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I would like to showcase to you in the following guide, a full and comprehensive review of Zodiac Casino Mobile which is part of the huge Casino Rewards Canada of online and mobile casinos, and that site of theirs has been around since way back in 2001.

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Fun and entertainment are of course just two things that all casino game players are eager to have these days, plus of course having the chance to win and end their gaming sessions in profit.

Whilst there are never going to be any guarantees of the latter when gambling online, there are several casinos out there that pull out all of the stops to provide their real money players with an enjoyable and a first-class gaming experience.

All players owe it to themselves to compare as many casinos as they can do, for by doing so they will then arm themselves with enough information, facts and figures to make a good judgement call as to just which ones to play at, therefore do read on to learn more about the pros and any cons of playing at Zodiac Casino Mobile.

Zodiac Casino Mobile and Online Gaming
A myriad of different player adjustable option settings can be found on the online and mobile gaming platforms at Zodiac Casino, so it is fair to say if you do decide to give them a try, you will be able to put into place your own unique gaming experience.

* Adjustable Stakes
* Auto Play Options
* Deposit Limit Settings
* Game Speed Options
* Sound and Graphic Settings

I would suggest that one of the most important option settings to make sure you do make use of at this casino site, is their deposit limit one.

By choosing an amount you can afford to gamble with, and then using that as your deposit limit for a length of time chosen by you, that will help you negate the possibility of getting carried away and depositing more money than you can afford and risk losing it.

There are plenty of additional settings that you can make use of on each individual game available, and just so you know, if you sign up for example via the online gaming platform, your username and password will give you access to the casino app or vice versa.

Therefore there is no need for you to have to register a second time if you want to swap and change how you access their games via the app or online gaming platform.

Zodiac Casino Slots Machines
By choosing to play either online or via the casino app at Zodiac Casino, if you are a slot player then you will certainly have loads of choice, for there are hundreds of player stake adjustable slot games of every possible type, description, and category, as you can see below:

* Classic Slots
* 3 Reel Slot Games
* Video Slot Machines
* Progressive Slots
* All Pays Slot Machines
* Optional Pay Line Slots
* Megaways Slot Games

Players tend to appreciate the fact that every single slot machines that can be played at that casino site is not only listed on the casino website, but that is where they also find the all-important long term expected RTP of each of them too.

Knowing which games have been designed to pay back from of the stakes that are fed through them as winning payouts to players, over the long term, allows players to make a much more informed choice of the slots they play.

Also be aware, that there are three levels of risk attached to all slot machines, and in order, from the lowest level of risk to the highest are listed those three types of slots below:

* Low Variance
* Medium Variance
* High Variance

If you are simply eager to play slots that offer you the chance of having extended slot playing sessions, then it should be the low variance slots with the highest listed payout percentages that you should be tracking down.

On the other hand though, if you much prefer a boom or bust types of session, then the slots with the highest RTPs but also the ones that are designed as high variance or highly volatile as they are also known, should be the slot games you make a beeline to play.

Self-Audit Your Own Zodiac Casino Game Play
Some people like to keep extremely details records of all of their gambling activities, and thanks to the self-audit Play Check feature at Zodiac Casino, that is something you will no long need to do yourself.

Play Check is a self-auditing facility that allows players to get a highly detailed breakdown of any real money gaming sessions at that casino, including but not limited to working out all wins and losses over any time period.

There is also a Cash Check feature that will allow you to review all deposits made into your real money casino account and also discover the status of any and all cash outs made from your account too.

By keeping a track of all your wins and losses, it is of course now much easier for you to work out just how well you did on one or more gaming sessions, and additional discover just which games, over the long term have been giving you a higher set of winnings payouts.

So do occasionally make use of those two features to allow you to see just how well or conversely hoe bad you have been doping when playing any casino games at Zodiac Casino.

Zodiac Casino Games
One of the benefits of choosing to play online at Zodiac Casino that some of you out there may appreciate, is that you can open up several different casino games in their own independent game window, and therefore play multiple games all at the same time.

You could also choose to make use of the auto play setting that I told you about early when playing several games all at the same time, as that will allow you to configure each game to play in a way you want them all to play out, and then simply sit back and watch them do so.

The auto play option settings allow you to choose a stake level that each game will play for, and the number of games you want to be played off automatically for you.

