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8.0/10Very Good Reputation

8.0/10Very Good Reputation

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8.4/10Very Good Reputation

8.4/10Very Good Reputation

7.8/10Very Good Reputation

7.8/10Very Good Reputation

8.4/10Very Good Reputation

8.0/10Very Good Reputation

8.0/10Very Good Reputation

8.8/10Very Good Reputation

8.4/10Very Good Reputation

8.4/10Very Good Reputation

7.8/10Very Good Reputation

7.8/10Very Good Reputation

There are countless slot machines available, built by reputable providers with years of tried and tested games, building brilliant reputations with players by creating fun and unique games to give you exciting ways to play for real money online!

There are so many slot games available that whatever kind of genre you could think of has possibly already been covered, and I mean, its very likely you could get very specific and there will be a game that matches your obscure creation.

Regardless, the point is, that there is a hell of a lot of slot games under the sun and Slot Free Spin aims to bring you the latest and greatest in slot tingling sensations, leaving no stone unturned, we aim to try, test and review as many slot games as humanly possible.

What are slot machines?
Slot machines are originally a land based box which you put money into, hope for the best and wait to figure out if youve won or lost that money!

Simple right? Well, not exactly so simple, but in essence that is what you might see.
Slot machines have been around for a very long time and have now become a widely popular game for online casino players to test their luck.

What is RNG?
RNG stands for Random Number Generator which generates an absurd amount of random numbers to determine how the game will play out in a slot game. This is done in the background of the game so you will not see it, however the output is directly based upon this key feature.
RNG is essentially the most important part of a slot machine as not only does it define if you win or lose and how much by, but it ensures that the game is fair. RNG needs to be approved and properly checked through by external governing bodies who supply licences to ensure fair and safe play for the player.

What are free spins?
Free spins come in and out of game, in a sense. So you can get free spins in game, typically by landing 3 scatter symbols (though not always the case). This puts you into an in-game mini game where you may have a different rule set of multipliers or any variables set by the slot game, of which you can read about in the information given from said slot game creator. These are valuable as they can and often do tend to provide the bigger wins, however you do often need to trigger this feature to happen, which may take some farming for.

Free spins are also something which are given to players in order to let them test out new or old slot games for free, typically to help incentives players to try new games and also as a method of keeping players happy, which we don’t really need to argue about. They can be redeemed under a few methods, which the online casino will state, but it’s usually as simple as hopping on that game and then it will prompt you to choose to take the free spins or not. These can help you get a good feel of the game, and maybe even be a nice little earner or get you into a feature game! Love to see it!

What is farming?
Farming on slot games is essentially when a game has some kind of feature game or similar of which you will need to acquire X amount of some in game currency (like hearts on little devil) and then it will open up a feature game. It can be quite a tedious task but can be very well rewarded!

What is RTP?
RTP stands for Return to Player, essentially it is what the game is meant to on average gives back to you as you put money into the slot machine. Essentially, over a very large amount of spins, you are essentially meant to have this percent of money return back to you.
This isn’t set in stone, as it accounts for other players also, meaning that it is the slot game that is meant to return that amount back out, rather than to the specific player who put it in.

Where can you play slots free?
Slot Free Spin aims to find brilliant places where you can play free slots online, in order to just outright have some fun or to get a feel for the slot game before you decide if you would like to place some money on the game in hope of some big wins!
Playing free slots is the best way to test how much a game could potentially pay, though this isn’t exactly going to be accurate due to RNG, but you may get an idea of the hit rate. However playing free slots is definitely going to be the best possible way to find out if you enjoy the slot game and will have fun when you play the slot game for real money.

The main types of slot games for free
Free slots are available in different types. If you want to play all slots for free, you can choose from the following options:

* 3-reel slot: This free slot has three reels with classic symbols. Usually free slots like this one have a payline that is placed in the middle of the reels.
* 5-reel slot: A 5-reel slot is structured in a similar way to a 3-reel slot. However, free slot games like this have five reels. Any winnings are therefore higher in this slot game.
* Video slot: Video slots are some of the most popular no-registration slots. These games are available with a wide variety of images and different themes. These freely playable slots are mostly equipped with five or nine reels.
* Bonus slot: A bonus slot is a feature video slot or video game. In Germany, a bonus slot is usually activated after three or more special symbols appear on certain reels.
* Multi Spin slot games: Experienced gamers often dedicate themselves to this variant of slot games. Usually these 3-reel slots have more than one reel set.
* Fruit Machines: The British variant of a slot simulation mostly features symbols such as melons or cherries. The slots once known from pubs are now very often also available online.
* Progressive Jackpot Slots: These slots are mostly linked to a jackpot. The spectrum ranges from 3-reel slots to 5-reel slots and video slots.

