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Slot game is one of the most popular and preferred betting game in the world. Let’s focus on Malaysia itself, majority of the players love to play slot games due to it’s high odds and winning tremendous amount of cash by getting JACKPOT. However, there is a wide range of slot games available online, which placed most player into dilemma in choosing the highest winning rate and suitable platform. Here we at, we’ll show you the best slot games and which Malaysia online casino platform you should deal with, in order to get the best gambling experience and avoid scamming.

Best Online Slot Games in Malaysia

Did you know, there is about 6,000+ online slot games are available in Malaysia. However, not every game has the same Return-To-Players and Pay Line. There are some games with higher winning rate, while some with lower winning rate. Apart from that, certain slot games can provide you excellent gaming experience with high quality game interface with stunning effects. Thus, let us finalize the best slot games recommended of different providers here:

Age of the Gods is the most popular in Playtech, with its high flexibility of bet limit range and attractive design.

Details of Age Of The GodsRTP95.02%Bet limit1-2500Payline15Reels5Design9.0Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x150Desert Treasure is a video slot game designed by the Playtech team that takes place in a unwelcoming desert.

Details of Desert TreasureRTP97.10%Bet limit0.01-50Payline20Reels5Design5.9Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Best Superhero Slots by Playtech.

Details of Great BlueRTP96.03%Bet limit0.4-2000Payline243Reels5Design7.1Free SpinYesJackpotDark Blue, Light Blue, Green, YellowMax. Bonus

x10000Buffalo Blitz has the biggest variety of Payout Lines (4096 paylines), you will get payout for almost of your spins.

Details of Buffalo BlitzRTP95.96%Bet limit0.40-400Payline4096Reels6Design7.3Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Ocean Princess has the highest RTP, 99.07% Return-To-Player. It is the best choice for player who wants to play long.

Details of Ocean PrincessRTP99.07%Bet limit0.25-6.25Payline25Reels5Design6.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Great Online Slot with Multiple bonus features.

Details of Top GunRTP94.93%Bet limit0.25-125Payline243Reels5Design8.5Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Ocean KingRTP96.03%Bet limit0.1-100PaylineN/AReelsN/ADesign7.5Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax Bonusx1000Details of Da Sheng Nao HaiRTP97%Bet limit0.01-10PaylineN/AReelsN/ADesign8.0Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x1000Details of African WildlifeRTP95.40%Bet limit0.50-100Payline50Reels5Design6.2Free SpinNoJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x2000Details of Wolf HunterRTP96.10%Bet limit0.15-600Payline15Reels5Design8.3Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x What’s attractive for Boy King’s Trasure is that the Boy King symbol can be substituted for all other symbol except Scatter symbol, this makes you easier to get line match in overall.

Details of Boy King’s TreasureRTP95%Bet limit0.01-5Payline20Reels5Design7.2Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, Random

