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Find out what these terms mean so that you’re never caught unaware while playing!

Free blackjack, for example, offers players a great opportunity to test out basic strategies without the possibility of losing any cash. Similarly, free roulette allows for risk-free experimentation with betting systems and different types of bets.

You can set a loss limit that will override the number of free spins entered, but that’s not so crucial if you’re playing free slot games for fun. Many games will allow you to override autoplay should you trigger a bonus round or a win above a certain level.

Bonus games
Often comprised of free spins or mini-games that let players pick from different symbols, bonus games are almost always great encounters. They’re known for giving players the chance to win big or, after a run of bad luck, build their bankroll back up.

There’s no predicting exactly when you’ll encounter a bonus round, but this is one of the things that free slot machine games are useful for: you can use practice mode to get a rough idea of how often you might expect to see a bonus feature, usually in the range of every spins.

Some features or symbols apply a multiplier to any win you land. For example, in a bonus round with a 3x multiplier, all wins are multiplied by 3.

In some cases, the involvement of multiple symbols makes no difference to a multiplier. This might be worded, for example, as follows: “any win involving one or more X symbols will trigger a multiplier of 3x.” On the other hand, it may be that multipliers stack. In this case, multipliers of 3x and 5x in a single win would combine to multiply that win by 15x.

Free spins
Although certain types of games feature partial re-spins that are triggered by winning symbols, “free spins” more commonly refers either to a type of bonus or a feature that occurs during slot machine gameplay.

In the case of the former, a casino will grant players a number of free spins on certain games in their library. These may come with a winnings cap or wagering requirements, but they’re still worth having. Then there are also bonus rounds in many slot games that let players experience a bunch of free spins without using any more of their bankroll.

Wild symbol
Players will almost always be glad to see a Wild symbol, as these symbols substitute for others to generate additional wins. Sometimes they also have multipliers associated with them or expand when triggered. They might even double up as jackpot symbols.

The role they play, and whether they feature at all for that matter, varies substantially from game to game. In many slots, for example, they don’t substitute for Scatter symbols so might not help you much when trying to trigger a bonus round.