5 Best Casino Games That Pay Real Money For Poker Online Slots Blackjack Games In 2022

There are a lot of myths about casino games. However, general rules are implemented for any betting game, like casino games. For example, you should bet on what you can afford to lose as a gambler. Therefore, if you hear someone saying that casino games aren’t safe, perhaps their experience with it was not that good. For sure, casino games are safe. However, to some extent, they are unsecure. For example, suppose you bet with inferior websites. In that case, you have a high chance of losing your money before realizing that you are being misled. This is why most countries have strict rules that regulate gambling sites, not only to have them pay taxes but mainly to protect their citizens against fraudulent wagering sites. So, you are advised to conduct more research on casino sites before gambling. It’s good to check whether the site you chose is licensed and the services they offer. Moreover, make sure that they are offering good customer care services. Unfortunately, most beginners don’t know the tips for evaluating a good casino games site. But not their blame anyway. The gambling industry is extensive, with various betting sites; thus, it’s hard to know which sites are good and which are not. Don’t worry because we have compiled a list of the best casino games you can entirely depend on when you need to gamble, either for entertainment purposes or to win real money. Keep reading to find out!Best Casinos To Play Games For Real Money:
We have reviewed the top casino games and grouped them based on the best in each category as follows: 1. BitStarz – Best Overall Casino Games For Crypto Players
2. mBit – Secure Online Gambling Platform For Live Dealer Casino Games
3. Ignition Casino – Best Slot Machines To Play At The Casino
4. BetOnline – Top Sports Betting Platform For Bonuses and Promotions
5. Wild Casino – Reputable Online Roulette Casino For High Rollers

#1. BitStarz – Best Overall Casino Games For Crypto Players
BitStarz is our top pick of the best online casinos in Las Vegas and beyond, established in 2019. This casino game site has a legitimate license, and its slot machines are made by the world’s most known casino game developers. BitStarz has top slot games; they feature free slots games, original titles, and several jackpots. This has made it a game changer, especially in the casino world. In addition, it offers modern crypto gambling supported by a Curacao license making it grow to prestigious status. Furthermore, BitStarz has a wide variety of quality games; thus, you can choose to play classic slots if that will make you happy. On top of that, to find your casino slots, the process is simple and user-friendly. The site allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the games before they start betting. They do this by allowing them to participate in a test drive by playing free games before creating their accounts. Thankfully, there are no charges incurred when the player is withdrawing profits. You can withdraw your money free of charge.Highlights
Reputable Site: BitStarz has won many awards since it was launched. This has made it earn an excellent reputation compared to its competitors. Fair and Secure: This casino site practices fairness when dealing with its customers. There are no exclusions or biasness, as everyone is given equal chances to play and win big. In addition, the site is safe and secure; thus, you don’t need to worry about losing your hard-earned money. Quality Games: Also, BitStarz has the latest quality games in the market. Moreover, the company has a fantastic website with great loading speed; thus, you will not face any problems while playing your favorite game. Bonuses: The most remarkable thing about BitStarz is that they offer real money gambling by providing several bonuses and promotions. What’s more, the bonuses and perks are usually spread out, unlike its competitors in the industry. Numerous Games: BitStarz offers different games, including live casinos mainly powered by Evolution Gaming. Besides, they offer other major online slots like Roulette spin, Blackjack, and Baccarat.Pros
* Mobile compatible
* Bonus rounds
* Quality games
* Safe and secure
* Easy signup process
* Free casino games
* Good customer support
* Payment flexibility