Max. Bonus

x3600Details of Dragon MaidenRTP96.49%Bet limit0.20-100Payline243Reels5Design8.9Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x5000Details of The CatfatherRTP98.10%Bet limit0.04-20Payline9Reels5Design8.3Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x5000Details of Treasure HorseRTP96.52%Bet limit0.01-5Payline18Reels3Design7.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x5000Details of Great RhinoRTP96.53%Bet limit0.20-100Payline20Reels5Design8.3Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x500Details of The Wild MachineRTP96.52%Bet limit0.80-400Payline40Reels5Design8.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x7000Details of Monkey MadnessRTP96.53%Bet limit0.01-0.50Payline9Reels3Design7.6Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x1000Details of Wolf GoldRTP96.01%Bet limit0.01-0.50Payline25Reels5Design8.9Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x1000Details of Bonus BearsRTP95.17%Bet limit0.25-750Payline25Reels5Design7.6Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x5000Details of SpartaRTP96.06%Bet limit0.09-180Payline9Reels5Design7.9Free SpinNoJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x10000Details of Golden TourRTP97.71%Bet limit0.05-100Payline5Reels5Design5.5Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x2000Details of Sun WukongRTP97%Bet limit0.15-150Payline15Reels5Design7.7Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x10000Details of Magical LampRTP97.01%Bet limit0.01-2Payline50Reels5Design8.2Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x250Details of Princess WangRTP97.04%Bet limit0.30-900Payline15Reels5Design9.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x1500Details of Three Lucky StarsRTP96.90%Bet limit0.20-900Payline1Reels3Design8.5Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x300Details of Double FortunesRTP96.99%Bet limit0.50-500Payline25Reels5Design6.2Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x5000Details of 5 Fortune DragonsRTP97%Bet limit0. Payline243Reels5Design8.5Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x19500Details of Lucky KoiRTP97.25%Bet limit0.20-500Payline20Reels5Design7.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x10000Details of Bingo SlotRTP97%Bet limit5. Payline5Reels5Design8.0Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x500Details of Legend Of The DragonsRTP96.05%Bet limit4-1000Payline20Reels5Design8.0Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Vegas VegasRTP95.20%Bet limit5. Payline50Reels5Design7.9Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x150Details of Gold ClassRTP96.45%Bet limit1-1000Payline3Reels3Design8.0Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x800Details of The Dragon Pearl GoldRTP96.11%Bet limit5-5000Payline50Reels5Design8.5Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x400Details of Majiang SlotRTP96.95%Bet limit1. Payline25Reels5Design5.5Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Midnight CarnivalRTP96.30%Bet limit0.50-200Payline50Reels5Design9.1Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x5000Details of Clover’s TalesRTP95.64%Bet limit0.30-900Payline30Reels5Design8.2Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x750Details of Gorilla TribeRTP96.03%Bet limit0.50-200Payline50Reels5Design8.8Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x500Details of Spirit BearRTP95%Bet limit0.01-200Payline15Reels5Design8.0Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x500Details of Buffalo BlazeRTP95.95%Bet limit0. Payline50Reels5Design7.5Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x2000Details of Great AbundanceRTP97.50%Bet limit0. Payline50Reels6Design9.0Free SpinYesJackpotMini, Minor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x200Details of RoninRTP97.50%Bet limit0.01-200Payline20Reels5Design6.3Free SpinNoJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x500Details of Panther MoonRTP95.17%Bet limit0.15-150Payline15Reels5Design8.2Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x100Details of HighwayRTP97%Bet limit0.01-90Payline9Reels5Design6.3Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Dolphin ReefRTP95%Bet limit0.20-200Payline20Reels5Design5.5Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Coyote CashRTP97.50%Bet limit0.25-250Payline25Reels5Design6.8Free SpinNoJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x100Details of Three KingdomRTP95.15%Bet limit0.01-10Payline9Reels5Design6.9Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x1000Details of Ocean KingRTP96.05%Bet limit0.01-10Payline9Reels5Design9.5Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x500Details of Cat QueenRTP96.80%Bet limit0.40-800Payline40Reels5Design7.0Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x1000Details of Panther MoonRTP95.20%Bet limit0.15-600Payline15Reels5Design7.7Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x10000Details of Bonus BearsRTP95.17%Bet limit0.25-250Payline25Reels5Design7.5Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, RandomMax. Bonus

x100Details of Dolphin ReefRTP95.23%Bet limit0.20-100Payline20Reels5Design6.9Free SpinYesJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x100Details of Pirates TreasureRTP96.68%Bet limit0.09-135Payline9Reels5Design6.0Free SpinNoJackpotMinor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x500Details of Ocean King 2RTP96.15%Bet limit0.10-10PaylineN/AReelsN/ADesign7.6Free SpinNoJackpotN/AMax. Bonus

x500Details of Fire SpinRTP96.32%Bet limit0.08-160Payline8Reels5Design6.8Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x4000Details of Dragon LegendRTP96.15%Bet limit0.30-150Payline243Reels5Design7.3Free SpinYesJackpotMinor, Major, GrandMax. Bonus

x Best Slots Online Casino Sites in Malaysia

In view of various slots betting sites available in Malaysia, you might need some additional information to choose the most reliable one with great features and benefits. With our own experiences, we will ensure to include only trustworthy and good service operators. Here’s the Top 10 Slot Betting Sites in Malaysia we have finalized:

