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How to Log into Facebook with Multiple Accounts at Once?
Suppose you want to know How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once. In that case, you have various ways to discuss in the following steps. You will be finding it helpful while logging in to Facebook with numerous accounts, nevertheless, if you are maintaining or managing multiple Facebook accounts. Therefore, you might know that you can’t just log in to them instantaneously in the same browser. Although, browsers keep personal and login data or “cookies” to detect you in your particular session. Then these cookies validate you to review all the related websites, services, and pages without going through to log in at any moment while logging out from multiple Facebook accounts. Nevertheless, suppose you want to login into multiple accounts of Facebook at the same time. In that case, we will notify you How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once by following methods, pick out one and follow the given steps in the following methods to log in to multiple accounts on Facebook. Procedure #1- Utilizing Unidentified Mode on Google Chrome: Instigate Google Chrome. Then search for Google Chrome on your computer and further double-tap it to launch its browser. Thus, login to Facebook. Then visit Facebook. Com. Later, enter your first Facebook account, user name, or email address and at last password in the login space located in the upright corner of the page. The next step is to tap the login button to begin. However, then open the browser menu, click the button that has three horizontal bars on the upper right corner of the browser. Further, this will bring down its menu. Hence, open a new incognito window, and foremost tap on that new incognito window from the menu. A new incognito window will appear in incognito mode. Once you reach the incognito mode that spies a cartoon at the upper left corner that you can enjoy private browsing without Chrome collecting data on you. Furthermore, you can also open the new incognito window by pressing the short cut key, i.e., Ctrl + shift + N for windows. In addition to log into another Facebook account, use the incognito browser window to visit Facebook various accounts that you can make concomitantly. It was the first method that shows How to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once. Procedure #2- Using Different Browsers: Step one is, launch a web browser. Moreover, this procedure works with any of you desire web browsers. At least two you will need for that, likewise, Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or others, and then search for a browser on your computer. Secondly, login to Facebook, then visit Facebook. Com and Despite this, use your first Facebook account and a password to log in. Moreover, the login fields or spaces are present in the upper right corner of the page. Tap on that “Log in” button to proceed. Thirdly, launch another web browser; if you want to log in to multiple accounts without disputing the cookies, you must log in individually using various browsers. In comparison, look upon for the second browser on your personal computer and open it. This one is another method different from how to log into Facebook with multiple accounts at once. However, Log in to another Facebook account. Besides this, enter face book.Com, in the login field to go to the Facebook website. Alternatively, uses your second account on Facebook and your password in the login field located at the top right again. Click the “Log in” button to proceed. Further, now you have two Facebook accounts simultaneously. Procedure # 3- Using Several Mobile Apps: Many people question how to log into Facebook with multiple accounts using various mobile apps. So, the simple procedure is first, launch Facebook, search for the Facebook app on your phone device, and click on it. Nevertheless, log in to your Facebook account. Repeat the same process that uses your first Facebook account and password to log in to the account. However, you will observe a login field on the welcome screen. As soon as you have entered your details to log in, click the login button to begin; if you are already logged in, skip this step and proceed further. Apart from this, launch a mobile browser, then tap a web browser app that you can see on your device, whether it is Safari, Google Chrome, etc. Whereas going to Facebook. Then enter Face book.Com in the address bar to ingress its mobile website. At the last step, log in to the second account of Facebook. With that Facebook account and password approach to the login option, click “Log in” to start. As a consequence, you can now view and can utilize both accounts of Facebook instantly.

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