* Heavy requirements for the promotions
* Doesn’t have sportsbook features

#2. mBit – Secure Online Gambling Platform For Live Dealer Casino Games
mBit is another great licensed online casino that we highly recommend for its safety. The site is owned and operated by a reputable organization that has earned different industry awards, like the EGR award in 2022. The company combines various software providers to provide many exciting slot games. For example, they offer classic slots, live games, and table games, among other games. Moreover, mBitcasino features high roller games like live dealer games. Further, mBitcasino is one of those sites that also accepts a wide selection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. In addition, the site has a loyalty program that offers the players opportunities to get prizes, free games, and bets. As soon as you sign up for your account, mBitcasino automatically enrolls you in this program. After that, you begin to collect your loyalty points immediately after depositing your first money wager. Nevertheless, mBitcasino offers competitive odds on their games. Moreover, they cover every occasion without minding whether it’s popular or not. So, you can bet on local and less popular games in Vegas, like Wild Rift.Highlights
Different Slots: Like other casino games, mBitcasino offers a vast selection of classic and video slots. The games are easy to play and have an extensive selection of discounts, bonuses, and potential payouts. Further, the numerous slots on the site have more than one jackpot. Compatible Mobile App: Apart from different slots, mBitcasino provides a mobile-friendly app accessible across all digital devices like mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, you can play all casino games from the website without having to download additional software. Customer Experience: Different customers have tested mBitcasino and found it a reliable gaming site. The site has numerous positive reviews, meaning its customers are always satisfied. Safe and Secure: One of the most notable features of mBitcasino is that it is safe and very secure. The site is licensed, well maintained, and always adheres to gambling regulations. In fact, its privacy policies on the website are clearly stated, with no hidden cost and information that may cost users who go against it, even if they are unaware.Pros
* Offers a loyalty program
* Wide variety of games
* Generous bonuses
* Mobile friendly website
* Higher odds
* 24 hours live chat support
* Many slots
* Different payment options

* No deposit bonus code
* Not available in the US

#3. Ignition Casino – Best Slot Machines To Play At The Casino
Ignition Casino is one of the best American online casinos offering real vegas slots, launched in 2016. Despite being a new online gambling site, Ignition Casino’s performance in the gaming world is impressive. It has achieved a lot compared to its rivals, who have been in the industry for a long time. This casino site has over 300 classic slots, table games, and excellent money poker tournaments. Moreover, it has hot jackpots and numerous payouts like Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Amazingly, you can play blackjack, roulette games, and baccarat with a live dealer. In addition, Ignition Casino is legit with reputable proof of track records. That means even though the site is new, there is a viable reason to trust it from the experiences of its previous customers. Besides, Ignition Casino is safe and secure, meaning your personal information is well protected from unauthorized personnel. Lastly, the process is hassle-free if you want to sign in to Ignition Casino. It needs you to enter a few vital details, such as your date of birth, phone number, and email address, to have your Ignition Casino account set. The other thing is to deposit your betting amount, which is a super fast and affordable transaction. Notably, there are also no charges even when withdrawing your money from the site.Highlights
Quality Games: Ignition Casino has more than 300 games giving players a wide selection of choices. For example, there are different wagering events for their slots game, poker, and American Roulette spin. Likewise, Ignition Casino offers video poker and specialty games, plus one can access poker rooms if you like online poker. User-friendly Website: Ignition Casino’s website is user-friendly and thus easy to navigate. Anyone can quickly locate the game they want from the site, even if it’s a beginner. Mobile-friendly: The most amazing thing about this site is that it is mobile-compatible. Therefore, if you want to play your favorite casinos, you can access the website from anywhere as long as you have a mobile and internet connection. Different Payment Methods: Ignition Casino has a wide variety of payment methods like cryptos, vouchers, and checks by courier. This makes it easier for the players when it comes to payouts.Pros
* Wide selection of slots
* Many promotions
* Good live dealer options
* Mobile compatible
* Accessible worldwide
* Expert customer services
* Mouthwatering bonuses

* High charges for debit card payments
* Indirect customer support system

#4. BetOnline – Top Sports Betting Platform For Bonuses and Promotions
BetOnline Is more than a casino gaming site that has been operating for about two decades. It is one of the most trustworthy and largest gaming sites which operates legally. Also, the site provides a clean interface with numerous sports events and early odds. Further, it has the highest betting limits, especially in North American sports. Apart from that, BetOnline has generous bonuses and provides favorite slots and real money-making events like roulette spin wheel, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, and many more. Moreover, this casino site prides itself on offering the best customer support. Their customer personnel is available 24/7, so gamblers can consult them via email or phone if they have any concerns regarding the site. Another great thing about BetOnline is that their withdrawals and deposits are very fast. For example, depositing a Bitcoin takes only 24 hours, while withdrawals take 48 hours. Thus, the players enjoy quick and easy Bitcoin transfers, unlike other related sites where one can keep waiting for a long time.Highlights
Promotions and Bonuses: This site is packed with dozens of exciting bonuses and promotions across all its wagering events, including poker rooms, roulette games, and sportsbooks. For instance, beginners can get 100% Bitcoin bonuses while other players get cashbacks and casino slots bonuses. Unlike other gambling sites, BetOnline offers a wide variety of online slots. Moreover, this site gets its games from BetSoft, a reputable game developer. Good Customer Support: BetOnline has excellent customer care services, available 24/7. Their customer care personnel are straightforward and helpful. Therefore, you can rely on them if you have any gambling problems. Numerous Positive Reviews: Different customers have tried this site and found it’s one of the best casino game sites. Most customers testify that BetOnline offers excellent services, including quality slot machine games. This means that every gambler on this site enjoys their services.Pros
* Accepts Bitcoins
* Unique online slots
* Phone compatible
* Mouthwatering bonuses
* Jackpot winnings
* Safe
* Free coins
* Good customer services