♛150% Welcome Bonus

♛20% Daily Bonus

♛10%Unlimited Bonus

♛0.60%Daily Rebates

♛150% Welcome Bonus

♛10% Daily Bonus

♛0.70% Daily Rebates

♛100% Welcome Bonus
♛20%Weekly Bonus

♛100% Welcome Bonus
♛0.30%Weekly Rebates

♛50% Welcome Bonus
♛20%Daily Bonus
♛10%Unlimited Bonus

♛100% Welcome Bonus
♛ 100 FREE 50Welcome Bonus

♛150% Welcome Bonus
♛10%Unlimited Bonus

♛120% Welcome Bonus
♛5%Unlimited Bonus

♛50%Welcome Bonus
♛10%Daily Bonus

♛120% Welcome Bonus
♛ 20%Daily Bonus

10 Best Slots Online Casino Sites in Malaysia

In view of various slots betting sites available in Malaysia, you might need some additional information to choose the most reliable one with great features and benefits. With our own experiences, we will ensure to include only trustworthy and good service operators. Here’s the Top 10 Slot Betting Sites in Malaysia we have figured out:

* 150% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM800)
* 20% Daily Bonus (Max. RM300)
* 10% Unlimited Bonus (Max. RM300)
* 0.60% Daily Rebates (No Limit)

* 150% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM350)
* 10% Daily Bonus (Max. RM188)
* 0.70% Daily Rebates (No Limit)

* 100% Welcome Bonus (Max RM600)
* 20% Weekly Bonus (Max. RM450)

* 100% Welcome Bonus (up to RM1,500)
* 0.30% Weekly Rebates (Max. RM4,000)

* 50% Welcome Bonus (up to RM500)
* 20% Daily Bonus (Max. RM300)
* 10% Unlimited Bonus (Max. RM100)

* 100% Welcome Bonus (up to RM300)
* RM100 FREE 50 Welcome Bonus
* 20% Daily Bonus (Max. RM377)

* 150% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM800)
* 10% Unlimited Bonus (Max. RM300)

* 120% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM588)
* 5% Unlimited Bonus (Max. RM158)

* 50% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM1,000)
* 10% Daily Bonus (Max. RM150)

* 120% Welcome Bonus (Max. RM100)20% Daily Bonus (Max. RM300)

Slots Providers in Malaysia

Some of the players would confuse that slot games are provided by online casino itself. Well, this is a big misunderstanding. Every slot game is provided by software developers (also known as slots providers) such as 918Kiss, Mega888 etc. Why we must know the identity of software developer before we choose slot games to play. The slot games are varied by the developer, in terms of stability, safety and fairness of the games. Hence, you should clearly know who is the provider of the slot games you play.

How to play online slot games? 1. Choose a reliable online casino operator with wide range of slot game selections and great bonuses.
2. Choose your preferred slots provider such as 918kiss, Mega888, XE88, Playtech etc.
3. Check the paytable of slot games under provider selected. Choose the games with high RTP (Return-To-Players). Be reminded, please don’t be tricked by the huge return of jackpot amount, it is because the chances of getting BIG JACKPOT is very slim.
4. Maximize the paylines and choose the bet amount that suit to the total initial credit you have. Make sure your initial credit is enough to spin at least 100 times with the bet amount you’ve set.
5. Spin the reels as long as you wish. However, do not switch the game after you spin for many times without getting any big bonus.

What is RTP, Pay Lines, Reels and Rows?RTP, the abbreviation of Return-To-Players. As what it calls, it is the percentage of amount that would be returned to player when they spin. For example, a game with 98% of RTP will return $98 to you when you spin for $100. Of course, this is applied to overall players but not to every single player. Some players may win, and some players may lose, but end up the casino will earn $2 for every $100 spin by players.

Pay lines in slots is the winning line (straight line or zig-zagged line) or combination of symbols on reels that the player will be paid out if they meet.

Reels in slot games is the vertical section on the grid, same meaning as columns. It is one of the important considerations for players to choose slot games.

Rows in slot games is the horizontal section on the grid.

How many types of online slot game are there?There are total 5 different types of online slot game, such as video slots, classic slots, 5-reels slots, 3D slots and progressive slots. Each of it has different features in terms of playing method, number of reels and way to get bonuses.