Why play at a real money casino?
Gambling is a super fun way to relax and have a a good time, it is also possible, if you are lucky enough, to get some big wins in and take some money home! But now people do not want to make the effort of having to get themselves togather, go take a taxi out to a casino, all dressed up and go all that way to just have a casual few games of slots or blackjack.
Online casinos have some brilliant incentives and more often than not brilliant bonuses which could not only rival land-based casinos but even upstage them. They are now the leading place for people to play casino games for real money and as the years pass they grow stronger each year, successfully making for a better place for players to play slots and live casino games, while retaining players nicely and giving them a comfortable and safe environment for people to gamble on while not even having to leave their house or sofa. This is one of the many advantages and reasons which has made online casinos the preferred method of gambling for the typical casino casual, or even the veteran gamling expert.

5 big reasons to play at online casinos instead of land-based
If you are in need of being convinced anymore that playing from the comfort of wherever you want hasn’t enough pull to play at online casinos, please take a look below!

* Playing online is convenient and comfortable: Online casinos are accessible, widely by most devices and are nearly always ready. All it needs is for the site to be live and its good to go! You can be sat in pyjamas in bed, feeling lazy and yet still access an online casino while your head doesnt feel like lifting off your pillow. Theyre always open, nowadays and since the beginning of online casino, they have been running 24/7 outside of technical difficulties which is very very rare, meaning early morning or late at night, the casinos ready to go!
* Easy Deposits: Depositing into an online casino can come in many shapes and forms which suit your liking, ranging from regular debit cards through to paypal, skrill and even bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!
* Online Casinos often have bigger variety: seeing as online casinos are not limited to floor space you can end up having a mass of games and unless its a small and new casino, its very regular that you will have a massive variety of what slots and different types of live casino games can be played, making the choices endless and keeping the content funky fresh and fun.
* No crowds, no queues: Online casinos are not limited to one seat per game unlike traditional land based casinos where you cant literally have more than one person play at the same machine at the same time, meaning if you want, theres no downtime, and we all know that the downtime waiting and watching other players or playing other games till that machine frees up is a real bore.
* Loyalty programs: Online casinos look to keep their players well involved and rewarded. Giving out very generous welcome bonuses, rewards and challenges, bounties. Endless possibilities of ways to get you involved and make your online casino journey more enjoyable.

Mobile Casinos: Play Casino Everywhere!
Mobile casinos are online casinos with the option of playing them on the go with a smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether Android, iOS or Windows. Online casinos can solve this with an app. Then you download the casino app from the app store and install it on your mobile device. The Google Play Store does not allow gambling apps. That is why the online casinos offer an app that can be downloaded for Android directly from the website. If Android users want to take advantage of this offer, they have to download the .apk file and install it manually on the mobile device.

Casinos with a web app have optimized their website for mobile use. This is particularly practical and easy. You don’t have to download a new app. Instead, you simply visit the online casino with the browser of your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The website then adapts immediately and automatically to the respective size of the smartphone or tablet, so that casino enthusiasts can also fully enjoy casino entertainment on the smaller screens and portable devices.

If you compare the desktop version with the mobile version, you may notice some slight design differences but accessibility will have been UX tested to make sure you have a smooth experience. You can play with your real money as well as the bonus balance or just free play for fun in many casinos. The game manufacturers also ensure optimal mobile display when programming the games. This means that the games can also be easily operated on the move.

New mobile casinos 2021
Every year more and more casinos become available to casino enthusiasts, Casual players & new people stepping into the gambling ring. While vetting these new casinos we are always keeping the safety factor at the top of our priority list. All casinos listed on Slot Free Spin are trusted and regulated casinos by proper governing bodies, including the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and Gaming Curacao which make very strict rules and regulations in order to have these sites meet the safety standards needed. When looking for an online casino in 2021, you should be extremely sure that one of these regulators is approving the casino before you even consider signing up.

Casinos offer fantastic bonuses and they always need to stay competitive with the market so you can afford to be more picky with what you want when joining and accepting a casino bonus. These bonuses are aimed to incentivise you to come and have fun at their casino, so make sure it suits you as a player, be it free spins on slot games or sports betting credit, make sure you get what you want! Take advantage!

How do you recognize successful mobile casinos
It’s 2021 and now we are past the stage of sitting at a PC to play at an online casino. A lot of the time may be professional, but the time spent in private use has increased exponentially in recent years. As a player, we demanded the reaction of the online casino operators to a certain extent. The usage figures of online casinos meanwhile even show that they are sometimes used more by a mobile device than by a computer.

Play online casino games on the go
The offer of online casinos is now enormous, especially in the area of ​​slots and jackpots. It feels like manufacturers are bringing new games onto the market every day. It is not uncommon for more than 1,500 different slot machines to be available in online casino. This naturally raises the question of whether the preferred slot also works on the move.

On the one hand, the availability of the games on the smartphone or tablet depends on the operators of the online casinos. For example, you cannot make some games available on the go. On the other hand, users of Apple devices in particular can experience technical problems. This is because some players require the use of Flash Player. This is not available on iPads and iPhones.

However, fans of the most famous slots don’t have to worry. For example, games from the manufacturer NetEnt are available on all mobile devices. Starburst or the Narcos video slot can therefore be played on the iPhone, iPad and Android device without any problems. The game manufacturers also endeavor to make their entire range available on the move. Most games, from slot machines to table and card games, can now be played on the go.

