Cash Wizard Slot By Bally

[mrgreen] One of the more recent releases from Bally Technologies is a new live slot machine, boasting an adorably bald little wizard, is as entertaining and fun as it is addictive. It can be found in casinos all over the United States and may be found in some other countries, and it has since been adapted for the mobile gaming market. The colors are bright and vivid, while the animations are engaging and completely, utterly cute. I found that the game play was engaging and entertaining. Thanks to all of the bonus features, extra winnings and free spins, I had been playing for far longer than I had imagined at that point.

This particular slot has five reels, 30 pay lines, and a total maximum bet of 250 credits. The featured character is an adorable little wizard boy with an affinity for spell casting and sorcery. The uniquely envisioned symbols include herbs, potion bottles, jewels, and the given face cards. Everything is colored very beautifully, with vivid scenes and bright graphics. The music is overall upbeat and whimsical throughout the game. One of the most notable features of Cash Wizard are its boundless bonus features. It would not be far-fetched to say that it is common to hit a bonus within around 25 spins or so. Not that that is a bad thing. It seems like this feature is in place to keep you playing, and it definitely works.
The wheel of fortune definitely seemed to be hit or miss. Some of the more notable wins came from the wheel of fortune, however it was uncommon and hard to come by. If you somehow manage to come out on top with any extra, it’s best to move on in the game and leave the wheel behind. Once you’ve scored big once or twice, it tends to lose its glamour.
Free spins are incredibly easy to come by, and like any other slot themed game, the best winnings come from free spins used during a maximum bet. Nothing lift your sprits like watching those credits add up, at no cost to you. Before you know it you’ll hit them again and again. This was arguably one of my favorite features throughout the entire game.
As cute and adorable as the Cash Wizard character is, he seems a little out of place among the vivid graphics and colorful backgrounds. He seems to be animated differently, something reminiscent of a child’s drawing rather than an all powerful mystical wizard of cash and winnings. Regardless, his appearance was a minor point. It’s easy to get distracted by the vivid and engaging game play and music.
Overall I feel that Cash Wizard is a great game. The graphics were vivid and whimsical, and the music was fun, lighthearted, and all around upbeat. The game was much more engaging than I had originally given it credit for. At the beginning I was thrown off by the appearance of the wizard as he didn’t exactly match the animation scheme of the rest of the game, however soon he was the last thing on my mind. Cash Wizard is bright, whimsical, entertaining, and all around fun to play. I enjoyed my experience with Cash Wizard and I would definitely recommend it.