3 Bonus Features Free Spins With 4 Modes

Big money, bloodcurdling crimes, chilling murders, merciless gangsters… Playtech mafia has REEL work for you. And you can’t refuse the offer… Just because you can get $1,500,000 for that 😉

Join the crime family of The Soprano Slots Machine and find out how cruel you can be in no download version. Free Spins with 4 criminal Modes and 3 (!!!) gangland Bonus Games… How far are you ready to go to get the ultimate prize?

Tony Soprano, Christopher Moltisanti, Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri, Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri and Johnny ‘Sack’ Sacramoni are waiting for you already. So, join the reel family and relish bloody adventures right now!

Jackpots and Coin Sizes
You can become a part of the family pretty easy. All you need to do is to set a real money bet. Yep. That’s all. Besides, you are free to choose the size of the fee. Here you will find really stunning range of coin values to choose from. So that, you can use any nominal varying from $0.20 up to $500 per single coin betted.

Big money, high risk. It’s a mafia and stakes can be really high. Thus, to grab the ultimate jackpot of $1,500,000 you are to risk and play with the max bet. And it’s $12,500 per spin… Are you ready to go to such extremes?

If yes, then set the highest stake and manage to gather 5 symbols of Tony Soprano on the payline to seize the scoop. The price is high, so think twice and improve your good fortune. Moreover, you can get decent awards playing with lower stake. But it’s you are a boss and it’s up to you to choose.

Wild Symbol

Everybody in New Jersey knows that Tony Soprano is a boss of the crime family. But few hears that he is also a wild symbol.

So that he controls and replaces everybody on the reels. Yep. Any other symbol appeared on his way will be… Substituted. Hence, more winning combos are promised. And remember that Tony is not a man who wastes words 😉

Scatter Symbol

The Sopranos Logo is one more symbol that has a lot of power on the reels. Being a scatter, the Logo can appear here or there, bringing bloody winnings nevertheless combos created.

Be tough and get 3, 4 or 5 The Sopranos Logos and your total bet will be given a merciless boost of 3, 10 or 100 times respectively. What’s more, in such a case you will be involved in dangerous, but money making bonus feature.

Bonus Game

Guys are cool, but they are still criminals… Thus, all cash you got from the family are bloody.

Thus, at any moment of your gaming action, when you least expect it, the police along with Raid Bonus can take place.

Act fast and choose out of 4 hideouts awarded to hide your money. Note, that only 2 places are really safe. So that, select smart to save as much more cash.

Bada Bing symbol occurs on the reels 2, 3 and 4 at once? Then Tony wants to see you and other gangsters at Bada Bing Bonus Bar.

So, here you will see Christopher, Paulie, Artie and Bobby who are waiting for the meeting with him as well. Do you guess who will be the next? Make your choice and…

If you’re right, then straight away the meeting ends, you will get your money and one more attempt to improve your intuition choosing another guy.

But if your sixth sense is not strong enough, the feature ends and you will get… Nothing 🙁 It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.

If Container symbol appears on the reels 1 and 5 on the spin, then it’s time for business and… Stolen Goods Bonus. Here you are to heist container with cash.

10 containers, 3 attempts and heaps of cash… Rely on your intuition and pick containers to reveal your cash prize to grab. Big money is at stake. So try not to upset big boss… 😉

Family… Feel all the power of the reel mafia getting into Crime Family Free Spins Feature with 4 modes to try. Just catch 3 or more The Sopranos Logos and trigger the feature to unlock the mafioso mode and win BIG FREE CASH:

* Soldier and get 25 Free Spins with extra wild Christopher, who can award you with 5 more Free Games when appears on the reel 3
* Capo and relish 20 Free Spins with up to 5x Multiplier
* Boss and use 10 Free Spins with up to 5 extra wild Tony Soprano who gives you 5 extra Free Games when appears on the 3rd reel
* Family and grab 10 Free Spins with Tony Soprano in the role of 2x wild multiplier

Try ALL Free Spins modes to find the best gangster to deal with!

Join the crime family of The Sopranos slot and you will get a chance to enrich yourself in spins. Yeah! Try all bloody features and just have a good time in the company of merciless mafiosos with good sense of humor 😉

Author: Sharon Walker