There are several other settings too, such as having the ability to configure the auto play to stop if a large win spins in on a slot machine for example or if a high paying hand combination is dealt out to you when playing video poker or a card game, so do keep that option in mind.

Microgaming supply the actual gaming platforms that are in use over at Zodiac Casino, however the games are designed and supplied not only by Microgaming themselves but also a wide variety of different casino game design studios.

That does of course mean that during each month a slew of brand-new games are launched onto the online instant play gaming platform along with them also going live on the casino app, so you will always find more than enough games to keep you busy and entertained.

Below I have listed just a small number of the independent game designers whose games you will come across at Zodiac Casino:

* Gold Coin Studios
* Real Dealer Studios
* Iron Dog Studios
* Inspired Gaming
* PearFiction Studios
* All41 Studios
* Alchemy Gaming
* SpinPlay Games
* Crazy Tooth Studio
* Northern Lights Gaming
* Gong Gaming Technologies
* Zodiac Casino Live Dealer Games

At the last count, there were over 25 different live dealer games on offer at Zodiac Casino, and those games will be of interest to players that like to interact with the Dealers, Croupiers, and their fellow players too.

That is made possible as each game has its own chat room, however if you would prefer you can switch the chat feature off, but by keeping it activated you will find it offers a much more social type of gambling experience.

To give you an insight into just how diverse the range of live games are at this casino site I have listed a mix of their newer ones below:

* French Roulette
* Ultimate Texas Hold’em
* Mega Ball
* Monopoly Live
* Power Blackjack
* Side Bet City
* Super Sic Bo
* Top-Card

Due to the way live casino games work and as there may be a limited number of available places around some card and table games, players do not have access to them via a demo mode version, so only a real money mode will be on offer.

Zodiac Casino Real Money Games
Losing a chunk of your bankroll, including percentage of your deposits and withdrawals by having to pay processing fees and charges or even due to currency exchange rate fluctuations is not on.

By making the decision to sign up and play in a real money playing environment at Zodiac Casino you will find more than enough deposit and cash out options to allow you to select one that is convenient to you and one that does not have any fees or processing charges attached to it.

Also, be aware that if you do register as a player at that casino, as part of the registration process you do get the option of selecting not only the language you want to have in place on your account, but also the currency you wish to have your account set at too.

Therefore it is important that you select the currency option you wish to use, ideally your own home currency, as that way you are not going to have to exchange one currency for another when funding your casino account and again when cashing out any winnings too, which is when additional fees may also be charged to you, which can add upover time of course.

Zodiac Casino Games Payout Percentage
All games have of course been certified as being fair and random long before they go live, and details of the RTP’s of each of those games can be found on the casino website.

Do take a look as many of them are designed with higher-than-average paybacks and those that are will be the ones savvy players will be ever eager to play.

Zodiac Casino Progressive Jackpot Games
It can often be a costly experience, when you set about playing some progressive jackpot awarding casino games online, or on a mobile device, for as most players know, a percentage of their stakes are feeding the jackpot pools which they may never actually win.

Drip feeding those jackpots on each individual spin on the reels or hand of cards you are dealt out when playing progressive card games or video poker games will often slowly but sure eat away at your bankroll.

The one standout feature of the progressive games available at Zodiac Casino is that as they are on the Microgaming network, that does of course mean there will be a good mix of both low and high-stake games, so even for example low stake penny slot players still have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

One other aspect about those games, that you will appreciate, is that if you ever beat the odds and hit a progressive jackpot at this casino, you can request those winnings are paid out to you in a single lump sum payment, so those winnings you do cash out will be sent to you in no time at all, bust just as importantly in full too.

Zodiac Video Poker Games
Blackjack players are going to enjoy playing some of the many different variants available at Zodiac Casino, much more so when they look at the paybacks and game play rules of some of those variants.

The reason for that is the house edges some of those types of card games have been designed and built around are tiny and therefore give players a much greater chance of having a decent length of gaming session, by recycling their winnings.

There are also going to be single hand and multi hand variants of not only Blackjack games but also some of the video poker games at this casino such as the following games:

* Aces and Faces
* Deuces Wild
* Jacks or Better
* Tens or Better

Be aware that Microgaming who designed those multi hand video poker games have chosen to give them a collective category of games, known as Power Poker games, and as such by looking up those games in that category you will find you can play variant son which it is possible to play 100 hands of video poker on a single game.

