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johakr / html5-slot-machine

Modern casino slot machine game using only plain JavaScript (Web Animations API)

es6 gambling es7 slot casino slot-machine web-animations-api * Updated Nov 28, * JavaScript

atlanteh / react-native-slot-machine

Text slot machine for react-native

counter react-native react-native-component slot-machine text-counter * Updated Jul 5, * JavaScript

???? Circular slot machine mobile-first SPA built using JavaScript, CSS variables and Emojis! javascript game performance animation gambling requestanimationframe javascript-game javascript-animation casino slot-machine gambling-game javascript-performance * Updated Nov 17, 2022 * JavaScript MaorS / iOS-Proj-CasinoGame
swift swift3 casino slot-machine typescript pixi-js slot-machine slot-game * Updated Nov 18, 2022 * TypeScript TodorBalabanov / SlotMachineBaseGameEvolutionaryOptimization

Slot machine base game evolutionary RTP optimization as parallel implementation with MPI.

genetic-algorithm parallel-computing monte-carlo-simulation slot-machine rtp-optimization CadanoX / Godot-Slot-Machine

Simple slot machine based on the Godot engine.

* Updated Dec 29, * GDScript

tortuc / Node-Casino-Client

Slot Machine in modern JavaScript (ES6). API Endpoint is an another project called kazino-server. Use DemoSlotMachine to test out this unique App.

nodejs javascript casino slot-machine casino-games casino-client * Updated Oct 22, * JavaScript

JavaScript implementation of an “advanced slot machine”, a penny arcade casino game. Uses HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Images.

javascript css html js simulation gambling slot casino slot-machine playout las-vegas spielhalle geldspiel sonderspiele geldspielautomat penny-arcade special-games einarmiger-bandit ausspielung risiko * Updated Aug 29, * JavaScript

typescript pixijs slot-machine * Updated Oct 5, * TypeScript

Mini slot game with testing modes

javascript game javascript-game slot-machine slot-game * Updated Apr 29, * JavaScript

???? React Slot Machine Button

react component react-component slot-machine button-animation * Updated Mar 7, * JavaScript

Simple Casino Slots Python Game

game casino slot-machine gc-gr * Updated May 26, * Python

VelbazhdSoftwareLLC / tuty-fruty-slot-for-android

Automatically exported from

entertainment slot-machine onyxdevs / react-slot-machine Simple and functional slot machine project bootstrapped with Create React App and includes extra useful dependencies with tests for all the used components and hooks. react sass hooks unit-testing enzyme jest reactjs scss slot-machine * Updated May 9, 2022 * TypeScript

A bare minimum slot machine game to get familiar with Pixi.js

game typescript pixi slot-machine * Updated Oct 13, * TypeScript

VelbazhdSoftwareLLC / Fruit-Machine-Simulator-with-Excel-Interface

Fruit machine simulator with Excel input-output interface.

optimization gambling monte-carlo-simulation slot-machine go golang api-server rest-server slot-machine atkins-diet RainerWessOS / Daddelkiste-Disco-Fun

Javascript implementation of an “advanced slot machine”, a penny arcade casino game. Uses HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Images.

javascript game gambling slot spiel casino slot-machine spielhalle geldspiel sonderspiele geldspielautomat penny-arcade special-games * Updated Jan 30, * JavaScript

TodorBalabanov / BingoSlotDifferentialEvolutionOptimization

Bingo slot discrete differential evolution optimization of RTP and prizes distribution.

brute-force differential-evolution slot-machine rtp-optimization Improve this page
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