Zodiac Wheel Slot Machine

Stars to one degree or another figure in the minds of each person, ranging from astronomers and astrologers (which is associated with their professions), and ending with ordinary people who read horoscopes from time to time. Knowing the sign of the Zodiac of a person, you can immediately make a superficial idea of ​​it. And what secrets can you learn by going into the study of the zodiacal circle? Think about this topic and guess your luck in the horoscope game offered by the EGT Company, which showed the world of gambling an amazing Zodiac Wheel casino.

Description of the Zodiac Wheel theme
The plot of this machine is based on the messages of the stars, which try to unravel the learned characters of the game with the help of auxiliary elements that are represented here as symbols of the game. Same images of astrological tools will help a user to get generous winnings. Bonus signs are presented here in an extended set, different from the standard one.

In the Zodiac Wheel, every element maximally reveals the given theme. Even looking at the background image alone, the user immediately dives into the right atmosphere. The picture itself is a mix of two patterns: a stylization of a starry sky and a pattern from graphic images of the zodiac signs.

Thematic symbols are perfectly drawn and sustained in the same colour scheme as the background. Functional details are decorated with a pale gold edging, which creates an advantageous contrast with the given blue gamma.

The EGT manufacturer is constantly experimenting with the structure of the interface of their slot machines in an attempt to make it perfect. Zodiac Wheel is a direct confirmation of it. The buttons for setting the game indicators here are in a separate tab, and the panel on the main screen contains only information boards. You can use it online.

The game process and bonuses of Zodiac Wheel
So, to expose a value of the game credit and a size of your bet, you need to open the setup menu. A number of lines here is fixed, being equal to five, so the user will be asked to choose a digestible loan denomination among the offered ones, and then an advantage of the rate on the line in credits.

The reels are launched by a pop-up green button that disappears during the spin time and appears again only when the rotation is completed. However, if a prize combination was formed as a result of the round, on the right there will be a button offering to transfer the money earned for spin to the balance and continue the game in the main mode, and to the left will be presented a button that opens a risky round. Here, a player will be invited to risk the last win and try to double it, guessing a colour of a closed card.

A bonus round in the Zodiac Wheel slot isn`t provided. However, there are other beneficial features offered to the player: having 2 Scatters there is an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. Moreover, the slot provides 4 of them.

The opportunity to get to the expanses of the jackpot is accidental and can be awarded to any player. The essence of the round is to choose from a certain number of cards at random. In the event that the player can open 3 cards of the same suit, he or she will be credited to the account, which is provided for this very suit. The jackpots themselves are constantly increasing.

Play Zodiac Wheel for free. It doesn’t require any registration or download.