New and Classic Zodiac Casino Games
One final thing to note about Zodiac Casino is that they do have plenty of new games going live each month, but not only that they have plenty of games that you do not usually associate with an online casino.

Take for example the range of scratch card games, you will find multiple different variants, all of which will offer their own set of paybacks, and unlike scratch cards you buy in your local shop for example, when playing those at this casino you have plenty of choice over just how much you can pay to play those games.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular and therefore most played scratch card games at this casino:

* Hairy Fairies
* Lucky Numbers
* Dawn Of The Bread
* Foamy Fortunes
* Mumbai Magic
* Slam Funk
* Freezing Fuzzballs
* Granny Prix

Just like most other games though, you are never forced to have to play for real money when playing their scratch card games for you can give as many of those types of games as much play time as you like by using demo mode credits.

So you can play completely free of charge and at no risk, to allow you to judge for yourself whether those games are to your own personal liking, or not as the case may be.

Zodiac Casino Bonuses and Comps
Comps and bonuses will be made available to players, even those choosing to play the live dealer games, so you will not be missing out on any of the additional extras that Zodiac Casino shower their players with if you do decide to give any of those games a try.

Five Stage Zodiac Casino Welcome Bonus Package
You are always going to be more than welcome to give any of the non-progressive games available at Zodiac Casino plenty of play time in a no risk playing environment, using demo mode credits, and accessing the demo versions of those games.

But I am sure many of you will be currently comparing what sign up offers and bonuses will be available to you at a range of different casino sites, and if so let me know walk you through the welcome bonus at this casino.

That bonus is split into five different ones, allowing all players to get the maximum value out of claiming it, without having to make a huge initial deposit to claim it.

* Bonus 1: Deposit 1.00 Get 80 x 0.25 Spins on Mega Moolah
* Bonus 2: 100% Deposit Match Claim Up To 100.00
* Bonus 3: 50% Deposit Match Claim Up To 80.00
* Bonus 4: 50% Deposit Match Claim Up To 150.00
* Bonus 5: 50% Deposit Match Claim Up To 150.00

You can claim the first bonus by depositing just 1.00, all other bonuses listed above have a minimum deposit requirement of just 10.00.

By claiming the maximum value of each one, players would have to make in deposits, a total of 861.00.

The terms and conditions associated with all bonuses offered to players at Zodiac Casino can of course be found on the casino’s website.

Zodiac Casino Support
One of the problems that casino operators will have, if their casino or casinos are hugely popular with players, is ensuring they have sufficient customer support team members on hand to help and give advice any customers who contact them.

The support service at Zodiac Casino for reference is available around the clock, and they have also bulti into their support system a chat bot that can help anyone contacting their team find the answers to any questions without waiting for a support team member to respond.

Each induvial casino game by the way has a set of help files attached to it, so with that in mind if you have any questions about any game that you may never have played or seen before, then simply refer to the help files for a definitive overview of how each game plays and pays.

Zodiac Casino License Jurisdictions
Applying for a license to allow you to operate an online and/or mobile casino these days is no simple fete, for the owners of those sites and apps need to be vetted and the games and gaming platforms need to be checked to ensure they operate as designed and certified as such.

The finances of the business behind any casino sites and mobile casino apps that offer real money wagering options to their customers need to be checked too, to ensure the operators have the funds required to run their gaming operations correctly.

As for in which jurisdictions Zodiac Casino hold a full gambling license, well they are licensed not only by the UK Gambling Commission, but they have also been granted licenses by both the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority too.

You will find the license numbers and more details of those gambling licenses on the casino website, and I always do advise anyone thinking of signing up to any such sites or casino apps to ensure and verifying themselves the ones that fancy gambling at are indeed holders of a full gambling license.

Zodiac Casino Deposit Options
Be aware that as far as how you are going to be able to make a deposit into your Zodiac Casino account, well that will be dependent on just which country you reside in, as many payment providers have different rules associated with using their services to fund gambling site related accounts.