Mobile casino with live casino
With the live casino you bring the real casino to your home screen. Thanks to the real dealer and the smooth live stream, playing in the live casino is just as much fun as in a casino. Many online casinos offer the live casino in the desktop version. However, this is where the biggest limitation with mobile casino is. Some providers have excluded the live casino from their mobile offer. Again, we have found the best mobile casinos with live casino games.

Wagering requirements for casino app bonuses
There is little to no difference in the wagering requirements compared to normal casino offers. Whether free spins, cashback, reload offers or other promotions, customers can access the same offers as on the desktop or laptop.

Some casinos sometimes offer exclusive bonuses or free spins when you play through the casino app. That is why it is always good to look through the promo emails and the offer overview of the casinos so that you do not miss any offers. In addition, you can of course contact the live support at any time and ask about suitable mobile casino promotions.

Safe gaming in the mobile casino
If you ask yourself about the security when playing mobile in the online casino, you can rely on the license and the reputable provider. The mobile casino version is subject to the same conditions as the desktop version. If the desired online casino has a valid and secure license, mobile gaming is also safe. In order to receive the license, an online casino has to pass numerous security checks. In addition, the licensed online casinos are checked regularly and must meet the security standards at all times.

Gamers who want to make it easier for themselves can read our in-depth reviews. There we check under strict guidelines whether a casino is safe and reputable. It starts with the license, continues through the examination of the game selection to the random number generator, which decides on profits and losses in slot machines and table and card games.

Are slot machines truly random?
Slot machines are truly randomised and are regulated by governing bodies in order to make sure that the RNG (Random Number Generator) component of the slot machine is making things as fair as they should be. When playing at these casinos, you need to be making sure that they have a governing body which has audited and approved these casinos, stating that they are fair to the players and can be trusted. This should be a mandatory requirement that you should be looking for when signing up to a casino. It is recommended that the top 2 governing bodies are currently MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and Gaming Curacao.

Can casinos change the payout on slot machines?
Casinos do not actually have input on the payout of the games. These games are made by external providers and they are the ones which set the RTP and hit rate, then these games need to be approved by governing bodies before they can be deployed on any legitimate casino. It is not in the interest for the game creators to tweak or alter the games, they are already set in a way which does favour the house, with the typical casino slot game RTP being set between 95%-97%. The slot game creators do not run the casinos so it would not be in the interest of them to not make a fair game or to tweak it specifically for certain individuals who are playing the game.

Can casinos choose who wins and loses?
As a follow up to the question above, no. Casinos cannot choose who wins and loses, this is not something which would be allowed by any casinos governing body and would result in major if not detrimental consequences for the casino. It is absolutely not a risk which a casino would consider taking should they even have the capability to do such a thing.

What’s the best online slot game?
There is no “best” slot game to play online, slot games come in all different shapes and sizes with some simplistic and some wacky features and themes. The “best” slot game is a term which is just subjective to you. There are certainly some games which are more popular than others, or have just become famous slots over time, however that still doesn’t make them the best online slot game, this is for you to decide personally.

Also as a side note, with RNG involved, theoretically there isn’t exactly a best slot game either as all of them can have moments of winning and losing.

Volatility essentially is how often the slot game will pay out, though its not exact how much on any slot game you play, some of them have different modes of volatility, in which you can set. So typically something which pays out more often, tends to pay out less sums of money and something which pays out less often tends to pay out bigger sums of money however this doesn’t necessarily affect the slot games RTP as its still maybe paying out the same 96% for example, just done in different ways.

All slot games have a rough volatility which can often be looked up, not all slot games come with a feature which allows you to play and actively change and alter the slot games volatility.

Is there a secret to winning slot games?
There really is no secret to winning slot games, this is just the way that RNG works. You pretty much go in, select the amount of money you want to spin and then hope for the best. Some slot games come with varying things you can do, including but not limited to bonus buys and different volatility settings or even paylines, however this does not realistically change much.

There is no cheat code, this isn’t a video game, this is all chance and even selecting whatever options or X amount of spins at this amount of money won’t realistically change anything because at the end of the day it’s all down to RNG.

Can you predict when a slot game will hit?
No, there is no way to predict when a slot game will hit. Slot games are based on RNG, if there was a way to predict when a slot will hit then there nobody would be playing until they knew it would hit and then that would mean the game wouldn’t move or be played at all as who wants to spin knowing they would lose money without the chance of winning?

How can you maximise your winnings on a slot game?
There is unfortunately no way to maximise your winnings on a slot game except for the classic “quit while you’re ahead”.

Are there free slot machines?
There are many free slot games available on a hell of a lot of casinos, as they tend to come in forms of “fun play” modes which are pretty much free trailing the slot game before you actually go and put money on it, but usually casinos will just let you do this inevitably.

What is the most popular slot game?
There is no one most popular slot game as there are just so many and so much uncollected data from a near endless amount of online casinos. Popularity as a measure is also a bit sceptical to answer as its potentially a time based question. Obviously an older slot game will have had more players on it than a new one however a new one may have a high amount of visits over one month which could be classed as popular. Thus aside, some of the most famous if not “classic” slot games would notably be: Gonzo’s Quest, Immortal Romance and Starburst!

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