state. There are states where owning a slot machine without permit is illegal. However, there are also many states where owning a slot machine is perfectly legal.