However, below I have listed some of the methods most players much prefer using, and with some low deposit limits in place, you are certainly not going to have to deposit some high amounts of cash to play at that casino site:

* Debit Cards
* PayPal
* Prepaid Cards
* Rapid Transfer
* Paysafecard
* MuchBetter
* EcoPayz
* Neosurf
* Neteller
* Skrill

Keep in mind though, that whilst all deposits are going to be instantly processed and therefore your funds will appear in your account when approved, there may be some fees and charges imposed on you by the providers of each payment method.

So look for the ones that do not charge you anything for funding your casino account and stick to playing at casinos that do not make you pay any fees or charges when cashing out any of your winnings either.

Zodiac Casino Rewards Scheme
There are lots of different factors that make one casino site stand out above most other casinos, and by becoming a new player at Zodiac Casino, not only are you going to be able to make full use of that sign up welcome bonus package I told you about earlier, but you are automatically enrolled into their rewards scheme too.

Here are just a few of the features of that rewards scheme:

* Plenty of Benefits
* No Fees to Join
* Additional Bonus Offers
* Random Free Gifts
* Elevated Player Status

That scheme is just like the comp clubs you find in land-based casinos, in as much as it will be the volume of wagers you make that will determine the level and type of rewards you are showered with.

Keep in mind it is not the volume of your deposits, just the amount of cash you have wagered, no matter whether your wagers win or lose you will still be amassing comp points.

The more points you acquire through your real money game player the higher you rise through the six tiers of the Zodiac Casino rewards scheme, and each level unlocks for you a range of additional extras.

Zodiac Casino VIP Lucky Jackpot
Loyal and regular player get up to three chances each day to earn additional bonus cash by taking part in the VIP Lucky Jackpot game.
Time Of Your Life Sweepstakes

A unique range of days out and experiences can also be won via the sweepstakes VIP players gain access to through their game play.
Six Status Levels

The more points you amass the higher you will rise through the tiers of the rewards scheme, arriving at a new tier sees players then being able to make use of a range of additional extras as a bonus for reaching that level.

Zodia Casino Weekly and Weekend Promotions
Many casino sites simply offer you a large welcome bonus and then tend to forget about their loyal players, that will never be the case at Zodiac Casino, for they make daily promotional offers available to all their players, the value of which is determine by the players rewards scheme status.

Zodiac Casino Bonus Money Back On Every Bet Placed
Comp points not only as your key to achieving a higher tier status level at this casino, but you can also exchange them for playing credits whenever you like.

The more points you earn and save up the more playing credits you can redeem them for. Once you decide how many points you wisht o turn into playing credits they are processed instantly and with no delays.

For a full overview of the many additional benefits of playing at Zodiac Casino, please do take a good look at their website as all will be revealed to you when you do so.

Zodia Casino Player Sign Up Requirements
Gone have the days when you could sign up to any online casino, make a deposit and then cash out your winnings with no questions asked, for much greater emphasis these days is given to ensuring players have the maximum security in place on their casino accounts, and the transactions they make to gambling sites.

As soon as you deposit and play at Zodiac Casino you will be required to go through their Know Your Customer legal requirements, which means they are going to need to verify your identity, age, and your address as well.

Make sure you have all the required identification documents at hand, as by getting your account verified sooner rather than later, you will not face any delays if you win and wish to cash out your winnings.

Those checks are required by law and as such until such a time that you supply the casinos security team with your documents to allow them to verify your account, you will not be permitted to request a cash out and get it processed, but once verified you will be good to go and can then cash out at any time.

Zodiac Casino Review
At the end of the day, it is you and you alone that will know what casino games you enjoy playing, the budget you have allocated to your gaming exploits, and just which types of promotion offers appeal to you the most.

I do hope this review of Zodiac Casino has given you a much deeper insight into just what type of gaming experience you will have when playing at that casino and will allow you to make your own mind up, as to whether it is a casino that suits you the best.

Keep in mind as I have already mentioned, you are more than welcome to test out via the demo mode versions of all of their games, the gaming platforms, and any games that you fancy playing for free and at no risk, so do consider spending a little bit of time doing just that.

Then try out in a similar fashion some other casinos, as that way you will be able to spot the differences regarding the way their gaming platforms or casino apps and each game has been designed so you can then decide which one to play at as a real money player, whenever you get the urge to do just that.