* Complex website structure
* Doesn’t accept other cryptocurrencies

#5. Wild Casino – Reputable Online Roulette Casino For High Rollers
Wild Casino has been in the gaming industry since 1991 and has stepped up to be a handy slot machine site by offering real money gambling. In addition, they provide a great bonus roundup, especially for frequent players. Nevertheless, the site offers quality games that one can play and win big. For instance, there are several games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, among others. Amazingly, these online casino real money games are developed and managed by top-notch software developers such as Betsoft and Nucleus. Further, Wild Casino’s website is easy and intuitive to navigate, even for beginners. But if caught unaware of what to do, the Wild Casino customer care team is always available 24/7, ready and on standby to help. Apart from good customer service, the site is also legit and credible. Wild Casino is licensed, and it adheres to gambling rules and regulations. Plus, the terms and conditions printed on the website are not hard to understand. They are simple and clear, such that there are no hidden charges that humiliate customers who break the terms unaware.Highlights
Quality Games: Although the site has a limited selection of games, the few they offer are high quality. Wild Casino works with Betsoft and Nucleus, well-known, reputable, and experienced game developers that provide quality casino games with amazing animations and quality graphics. Good Reputation: Since it was launched In 1991, Wild Casino has created a good reputation. This is due to their long experience in the gaming industry. Further, the site has an excellent staff committed to providing good customer service. Generous Bonuses: Wild Casino also offers bonuses of up to $5000. These large bonuses are spread across five deposits. Besides, the site offers several promotions to its customers, which makes it a good site to earn extra coins when gambling. Safe: Wild Casino is committed to providing a safe place for gamblers. Hence they don’t allow cookies to keep customers’ privacy. Further, the customers’ information is well encrypted to prevent hackers and snoopers from putting their hands on it.Pros
* Instant play software
* Good management team
* Different payment methods
* Welcoming bonus rounds
* Numerous slot games
* Mobile compatible
* Good quality games
* Good customer care services

* No jackpot games
* Limited poker games

How We Made This List While Selecting Top Casino Games To Play Roulette Online For Real Money?
While looking for the best casino games, we did thorough research on the internet, selecting different casino games. Our team spent hours finding out what works and what doesn’t for these casino games, which helped us rate them. For instance, we rated various casino games according to customer reviews and trustworthiness. Moreover, we interviewed several players with experience in casino games to gather more information. As a result, we consolidated our initial number of 20+ casino games to only ten those that satisfied us on the set parameters. But, since we wanted to make this list as short as possible, we also looked for the cost of wagering on the sites, including discounts and bonuses. As a result, we narrowed the list to the five best casino games that we believe won’t disappoint you on your gambling journey.What We Looked For
Various factors came in handy while curating our list of best casino games. They include: * Transparency: When engaging in casino games, you must give your details and deposit cash before betting. That means if you choose any site without determining its transparency, you can lose a lot. For that reason, we selected licensed companies, meaning they have nothing to hide from the public and thus are safe and secure to place bets.
* Promotions and Bonuses: Real casino game sites should have mechanisms that promote a winning culture among their customers. For instance, they should provide several substantial bonus rounds, free slot games, and promotions for their customers. Therefore, we chose gaming sites that offer such features not to entice new customers but to make all customers enjoy every moment of their gambling session.
* Customer Support: In gambling, customer support is essential, especially when things go wrong. Any business with no customer support cannot satisfy its customers well. So we chose the online casino games that provide reliable customer support with 24/7 availability.
* Customer Feedback: The ideas of previous customers are yet another key factor that we used to determine the kind of services offered by different casino sites. We looked for customer reviews from the sites’ customer review pages and other online platforms such as Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora. As a result, we prioritized sites with numerous positive reviews as they proved reliable, genuine, and satisfying to their customers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Casino Games
Online casino games can be risky. So, whether you are a newbie or an expert in gambling, you must consider some crucial factors when choosing your bitcoin gambling site. To assist you, we have discussed some key factors you can consider. They include: * Legitimacy and Authenticity

The site’s legitimacy is the first thing to consider when choosing the best slot machines. Unfortunately, casino games are illegal in some nations, so not everyone can access them. In addition, there is a wide variety of fraudulent websites in the industry, which are only after scamming gullible players. So it’s advisable to research the company’s legitimacy before choosing your perfect site. You can do this by checking customer feedback or background checks, which will help you evade potential conmanship tricks. Casino bonuses are very crucial in the gambling industry. The main aim of bonuses is to attract more customers and retain them. However, the players find them a good way to have enough coins to participate and win extra money. Therefore, a good casino gaming site should have numerous bonuses like free spin, welcome bonus, cashback bonus, and free coins, among others. To ensure this, you can look around different casino sites and see if the offered bonuses fit you. Problems can arise even when playing the most popular casino game. That’s normal! However, customer support is needed to get expert assistance with whatever problem you face in the course of gambling. Therefore, you should also examine the quality of customer support before choosing your casino game. Try to ask some questions to see how fast and reliable it is. In casino games, the terms and conditions are very different, especially regarding bonuses and promotions. Thus, before you select your gaming site, you should go through the terms and conditions given by each casino site. This will help you avoid losses and help you to make more money. Also, as you enjoy your bonuses, don’t forget that there are numerous conditions like betting limits and attached wagering requirements. So, remember to check them as sometimes they may have hidden charges that can cost you enormously when you breach the set limits and conditions.FAQ’s : Casino Games
1. Are casino games legal in Vegas, US?
Gambling is legal in the US. However, the laws governing casino games keep on changing. But currently, one cannot open casinos, online poker games, and private sports books because they are illegal. For instance, some states that have legalized casino games in the US are Arizona, New Jersey, Indiana, and Colorado, among others. However, the laws regulating casino games are different in each state. In contrast, some states, like California and New York, are yet to legalize casino games. So, you should find out whether casino games are legal in your location before practicing gambling. Also, it’s good to familiarize yourself with state rules and regulations where casino games are legal and follow them to the latter.2. What is the best time to play casino games?
The best time to play casino games is during holidays or weekends. This is because casino sites use this opportunity and make the pool sites to Lure people with bonuses and promotions. Also, during holidays and weekends, it’s a free time for you to relax and entertain yourself, and playing casino games can be one of the entertainment procedures. During summer, casino games always experience a dead season because people go out to enjoy the warm climate. But, casino sites have their way of attracting customers by providing rewards and bonuses. They practice this to keep their customers and to thrill new ones.3. What are some of the tricks one can use while playing casino games?
Casino and other gambling games are completely random, and every gambler should know that. For that reason, there are no tricks that one is required to learn to win. However, gamblers can equip themselves with betting tips to help them increase their chances of winning. These winning tips include selecting the perfect slots, especially for beginners. For instance, one can go for slot machines with higher rates of Return to Player (RTP). In addition, the gamblers must be keener on the paytable. Lastly, paying attention to the jackpots as well as free spins is also a good tip.4. Do casino games cheat?
Casino games don’t cheat because the number of risks they can get after cheating is many, which can cause their downfall. In other words, a gambling site is a house of advantage. Hence these sites don’t find any reason to practice cheating because they are guaranteed that no matter what, they will gain something in every game. Likewise, Casino games are audited and always display their audit reports. So, no room for them to cheat as they can be caught by the law, which would cost them the risk of closure and harsh penalties by the state laws.5. What are some of the benefits of playing Casino games?
Casino games have numerous benefits despite being illegal in some countries. Firstly, casino games are a good recreational activity if properly done and do not lead to a gambling problem. So, one can have fun with friends during holidays or weekends by playing casino games. Another advantage is that you can make a lot of money when you play casino games. Those who know the gambling tips can attest to this. Lastly, casino games promote a positive attitude among individuals. It invokes the feeling of entertainment and boosts the mood among casino players.Conclusion: What are the best casino games to make real money?
Casino games possess numerous benefits if they are played responsibly. They play a big role in the gambling industry by generating revenues for casinos. The key thing about casino games is to stick to your bankroll, and If you treat these games just like any other game, casino gambling can be the best activity to participate in. If you are stuck on how to select the perfect casino game for you, we have discussed the best casino games and sites that you can choose from. For instance, BitStarz and Ignition Casino offer fantastic bonuses, while others like Wild Casino, mBitcasino, and BetOnline are also good. Lastly, remember that gambling is risky and cannot be taken as a wealth-building strategy. Further, gambling is addictive, and you should be responsible in your betting journey.Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.